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Many are interested in events of Jan. 6

Many are interested in events of Jan. 6

To the Editor:

I recently read a Letter to the Editor from Kevin Kimpel, in which they said that the January 6th Hearings are “not important.” They are important. What happened on January 6th was unprecedented. That means it hasn’t happened before. We need to have an investigation into what led to the events of that day.

While I won’t reiterate the content of the hearings I will say this, January 6th was an attempted coup by the Republican Party.

Because of this, there are a lot of denials, disinterest and disinformation surrounding the day. That is why we need indictments, investigations and real jail time for the people who tried to destroy the foundations of our democracy.

Kevin Kimpel, you may not be interested, and I won’t speculate as to the reasons for that. But I will say that I am interested and so are those who want the freedom to vote.

Victoria Woods