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Speaker event at PWNHC with Inuit artist Angus Cockney to celebrate the completion of sculptural collection Ataa! Soona Luna?

Speaker event at PWNHC with Inuit artist Angus Cockney to celebrate the completion of sculptural collection Ataa! Soona Luna?

Join the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC) for a speaker event celebrating the completion of this important sculptural collection by renowned Inuit artist Angus Cockney (the Icewalker).

Through art, Ataa! Soona Luna? (Listen! What Moon?) interprets the Inuit stories of the year’s 12 moons as handed down from the Icewalker’s great-great-grandfather to his grandfather to the artist himself. Through this personal presentation about his journey translating these meaningful stories into physical sculptures, Cockney will share the importance of oral history in preserving Indigenous culture through the generations.

Two sculptures by the Icewalker will be on display during the event.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Time: Doors open at 7 pm, speaker starts at 7:15 pm

Location: Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Auditorium

Tea and bannock will be available in the café after the event.

This event is free of charge.


For media requests, please contact:

Briony Grabke

Manager, Public Affairs and Communications

Department of Education, Culture and Employment

Government of the Northwest Territories

867-767-9352  Ext. 71073

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Apple event rumors live blog — last-minute iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 and AirPods Pro 2 leaks

Apple event rumors live blog — last-minute iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 and AirPods Pro 2 leaks


Apple Watch 7

(Image credit: Future)

If those rumors have got you excited about the Apple Watch 8, and you already have an Apple Watch you are keen to upgrade from, then we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at our guide on how to trade in your Apple Watch, and how you can get credit towards a new smartwatch

There are a lot of Apple Watch 8 rumors to dissect and rationalize. And that’s exactly what editor Kate Kozuch has done. 

Check out the Apple Watch 8 rumors explained video below for a lowdown of what to expect, as well as what not to get your hopes up about. 

iPhone 14 Pro concept art

(Image credit: @AR72014 / Twitter)

One of the more compelling rumors to have bubbled up to the surface lately is the claim that the iPhone 14 Pro will feature an always-on display

Why is that a big deal? Well it would give the iPhone 14 Pro the scope to further challenge some of the best Android phones around, as well as offer a much neater way of seeing information at a glance. Phones writer Richard Priday has chewed over all the iPhone 14 always-on display rumors so far

To help you break down some last-minute iPhone14 rumors, editor Kate Kozuch has pulled together a video that collates some of the best tidbits of information we’ve put our eyes on. 

Take a look at it below. Oh, and like and subscribe! 

iPhone 14

(Image credit: Front Page Tech | Renders by Ian)

Based on the rumored specs for the iPhone 14 Pro, it looks like the next-gen iPhone to get — with the only question being whether 6.1 inches is enough, or if you want a larger 6.7-inch display. 

However, we don’t reckon you should dismiss the standard iPhone 14 entirely. 

As managing editor and phones expert Philip Michaels discusses: “The importance of getting all the valuable things the iPhone 14 promises — great cameras, solid performance, a stellar design — without having to pay more for the privilege can’t be overstated, especially at a time when prices are ballooning all around us. 

“The iPhone 14 Pro may be getting some impressive enhancements, but in this environment, the attractive price of the iPhone 14 could wind up being the most compelling feature of all.”

Speaking of options and specs, we’ve pulled together a specs table for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max based on the rumors so far. 

With the exception of screen and battery size, the two phones look set to be very similar. That’s the same deal as with the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, but in contrast to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which had differing camera capabilities. 

Check out the specs list below. 

iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max
Screen size 6.1-inches 6.7-inches
Refresh rate 1-120Hz 1-120Hz
CPU Apple A16 Bionic Apple A16 Bionic
Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Cameras 48MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom 48MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom
Battery size 3,200mAh 4,352mAh
Colors Purple, green, silver and graphite Purple, green, silver and graphite

A shot of five iPhone 14 Pro dummy units, in silver, graphite, gold, blue and purple

(Image credit: Sleepy Afternoon)

But one way Apple could justify a price hike for the iPhone 14 Pro at least, could be a new entry-level storage tier. According to some rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max will start at 256GB of storage space rather than 128GB. 

