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Daley’s focus is on making 2023 Memorial Cup ‘memorable event’

Daley’s focus is on making 2023 Memorial Cup ‘memorable event’

Daley replaces the late Don Moores, who passed away from a heart attack last June 30. Daley just wants to carry on the legacy Moores left behind.

“I think Don did a fantastic job making the Blazers important in the community and I want to continue that,” he told reporters on Monday. “I want to make sure people are aware of us throughout the season, making sure we’re filling this building, getting good sponsorship, being good community supporters for our community here in Kamloops. The fact I’ve got experience with events, making sure the Memorial Cup is a memorable event for our community as well.”

Gaglardi feels Daley will help make that happen. He says Kamloops, as the Tournament Capital of Canada, is used to hosting these big events, but Daley’s presence will enhance the Memorial Cup even more.

“These muscles are here, the people are here, and so I think we can fit right into that mold that’s been created over decades,” said Gaglardi. “Then Norm’s knowledge of these events and connections will just be super important to make sure this event can be the best it can be.”

Planning for the Memorial Cup, the event itself, is his No. 1 focus as he jumps into the new role. Daley doesn’t make it a secret the championship tournament was a big motivator in taking the job.

“My motivation level is I wanted this event and I wanted this for our community, and I want to ensure we make this, if not the best, one of the best that’s ever been held,” he said. “That’s my motivation, to give back to the community and really be part of it.”