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Deja Brew Cafe & Pub in Wendell hosts weekend events ahead of planned reopening

Deja Brew Cafe & Pub in Wendell hosts weekend events ahead of planned reopening

Published: 7/3/2022 4:52:52 PM

Modified: 7/3/2022 4:50:12 PM

WENDELL — As Deja Brew Cafe & Pub looks to reopen later this summer, the business welcomed residents on Saturday for an Independence Day event, attracting those looking to hear reggae music while enjoying barbecued food and good company.

While the event was held on the holiday weekend, organizer Vic Scutari was quick to note that people in town are not feeling very patriotic in light of recent world events, and the celebration was not specifically for the holiday.

“We’ve lived in Wendell for 25 years. I always want to support Deja Brew, especially as they reopen,” attendee Brian Jones said as to why he came to the event. “It’s a nice place to come and see neighbors.”

Deja Brew, located on Lockes Village Road, closed in 2017, but has plans to reopen later this summer.

“These events we’ve been doing have been making me hopeful about reopening,” Scutari said. “The excitement and support has been palpable.”

In the meantime, before it opens, Deja Brew has hosted irregular events throughout the summer. Aside from the July 2 party, the business hosted the Wendell Misfit Prom on June 18 and will host Reggae Fest on July 16. Tickets for that event can be found on Facebook and are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

At Saturday’s event, The Roots All Stars played for the audience. This reggae band is a mix of local young musicians and seasoned reggae artists. African drums player Boo Pearson, formerly in the band Loose Caboose, played alongside Simon White.

Donna Horn, Wendell resident and attendee, said, “I love Simon. I’ve known him since he was 2. It’s a family thing to see him play here.”

White explained Loose Caboose paved the way for other reggae musicians in Wendell, allowing there to be space for a hometown genre.

Pearson, happy to be playing at Deja Brew, said, “I love playing our music, but it gets better when we play with other musicians and create a proverbial exchange.”

As DJ Vibe Wise started the night off by playing recorded music, Colin Wilson and Tiffany Raymond, residents of Florence, made their way to the event.

“It’s our first time here,” Raymond said. “We’ve been thinking about coming here for a while. We are excited about the music and food.”

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