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Local venue sees increase in events while recovering from pandemic

Local venue sees increase in events while recovering from pandemic

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – COVID-19 postponed and even cancelled weddings, baby showers, and graduation parties.

This kept people from gathering to celebrate, but this year is proving to be different as restrictions ease and case numbers decline here in Lincoln.

Event venues, like Urban Farmhouse Room, shut down in 2020 due to COVID-19. Now, they are hosting hundreds of events while rebounding from the effects of the pandemic.

On Saturday, Caron Stajduhar is celebrating her first grandchild at her daughter’s baby shower.

“We came from Georgia and there are several other people coming from far away,” Stajduhar said.

It is a busy time of the year for Urban Farmhouse Room.

“May is very busy for us, and so is April and June. We are gearing up for a very busy Spring season,” Corinna Moser, owner of Urban Farmhouse Room said.

As COVID-19 cases decline in Lincoln, Moser said people are booking more events, like baby showers.

This was not the case two years ago. The venue opened on March 1, 2020. A couple of weeks later, the pandemic shut them down.

“We were just kind of like in shock almost,” Moser said.

Moser said they had a lot of events booked that spring after they opened, including 25 graduation parties.

“We were finally doing this and then we got three events in two weeks and by about March 13, we had to shut down,” she said.

During 2020, they had almost 100 events despite the pandemic.

In 2021, they passed that number with 243 events.

Saturday’s baby shower is just one of many events lined up for their busy year.

“It’s just going to be great,” Stajduhar said. “It’s so fun to get together with people since we’ve been cooped up not able to do things like that.”

Moser said she was happy to get all the events rescheduled once the venue re-opened in June 2020. She said they are on track to have more events this year than last year.

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