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ANNE CROSSMAN: World events and those closer to home puts things in perspective | SaltWire

ANNE CROSSMAN: World events and those closer to home puts things in perspective | SaltWire

CENTRELEA, N.S. — Thinking about all those people fleeing from war and seeing prices going up here at home has given me pause to remember how lucky I am.

I live in a warm house on a hill with a beautiful view.

I have food in the fridge and in the freezer in the basement.

There is enough wood in the basement to see us through the winter to help with the power costs.

I have warm winter clothing and warm footgear.

I have a warm, soft bed with a nice pillow for my head.

I have a bathroom with a flushing toilet, a sink that has water, and a bathtub and shower with hot running water whenever I want it.

I have a well that has never gone dry.

I have my husband here.

I have reliable internet and reliable telephone service. My power stays on most of the time.

I have enough money to pay for the gas for our vehicle to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy.

I have a very reliable snowplow guy who cleans out the long driveway right after it snows.

The only noises I hear outside come from the occasional big truck on the highway or the neighbour’s tractor or the other neighbour’s horses or the coyotes at night or the various little birds that come to the feeders.

My nights are dark with stars and moon shining when it isn’t cloudy.

I live in Annapolis County in the province of Nova Scotia in the country of Canada.

I don’t live in a war zone brought about by a man who wants to turn back time. I don’t have to get my precious stuff together and get to a bus station or a train station to go to another country. My husband doesn’t have to stay behind to fight for our piece of territory.

My children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are safe. My dear friends are safe.

I am so very grateful.

Anne Crossman is a former journalist and media manager. She now does volunteer work in her community of Centrelea, Annapolis County.

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