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10 major festivals and events taking place in Toronto this fall

10 major festivals and events taking place in Toronto this fall

Major fall festivals and events in Toronto for 2022 offer a variety of things to do while exploring the city’s cultural melting pot. From comedy festivals to art crawls, there are plenty of events to choose from. Currently, some keynote festivals and events have yet to be announced.

Here are my picks for major festivals and events in Toronto this fall, so far.

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Tickets still available for most World Games events

Tickets still available for most World Games events

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – With The World Games opening ceremonies on Thursday, July 7, there are still tickets available as of Wednesday night.

The $35 day pass tickets are no longer available, but tickets are still available for most of the events.

The day pass tickets allow you to attend multiple events in a day, but seating is on a first come/first serve basis.

We’re told over 350,000 tickets have been sold so far for the World Games. CEO Nick Sellers says the opening ceremony is down to about a thousand tickets from being a sellout. We checked Wednesday and some of the bigger events like Sumo wrestling are sold out.

You won’t be able to park close to certain event venues for security reasons, so you are highly encouraged to arrive early to get a good seat.

“There are some venues that are smaller than others, but generally we should have plenty of seating capacity for fans. If a venue is full obviously it will be first in and first out so we want to encourage people to get there early, but for the most part you should have no problem getting a seat and watching the action,” Sellers said.

If you are coming to the opening ceremony at Protective Stadium, get there early. A lot of roads are closed downtown for security reasons. Nelly, Sara Evans and the band Alabama are set to perform along a parade of athletes and much more.

Tickets are still available for the closing ceremony as well. Alabama native Lionel Richie is set to headline the star-studded event.

You can find tickets here:


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2022 Independence Day fireworks, events in East Texas

2022 Independence Day fireworks, events in East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) – Burn bans have put a damper on many Independence Day fireworks celebrations but there are still some activities scheduled in East Texas.

Canton – 4th of July Celebration Monday, July 4, Downtown Square/enter at First Monday Parking off 859 (West Gate Parking), 5 p.m. – fireworks at dark.

Henderson – Freedom Celebration, Saturday, July 2, Lake Forest Park 5 p.m. – fireworks scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

Jacksonville – July 4th Fireworks Monday, July 4, Lake Jacksonville, – fireworks approximately 9 p.m.

Kilgore – Fourth Of July Extravaganza Monday, July 4, Kilgore City Park, 5:30 p.m. – fireworks approximately 9:15 p.m.

Lake Palestine – Festival at Bella Vista Saturday, July 2, fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

Longview – Fireworks and Freedom Celebration, Monday, July 4, Longview Convention Complex Maude Cobb, gates open 4 p.m. – fireworks 9:30 p.m.

Lufkin – July 4th Celebration, Monday, July 4, Ellen Trout Zoo, 5 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. fireworks at dusk.

Nacogdoches – Freedom Fest, Monday, July 4, Festival Park, 5 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Tyler – Annual July 4th Celebration at Lindsey Park Monday, July 4, 2 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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The surprise ‘Event’ that’s shaken up the election campaign

A composite image showing Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese.

When Harold MacMillan was asked what was most likely to throw governments off course, the former British prime minister is reported to have responded: “Events, dear boy. Events.”

And in the Nerf war that has been the 2022 election campaign so far — in which 90 per cent of the noise has been candidates caterwauling about something dastardly their opponent is secretly planning to do — the arrival of an Event, an Actual Thing That Has Actually Happened, had a shocking effect today.

China has signed a security pact with Solomon Islands. The terms are undisclosed but if it’s anything like the draft that leaked recently, it’ll create a hell of a potential Chinese military toe-hold right in our backyard.

Such a decision was probably inevitable and most likely timed during an election campaign for strategic cover but Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong described the development as the greatest foreign policy failure in the Pacific region since World War II.

Dealing with local bullies is difficult, as any primary school kid knows. And if the bully is hugely cashed-up and renting out local tree houses for silly money so they can potentially get a clear shot at you, it’s unsettling for sure.

Seniority struggle 

The government last week dispatched Minister for the Pacific Zed Seselja to go and have a chat to Solomon Island’s PM about all this.

Wong — who is frequently withering, but who this morning seemed to have been switched to Max Dehydrator for this particular subject — asked why the government had deputed a “junior woodchuck” to deal with a situation of such urgency.

