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Czechia to Abolish COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate  Requirement for Access to Restaurants & Outdoor Events –

Czechia to Abolish COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate  Requirement for Access to Restaurants & Outdoor Events -

Authorities in the Czech Republic have decided to abolish the obligation to present a COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate for all persons who plan to access bars, restaurants, or participate in outdoor events.

In addition, according to the announcement published by the Ministry of Health, the country’s authorities are also attempting to increase the maximum number of people who wish to participate in mass events, reports.

The same Ministry has announced that the new changes will become effective on Thursday. The recent changes applied by the Czech Republic’s Health Ministry come as part of the efforts to relax the rules imposed to stop the further spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.

However, the requirement to wear face masks indoors, as well as the limited number of participants in specific events, will be kept in place.

Art performances, congresses and educational events, as well as sports events, will continue to be open to a maximum of 1000 spectators. At the same time, other mass events are permitted to host a maximum of 100 participants.

Starting from February 19, a maximum of 500 non-seated and 1,000 seated people will be permitted to attend the mass events, while other events such as cultural, sports, or traditional events will then be able to attend by a maximum of 500 participants.

“The omicron wave is culminating, and we expect the infection to have a declining trend soon. This gives us the opportunity to mitigate anti-epidemic measures. At the same time, I would like to ask everyone to continue to follow the hygienic recommendations, act responsibly, and thus avoid possible deterioration of the situation,” the Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek pointed out in this regard.

Authorities in the Czech Republic have also announced that the testing of employees, as well as social service providers, will also change starting from February 19.

“The scope of the emergency measure is narrowing from health and social service providers today and inpatient care providers in facilities for homes for the disabled, homes for the elderly or homes with a special regime, social service providers providing relief services in the residential form and social service providers in a weekly inpatient or sheltered housing facility,” the statement notes.

The same  clarifies that testing will continue to be performed by antigenic testing and healthcare professionals, while such requirements will no longer be compulsory for persons who have completed their immunization process.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Czechia, Petr Fiala, stressed that the country would remove all the requirements to present a vaccination or recovery document when accessing outdoor events, including restaurants and bars.