However, this iPhone 14 Pro storage boost has been shot down in a report from Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu, who claims that Apple will be keeping storage the same as it was with the iPhone 13 Pro, which means sticking with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage options. 

iPhone 14 Pro renders

(Image credit: Madmix)

Camera upgrades are all well and good but one of the worrying rumor doing the rounds is how the iPhone 14 range will be more expensive than the iPhone 13 range, with the Pro phones set to rise by $100. 

But Market intelligence firm TrendForce (opens in new tab) has predicted that the jump in price won’t be overly severe, with prices rising by $50 instead. Supposedly, this will be a means for Apple to be more cautious with pricing when global inflation in on the rise. We’re not sure how much we buy into that, but we’d much rather no price hike at all, especially if the standard iPhone 14 isn’t changing much.  

An iPhone 13 Pro in an iPhone 14 Pro case

(Image credit: yeux1122)

Just in! A new iPhone 14 Pro rumor. This time it’s an image of what’s claimed to be an iPhone 14 Pro case over an iPhone 14 Pro, with the big take away being the camera lenses of the next-gen iPhone could be notably larger than those of the current Pro phones. 

What does this mean in practical terms? Well larger lenses can let in more light and that can mean more detail is captured by a phone’s cameras. With the iPhone 14 Pro already tipped to get a 48MP main camera, letting in more light and boosting low-light photography too, could see it top our best camera phone list; though we’d need to put it through some through testing before drawing any conclusions. 

An alleged case/strap for the Apple Watch 8 Pro

(Image credit: Sonny Dickson)

As for the Apple Watch 8 itself, we’re not expecting to see a host of major changes, but a Pro model has been tipped. 

And going by some alleged leaked case photos, it looks like the Apple Watch 8 Pro will be a seriously rugged smartwatch able to withstand the elements and rigorous outdoor activities while still offering access to a suite of watchOS 9 features. That’ll likely be thanks to additional buttons and a titanium construction by default. 

apple watch 3 on wrist

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Shifting away from iPhones, we’re expecting to see at least two new Apple Watch models on Wednesday. But there’s also the Apple Watch SE 2 that may make an appearance. 

This would be a replacement for the Apple Watch SE, Apple’s cheapest smartwatch, but is could also spell the end of the Apple Watch 3, which looks set to be killed off this week. 

A split image with an iPhone 14 Pro concept render and a portless iPhone concept

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro/ConceptCreator)

If you’re wondering whether you should be prepared to buy the iPhone 14 when it launches, or if you should wait for 12 months and get an iPhone 15, then phones writer Richard Priday has chewed over the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15

It’s looking like the iPhone 14 Pro will be the phone to get. But if you’re on an iPhone 13 Pro, you may want to consider waiting as the 2023 iPhone model could bring in some major changes, such as USB-C connectivity and a periscope camera. 

iPhone 14 Pro design vs iPhone 14 design

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro/YouTube)

One of the key iPhone 14 rumors is that the standard models will stick with the current A15 processor, but that Pro models will get a new A16 Bionic chip.

However, we’ve now heard a new variation on this theme — namely that the A15 chip in the iPhone 14 will be an enhanced version.

This is according to the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), citing “people familiar with the plans.” There’s no indication as to how the A15 will be enhanced — but we’d guess that it would offer slightly higher performance than the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which offered one extra GPU core compared to the A15 used in the base iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

The dual chip approach is one we’ve heard lots about already. For instance, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also tipped the regular iPhone 14s to stick with A15, while the Pro models get an upgrade. 

On the one hand, this would be disappointment — Apple almost always puts new chips inside new phones. But on the other, you could argue that the A15 Bionic is so powerful that having it in the iPhone 14 is going to be no bad thing anyway. And if the version of the A15 used is more powerful than that in the iPhone 13, there’s even less reason to worry about it.

iphone 14 pro render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

One of the latest rumors to surface ahead of the Apple event concerns a battery boost for the iPhone 14 Pro range

That’s according to well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who writes in his Power On newsletter (opens in new tab) that “beyond the notch, I’m told to expect the iPhone 14 Pro models to appear slightly larger overall and include slimmer bezels. They will have bigger batteries too.”