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‘Worst foreign policy blunder in the Pacific since the end of WWII’: Penny Wong

The Prime Minister’s response to this question — while upsettingly non-contradictory of Wong’s central assessment of Senator Seselja’s seniority (Zed’s dead, Baby) — seemed to be that to send someone more important would have looked like bullying. Which does make one tangentially wonder why he didn’t, for instance, send someone a bit more junior to rissole Christine Holgate, but there you go.

Either way, the deal is done. And the government which after nine years is looking for re-election substantially on the grounds of national security (you can’t cross the road in this campaign without Peter Dutton throwing a new patrol boat at you) must also endure the horrid truth: While guarding the ramparts against an ambitious China, we somehow accidentally managed not only to rent the Port of Darwin to Beijing, but also allow the superpower to secure a Pacific weekender.

One last thing: A generous foreign aid program is one of the prophylactics often employed by wealthy countries to defray the chances of being rogered by a local aggressor.

And there are other reasons to be generous too, as noted by one Scott Morrison in his first speech to Parliament in 2007, in which he quoted Bono and called upon the new government of Kevin Rudd not only to honour its lofty ambitions on foreign aid but to go even further.

Scott Morrison looks at machinery through a glass panel with reporters behind him.
The government is looking for re-election substantially on the grounds of national security.(ABC News: Andy Kennedy)

“The need is not diminishing, nor can our support. It’s the Australian thing to do,” he said. (Years later, upon becoming treasurer, Morrison remembered that the other Australian thing to do is not to give too much to foreigners, and in his first budget in 2016 filleted foreign aid, which now is around a billion less in unadjusted terms than it was when the Coalition won power.)

Foreign aid is scheduled to decrease further according to the Coalition’s budget projections, but Labor has not as yet backed away from its 2019 election pledge to increase it.

Three years ago, Bill Shorten promised a $1.6 billion increase as a costed campaign promise. This time? Unclear.

Industrial relations face the pub test

After a wee spell on the bench, we’re pleased to welcome industrial relations back onto the policy debate field. Well, if you can count the Coalition shouting “Union Thugs! Let’s Get Em!” and Labor shouting “They’re Coming For Ya Pay Packet!”

What’s actually happened is that the government has confirmed it’ll have another crack at legislating its industrial relations reforms, which it sort of went a bit limp on last year due to an extreme lack of Senate interest.

What is the status of this legislation? To use a pub analogy, it’s like ordering a schnitzel with chips and vegetables and the vegetables don’t turn up but you haven’t as yet complained at the bar. Officially, you ordered the veg. The records will confirm that you’re a veg-orderer. But what’s your next move?

Anthony Albanese, wearing an orange high-vis vest, takes a selfie with a large group of workers.
Industrial relations has officially re-entered the policy debate field.(ABC News: Adam Kennedy)

The vegetables, in this instance, are some proposed adjustments to the Better Off Overall Test (known as the BOOT, in case you’ve been puzzled while listening to the radio today).

The PM says “no major changes” will be made to the BOOT. But Industrial Relations Minister Michaelia Cash (also silent on the BOOT) is keen to increase penalties for thuggish unions.

Also surfacing today: climate change scares! Welcome back.

Which team do you bat for?

The question of what sports girls and boys should play, and whether kids who don’t fit neatly in either column should be excluded, seems to be continuing as a campaign issue.

Today Anthony Albanese was asked to state his position and Morrison declared that “Australians are getting pretty fed-up with having to walk on eggshells every day because they may or may not say something one day that’s going to upset someone”.

A blonde woman looks at the camera in a coastal setting
Katherine Deves, Morrison’s pick for the NSW seat of Warringah, apologised after she described transgender children as “surgically multilated and serilised” in deleted tweets from November last year. (Supplied)

For a policy haymaker, this has a strong whiff of John Howard in 2000, who — during the Labor national conference — suddenly announced that his government would outlaw IVF services for lesbian couples, leaving Labor’s then-leader Kim Beazley with a bruising live debate on how to respond. Here’s the ABC’s PM report of that day, with a fond wave to the late Mark Colvin.

It was warfare for a while, and this issue stuck around. Even Penny Wong, when she had children with her partner Sophie Allouache, was obliged to leave her own home state for medical assistance.

