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Here’s what Vancouver’s free floral ‘Femme’ event dedicated to ‘significant women’ will look like

Say it with flowers: This free Vancouver event will celebrate fierce, famous females in floral form

There’ll be 15 mannequins along with other displays.

Fleur de Villes is returning to Vancouver for a female-focused floral function.

For 10 days starting June 3 public spaces in Vancouver’s downtown will be blooming brilliantly with 15 mannequins placed about the core with features familiar to many. The show, dubbed FEMMES, celebrates remarkable women with mannequins decorated like them.

That means famed locals like Sarah MacLachlan, Shaylan Stone Child, and Emily Carr will be featured. Former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson will also be featured. For those looking to learn more about each of the women, a QR code and images will provide a profile on each woman.

Along with the 15 mannequins, the show will have several other components, like a “flower-bombed” 1957 MGA Roadster, a floral swing and a pop-up flower market. Some restaurants, like 1931 Gallery Bistro, will be serving related foods and drinks, as well.

“Each of our shows is an entirely different experience, celebrating the local community and made possible by local partners like the DVBIA which support Fleurs de Villes events being freely and most beautifully open to the public,” says co-founder Karen Marshall in a press release.

While Fleur de Villes is based in Vancouver, they’ve held shows around the world; versions of FEMME have popped up in Miami, Chicago and Toronto.