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You can now bet on single events, like the Super Bowl, at OLG retailers

You can now bet on single events, like the Super Bowl, at OLG retailers

It’s Super Bowl weekend; and, if you are confident in who will win or what colour the Gatorade will be, you can now place that single-game bet in-person at any OLG Lottery location.

It’s one of the biggest sporting events of the year; a winning moment just for the one of the teams, but also for anyone able to place the right bet.

“I think Cincinnati is a great story, but I think it’s a Ram’s weekend,” Bob Lawrence, a patron at ‘Local Heroes on Clyde Avenue, told CTV News Ottawa on Friday.

You can now place that bet in-person, anywhere you would normally buy your lottery tickets.

“Yeah, I may do that,” Lawrence says.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is now offering sports bettors a complete gaming experience with new sports betting products at retailers.

“We’ve been offering ‘PROLINE,’ at retail for 30 years; this was now embedding it into our retail sports-betting offering the ability to bet on individual one game,” David Pridmore, Chief Digital and Strategy Office with OLG, tells CTV News Ottawa. “That’s what they call single event wagering; so one event, before – you used to have to bet on multiple in one ticket.”

Changes to legislation last year allowed additions like single event wagering. While it’s been available through the OLG online since late August, opening it up to retail is new as of this month.

“There’s more options to have different types of betting experiences,” Pridmore says.

Pridmore adds that you can now also bet on an expanded list of sports too.

“We’ve added tennis, boxing, golf, mixed-martial arts, we have some Formula 1 racing,” he says.

Along with what the OLG calls ‘novelty’ betting – like, awards shows, including the Oscars; and yes, that also includes betting on the colour of Gatorade at the Super Bowl, according to Pridmore

“For Super Bowl, you have a lot of fun bets like coin toss, colour of Gatorade, length of the national anthem; some fun player bets, how many yards a quarterback would throw.”