It seems a long time ago that anyone thought denying same-sex couples the joy and commitment of parenthood was a political winner. Now it’s children themselves who are in the frame. Nice.

Man on man action! Tonight, on pay-per-view!

There is poor visibility on the subject of just how many campaign debates there will be.

But the first is tonight at 7pm AEST, when Morrison and Albanese will jointly face an audience of public questioners.

It’s being hosted by Sky News and the Courier Mail. Are either of those companies offering free access? No, they aren’t. But we have people there and we will bring you the news as it happens. You can follow along here.

Albanese has also confirmed that his party’s campaign launch will be in Perth on May 4. This is unusual because a. it’s in Perth (never happens, even when the Labor leader’s from Perth) and b. launching a campaign several weeks out from the poll date is against the trend of recent decades. The longer a party holds out before the campaign launch, the longer it can continue to claim public funding for travel.

Good day

The seat of Gilmore suddenly gets not one but two road funding promises.

Kind of like waiting for a bus in Adelaide: nothing for six years, and then suddenly two at once. (Sorry Adelaide. I love you and you are my soul. But I attained my majority in a troubled public transport moment.)

Bad day

If your job is running a charity in which adorable dogs are deployed to help visually impaired humans, can you ever actually have a bad day? Survey says: YES

What to watch out for tomorrow

As the fallout from Wednesday’s debate will no doubt fall, the deadline is fast approaching for anyone who harbours hopes of running for a spot in the House of Representatives or Senate to nominate themselves with the Australian Electoral Commission. Midday tomorrow, to be precise.

It’s also, importantly, the last opportunity parties have to dump any candidates they no longer want to take to the finish line. Keep your eyes peeled for any last-minute adjustments. 

Catch up on today’s stories

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The election campaign has gone distinctly negative, as Andrew Probyn reports.
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Blarney on the Block, Harry Potter themed events and painting classes for kids make this week’s list of Go+Do events in Greeley, Loveland and beyond

Blarney on the Block, Harry Potter themed events and painting classes for kids make this week’s list of Go+Do events in Greeley, Loveland and beyond

Break out the green attire and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” pins in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. While the official holiday falls on a Thursday, many businesses around Greeley and Loveland are kicking off the fun early with parades, green beer, concerts and more.

Check out some of these 19 events taking place in Greeley, Loveland, Windsor and around NoCo for the week of March 12-18.

Do you have an event coming up that you think would be a perfect addition to the weekly Go+Do list? Send the date, time, a description of the event and other pertinent information to Tamara Markard at for consideration.

Saturday, March 12

1. The Colorado Model Train Museum is hosting Literacy Day featuring Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express at 10 a.m. at 680 10th St. The event will include fun eye-spy games, butter beer and different model trains and settings. Admission is $11 for adults, $9 for seniors age 65 and older, $6 for kids age 12 and younger and children age 3 and younger are free. For more information, go to

2. It’s St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Greeley at Blarney on the Block kicks off at 2 p.m. with a parade, the McTeggart Irish Dancers, go-cup services and more along the 9th Street plaza. All ages are invited to attend the free event and well-behaved leashed dogs are welcome. For more information, go to

3. Join the city of Brighton to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. along Main Street in downtown. The event will include games, shopping, a Diagon Alley and more. The event is free and all ages are welcome to attend. For more information, go to

4. Swing on over to 477 Distilling at 7 p.m. for some live music from the Briana Harris Quartet at 825 9th St., Unit B. Harris, a saxophonist and songwriter, Spencer Zweifel on keys and Domi Edson on bass will perform a variety of rock covers, jazz and original music. The free concert is open to adults age 21 and older. For more information, call the distillery at (970) 451-5768.

