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Substitute Decision Makers and Handwritten Wills

Substitute Decision Makers and Handwritten Wills

Join our speakers for the first webinar in the 2022 Estate Litigation series.

This presentation will focus on practical/planning considerations related to substitute decision making, address the benefits and risks of handwritten wills and what happens when substitute decision makers fail to meet their duties or abuse their power.

Substitute Decision Making – Power of Attorney versus Guardianship

This presentation will focus on practical/planning considerations related to substitute decision making. It will compare the role of an attorney (who is named in a power of attorney) with the role of a guardian (who is appointed by the court). It will cover the appointment process, the rights/powers of each substitute decision maker, the obligations of each substitute decision maker, standard of care, exposure to liability and other topics. The speaker will discuss the challenges that arise when an incapable person has not executed an enforceable power of attorney and a family member or other interested party is required to commence a guardianship application.

Speaker: Lily MacLeod,  Associate 

Handwritten Wills: Gifts that Give, but Not as You Intended

This presentation will address the benefits and risks of handwritten wills, including the legal and practical issues that arise when you handwrite your will. If you are determined to use a handwritten will, this presentation will provide guidance so that you can try to avoid the most common pitfalls. Suggestions will also be provided to minimize the chance of a dispute arising regarding your estate, so that your hard earned money will make its way to your loved ones as intended, rather than being spent on legal fees or avoidable taxes after your death.

Speaker: Alex Kotkas, Partner

When Substitute Decision Makers Abuse Their Powers

This presentation will look at what happens when substitute decision makers fail to meet their duties or blatantly abuse their powers. The speaker will provide an overview of what remedies are available and examine some cases involving the financial abuse of a donor/grantor by their appointed attorney. This presentation will also include a discussion of the role of the Public Guardian and Trustee in the protection of incapacitated adults.

Speaker: Janis Ko,  Associate


  • 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET / 9:00 am – 10:00 am PT Webinar and Q&A 


This webinar is complimentary 

Materials and Webinar Recording: If you are unable to attend the webinar but wish to receive the materials and webinar recording after, please click the “Materials and Webinar Recording” option at bottom of this page.


Available Via Webinar

This program is eligible for up to 1 Substantive Hour with the Law Society of Ontario.

This program contains 1 hour of accredited content for the purposes of the Law Society of British Columbia’s annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. The session has been loaded with the LSBC and is titled “Substitute Decision Makers and Handwritten Wills”. It is available for claiming through your LSBC Member Portal.

A confirmation of participation will be sent to you for your continuing education hours with the Barreau du Québec.

For CPD/CLE in other jurisdictions, please contact your local Law Society.

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Kurt Angle Questions Decision For WWE SummerSlam Main Event – Wrestling Inc.

Kurt Angle Questions Decision For WWE SummerSlam Main Event - Wrestling Inc.

Kurt Angle enjoys a good Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar bout, but he’s ready to see the “Head Of The Table” face some new blood too. In a new conversation with “NBC Sports”, Angle was asked about WWE having trouble finding comparable replacements to a star at the level of the Beast Incarnate, and he believes a good deal of the struggle comes from competition.

“I think that has a lot to do with the other promotion starting to get some momentum behind them — AEW,” Angle said. “You know, WWE lost a lot of talent to them. They’re looking at their NXT guys and they’re going to start making those guys pretty soon. I think that they do have a habit of going back to the older guys like Brock Lesnar.”

Lesnar was revealed to be the man scheduled to fight Reigns for the WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam after reports surfaced that Reigns’ originally planned opponent, Randy Orton, was going to be out with injury perhaps through all of 2022, but Lesnar has faced Lesnar at numerous headline events, including just recently, at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas.

“Roman Reigns, he needs to wrestle some new talent, some NXT guys, upcoming talent that are very talented, that can match his skill,” Angle said. He didn’t mention any names, but NXT has been heavily promoting stars such as NXT Champion Bron Breakker, the North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, and Roman Reigns’ legit “Bloodline” cousin in Solo Sikoa.

“I have nothing against Brock Lesnar coming back and wrestling Roman Reigns again but it’s already been done, and you don’t want to keep doing that over and over again. You have to make new talent,” Angle added.

Angle is no stranger to battling Brock Lesnar himself, as the two had a historic main event with one another at WrestleMania 19. He’s also no stranger at helping build new stars as he was the first to face-off against John Cena in his WWE debut. The same can be said for Taz, who gave Angle his first WWE loss when debuting for the promotion back at Royal Rumble 2000.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit “NBC Sports” and give a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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FX Week Ahead – Top 5 Events: Fed Rate Decision; Australia Jobs Report; BOE Rate Decision; BOJ Rate Decision; Eurozone Inflation Rate

FX Week Ahead - Top 5 Events: Fed Speeches; Canada, Eurozone, Japan, New Zealand Inflation Rates

FX Week Ahead Overview:

  • The Fed rate decision on Wednesday will likely keep volatility elevated throughout the week.
  • The BOJ rate decision on Friday has increased importance now that JGB 10-year yields have started to break through the 0.25% threshold.
  • Eurozone inflation data on Friday may only deepen concerns about fragmentation across European bond markets.

For the full week ahead, please visit the DailyFX Economic Calendar.

06/15 WEDNESDAY | 18:00, 18:30 GMT | USD Federal Reserve Rate Decision & Press Conference

Rates markets have evolved sharply in recent days, following the release of the May US inflation rate (CPI) on Friday. One week ago, 148-bps were priced-in through the end of 2022; at the start of this week, 201-bps are discounted through the end of the year. Markets believe the Fed will raise rates by 50-bps at their June meeting, but there are rising odds that a 75-bps or even a 100-bps rate hike will be levied. Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference will be critically important, as recent data will likely provoke a significant change in the FOMC’s Summary of Economic Projections (SEP) as well. Heightened volatility across asset classes up to and through Wednesday afternoon should be anticipated.

06/16 THURSDAY | 01:30 GMT | AUD Employment Change & Unemployment Rate (MAY)

The Australian economy continues to add jobs at a relatively torrid clip, putting more pressure on the Reserve Bank of Australia to raise rates rapidly. According to a Bloomberg News survey, Australia added +25K jobs in May, dropping its unemployment rate from 3.9% to 3.8% in the process. The relatively good news may come at a needed moment for the Australian Dollar, which has been sucked into the maelstrom of a broadly risk-off market. The data will only further encourage the RBA to raise rates quickly in the second half of 2022.

06/16 THURSDAY | 11:00 GMT | GBP Bank of England Rate Decision

Despite BOE policymakers signaling at the May rate decision that they are equally concerned with downside risks to growth as they are with upside risks to inflation, rates markets have had a rethink in recent weeks. Since mid-May, amid signs that the rises in food and energy prices won’t relent anytime soon, rates markets have dragged forward BOE rate hike expectations for the remainder of 2022, a much needed source of support for the British Pound.

UK overnight index swaps (OIS) are discounting a 117% chance of a 25-bps rate hike in June (a 100% chance of a 25-bps hike and a 17% chance of a 50-bps hike). Rates markets are still pricing in a 25-bps rate hike at every meeting for the rest of 2022. But there has been a subtle shift: it’s a faster pace than what was expected in mid-May: the expected terminal rate for the BOE in 2022 now sits at 2.450%, up from 2.099% approximately three weeks ago.

06/17 FRIDAY | 03:00 GMT | JPY Bank of Japan Rate Decision

Bank of Japan rate decisions usually don’t warrant much consideration, but this time is different as the Japanese Yen has hit its lowest level versus the US Dollar since 1998: markets are starting to break the BOJ’s commitment to keeping the JGB 10-year yield capped at 0.25%. The forthcoming rate decision is loaded with risk, as one of two things can happen: one, the BOJ can recommit to keeping yields capped, which means the Yen will take another leg lower; or, two, the BOJ throws in the towel on its QQE with yield curve control policy, which could unleash a rampant rebound by the Yen. Regardless of the outcome, fireworks are expected.

06/17 FRIDAY | 09:00 GMT | EUR Inflation Rate (MAY)

The European Central Bank’s June rate decision proved to be a bit of a communication error, with ECB President Christine Lagarde fumbling questions on how bond market fragmentation will be handled in the coming months. But the die has been cast, so to speak: the final May Eurozone inflation rate (HICP) is due in at +8.1% y/y from +7.4% y/y, and the core reading is expected at +3.8% y/y from +3.5% y/y. What was previously a source of strength for the Euro – rising short-end bond yields across the Eurozone – has now turned into a source of weakness – rising long-end bond yields in the periphery – that could raise questions of fiscal stability in countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain.


— Written by Christopher Vecchio, CFA, Senior Strategist

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FX Week Ahead – Top 5 Events: UK No-Confidence Vote; RBA Rate Decision; ECB Rate Decision; Canada Jobs Report; US Inflation Rate

FX Week Ahead - Top 5 Events: UK No-Confidence Vote; RBA Rate Decision; ECB Rate Decision; Canada Jobs Report; US Inflation Rate

FX Week Ahead Overview:

  • The RBA rate decision on Tuesday will produce another rate hike, while the ECB rate decision on Thursday will pave the path to one.
  • The May Canada jobs report is likely to produce another strong reading, giving the BOC more ammunition for further rate increases.
  • Incoming US inflation data are likely to only show modest signs of disinflation, potentially revitalizing Fed rate hike odds and thus helping the US Dollar.