Monday, March 14

5. Art History with the Masters Pastel Drawing Workshop is set for 12:30 p.m. at the Greeley Family Funplex, 1501 65th Ave. The class, open to kids ages 7-12, offers five days of fun exploring the history of art and creating projects. Class admission is $120 for the entire week. For more information, or to register for the class, go to

6. Adult Progressive Skills Art Class: Painting Water with Watercolors is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Ave. The two-part class will teach attendees how to paint water using watercolors. Watercolor painting experience required. The class is open to adults age 18 and older and the fee for the class is $90 for non-members and $72 for museum members and students. For more information, go to

Wednesday, March 16

7. The Greeley Morning Gardening Club is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. at the Greeley Forestry Department, 2631 52nd Ave. Court. The club, founded in 1956 by local gardeners and community volunteers, hosts a variety of projects and events throughout the year, including the Greeley Garden Tour. The club is open to adults age 18 and older. For more information, go to

8. Enjoy an evening of self care with friends at 5 p.m. at Black and Blues Music and Brews, 423 N. Cleveland Ave., Loveland. The event, open to adults age 18 and older, will start with a guided meditation followed by a intention workshop. There is no cost for admission, however tips and donations are appreciated. For more information, go to

9. The Moxi Theater is hosting Powerman 5000 at 7:30 p.m. at 802 9th St. in Greeley. The Boston-based underground band will be joined by The World Over, Heartsick Heroine and Killing Creation for a night of hard rocking heavy metal and electro-metal music. All responsible ages with a valid photo ID are welcome to attend. Tickets are $18 per person for general admission. For more information, go to

10. Celebrate Hump Day with wine and chocolate pairings at 5:30 p.m. at Sweet Heart Winery, 5500 W. Highway 34 in Loveland. The event will feature different Sweet Heart wines partnered with chocolate from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The event is open to adults age 21 and older and tickets are $35 per person. For more information, go to

Thursday, March 17

11. Before heading into work, take part in the 2nd annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Drive-Thru from 7-9 a.m. at 2131 9th St. in Greeley. Hosted by Meals on Wheels of Greeley, the breakfast will feature potatoes O’Brien, sausage, eggs, cheese and gravy along with a fruit cup, muffin and milk all for a suggested donation of $10. All ages are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to by March 13. For more information, contact the nonprofit at (970) 353-9738.

12. Celebrate St. Patty’s Day at one of Colorado’s oldest and longest running Irish Pubs — Clancy’s Irish Pub, 7000 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge. Festivities begin at noon with live music, five bars, traditional Irish food, bagpipes, Irish dancers and more. The event will run through Saturday. Admission is $2 per person and all proceeds will be donated to The Colorado Humane Society. All ages are invited to attend. For more information, go to

13. Business owners of all ages are invited to attend Business After Hours at 5 p.m. at Re/Max Alliance, 1275 58th Ave., Greeley. Bring some business cards and meet and socialize with other local business owners during the free event. For more information, go to

Friday, March 18

14. The Windsor Gardener is hosting Lucky Sip and Shop from 5-7 p.m. at 6461 State Highway 392 for adults age 21 and older. Guests can enjoy tasty drinks, shopping and exploring everything the shop has to offer. Admission is free. For more information, contact The Windsor Gardener at (970) 686-9771.

15. St. Patrick’s Day continues with a performance by The Stubby Shillelaghs at 8 p.m. at the Moxi Theater, 802 9th St. Members of the Greeley Celtic folk band will don their kilts to bring audience members a fun time filled with original and classic music. All responsible ages with a valid photo ID are welcome to attend and tickets are $15 per person for general admission. Reserved tables are available for $50 for two people and $100 for four people. For more information, go to

16. Start the weekend off on a high note by seeing live, professional comedy at 8 p.m. at Syntax Distillery and Cocktail Bar, 700 6th St., Greeley. Hosted by Tobias Livingston, the show will feature different comics that are sure to keep audience members laughing and entertained. There is no cost to attend the show and adults age 21 and older are invited. For more information, contact Syntax Distillery and Cocktail Bar at (970) 352-5466.

17. Celebrate the opening of the Tipsy Cricket by attending the tavern’s ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. at 205 4th St., Windsor. The event will feature light snacks and beverages compliment of the Tipsy Cricket. The event is free and all ages are welcome to attend. For more information, contact the Tipsy Cricket at (970) 460-9123.

18. Wagon Wheel Skate Center is hosting Full Moon Rock’n’roll Adult Skate from 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at 14501 Brighton Road, Brighton. Enjoy skating, a free photo booth and more. The event is open to adults age 18 and older and admission is $10. For more information, go to

19. Break out your Colorado Eagles jersey and swag and head over to the game at 7:05 p.m. at the Budweiser Event Center, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland. The Eagles will be taking on the Stockton Heat. All ages are welcome to attend the game. Tickets range from $21 per person to $56 per person depending on seat choice. For more information, go to