For the full week ahead, please visit the DailyFX Economic Calendar.

06/06 MONDAY | 21:00 GMT | GBP Boris Johnson No-Confidence Vote

A series of missteps and public embarrassments – from ‘Partygate’ to being booed at a Jubilee event – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a snap no-confidence vote late in the day on Monday. Prediction markets suggest that Johnson will survive the vote, but the margin of victory is key: while only 180 votes are needed to continue on as prime minister, anything fewer than 260 may be considered a sign of weakness. With a cost of living crisis growing day-by-day and by-elections showing the Tory party falling out of favor, Johnson’s time as prime minister may be running out, regardless of Monday’s outcome.

06/07 TUESDAY | 04:30 GMT | AUD Reserve Bank of Australia Rate Decision

The RBA surprised markets with a 25-bps rate hike in May, eschewing conventional wisdom that policymakers would wait until after Australian federal elections to begin their rate hike cycle. But with the Australian unemployment rate at multi-decade lows – below the RBA’s projected level for year-end 2022 – as well as inflation rates pressing higher, the RBA has decided that swifter action is needed. Another 25-bps rate hike is anticipated (bringing the main rate from 0.35% to 0.60%) and already discounted by markets. What matters to the Australian Dollar more than a rate hike is what the RBA says about the future: how many more rate hikes can be expected over the next few months. Forward guidance is key if the Aussie is going to continue its recent rebound.

06/09 THURSDAY | 11:45, 12:30 GMT | EUR European Central Bank Rate Decision & Press Conference

The gap between the ECB and other major central banks’ rate hike odds that defined much of 2022 continues to close. Rates markets continue to price in the first 10-bps rate hike in July, after the ECB announces an end to its asset purchase program at its June meeting this week (when new Staff Economic Projections (SEP) are released).But thanks to multi-decade highs in inflation pressures across the Eurozone (including in the bloc’s largest economy, Germany), rates markets are now discounting a 50-bps rate hike in December 2022, in what would be the largest single-meeting increase in rates since 2000.Elevated ECB rate hike odds continue to be reflected in the short-end of various European sovereign debt yields. It remains the case that rising short-end bond yields should prove supportive of the Euro.

06/10 FRIDAY | 12:30 GMT | CAD Employment Change & Unemployment Rate (MAY)

The Canadian economy continues to chug along, benefiting more than other developed economies from the recent surge in energy prices (energy accounts for roughly 11% of Canadian GDP). While inflation is a problem, the strength of the Canadian labor market is giving the BOC some reassurance that it can continue to raise rates without derailing the economic recovery. A Bloomberg News survey sees the May Canada employment change at +30K from +15K in April, with the Canadian unemployment rate on hold at 5.6%. These would be strong enough data points for the BOC to proceed with another 25-bps rate hike when it releases its next decision on July 13.

06/10 FRIDAY | 12:30 GMT | USD Inflation Rate (CPI) (MAY)

Headline US inflation rates will remain stubbornly high, even as core rates show signs of disinflation, thanks to ongoing elevation in food and energy prices. According to a Bloomberg News survey, the May US inflation rate is due in at +8.3% y/y, unchanged from April, while the core inflation rate is expected to subside slightly to +5.9% y/y from +6.2% y/y.

While 50-bps rate hikes are priced-in for both June and July, rates markets are slowly coming around to the idea that another 50-bps rate hike will be levied in September, when the Fed meets after the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium.Rates markets are unconvinced that much more tightening will occur thereafter; only 148-bps worth of hikes are priced in through the end of 2022, potentially leaving the US Dollar at a relative disadvantage as other central banks begin to ramp up their fights against multi-decade highs in inflation pressures.


— Written by Christopher Vecchio, CFA, Senior Strategist

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IIHF could make decision at Monday meeting affecting Russian participation –

IIHF could make decision at Monday meeting affecting Russian participation -

Russian participation in international hockey events could be in question going forward.

According to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, the International Ice Hockey Federation will make significant decisions at its council meeting on Monday that will likely impact Russian participation in international events.

This could begin with the men’s World Hockey Championship set to begin in mid-May in Finland.

TSN Hockey’s Gord Miller tweets there is wide support for an immediate removal of Russian teams for the rest of 2022, including the men’s Worlds and the World Junior Championships.

Miller adds there is also support for moving the 2023 World Junior Championship out of Russia.

The 2023 WJC is scheduled to be played in Novosibirsk and Omsk in December and January. There is also a possibility that the Men’s World Championship scheduled for St. Petersburg in the spring of 2023 could be moved, but that decision may not come on Monday, Miller adds.

This comes after Russian forces invaded Ukraine in the early hours Thursday morning local time.