Slimmer bezels are nice, but a battery boost could help the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max win a spot on our best phone battery life list, replacing the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro respectively. 

Good morning and welcome to our Apple event rumors live blog. We’ll be updating this regularly over the next day-and-a-bit leading up to the event itself, which is due to start at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. BST tomorrow (September 7).

There’s certainly no shortage of last-minute leaks and speculation around the various devices tipped to launch tomorrow, so read on for our thoughts on each one.

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MACS Training Event registration opens – Indie Garage

The Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) invites aftermarket service professionals to Nashville, TN for its 43rd annual Training Event and Trade Show.

The event is located at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, February 2-4, 2023.

Registration is now open at the MACS website at or by phone at 215-631-7020.

“The Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) is pleased to return to Nashville, TN for our 2023 training event and conference. The 2023 program is full of new and innovative training with a look to the future of electric vehicle service combined with the latest on servicing passenger, heavy-duty and off-road vehicle thermal management systems,” remarked Peter Coll, MACS president and chief operating officer.

“Attendees can participate in networking events, Trade Show exhibits, service training and new engagement from OE’s and Tier 1 suppliers. The 2023 MACS Training Event and Trade Show offers new opportunities for all participants to learn, make new connections and see the latest innovations from the world’s best suppliers.”

MACS Training Event provides a forum that joins all industry segments and professionals together to foster growth and expand knowledge. By facilitating relationships industry-wide, MACS allows industry professionals to easily attain the information they need to solve their customer’s vehicle A/C problems.

Over three days, attendees can learn from thirty-one speakers and participate in 41-hours of mobile A/C training. Presentations will feature service and repair knowledge for automotive, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty and off-road trucks, and electric vehicles. Six social events provide important networking time to create and grow relationships.

MACS holds the only mobile A/C product specific Trade Show in the United States.

MACS annual golf tournament will take place on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, on the links of the scenic and historic Hermitage Golf Course in Old Hickory, TN near the one-time home of America’s 7th President Andrew Jackson.

Complete details are available on the MACS website at

A complete downloadable program is also available.

About MACS

Since 1981, the MACS has been the advocate for service and repair owners, distributors, manufacturers, and educators making their living in the total vehicle climate and thermal management industry.
MACS empowers members to grow their businesses and delivers tangible member benefits through industry advocacy with government regulators and by providing accurate, unbiased training information, training products, training curriculum, and money-saving affinity member services. MACS has assisted more than 1.2 million technicians to comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment.

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MCU: 11 Major Movie & Show Reveals to Expect at Marvel’s 2022 D23 Event

Disney, Scarlet Witch, Mr. Fantastic, Wolverine

Marvel Studios has long been famous for its blockbuster announcements events that see President Kevin Feige stand before a crowd to showcase the future of the MCU. After a two-year hiatus from such events due to the pandemic, Feige returned to San Diego Comic-Con in July to show off the Multiverse Saga, which also got its official name at the fan convention.

The grand-scale event brought with it new footage, the Phase 5 slate, and confirmation for two new Avengers blockbusters on the way. Despite that, Marvel Studios still left some gaps in the pipeline, most notably in Phase 6 to be filled in at a later date that may be coming soon.

Feige will soon take the stage once more at the bi-annual D23 convention in a panel that will be shared with Lucasfilm and other Disney studios. Marvel Studios is expected to bring plenty to the table and The Direct has some predictions for the event before it takes place on Saturday, September 10.

Safe Bets

Black Panther 2 Shows Off New Footage

Black Panther, Namor

San Diego Comic-Con brought with it the debut trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and it brought with it glowing reactions. With the November release now just two months away, D23 ought to bring more footage.

Who knows whether this will amount to the full online release of the second trailer or just attendee-exclusive footage, but the next public look can’t be far away. Perhaps fans will finally see a closer look at Namor and his Kingdom of Talocan.

Werewolf by Night Finally Announced

Werewolf by Night, Disney+ Logo

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ Halloween Special has been among the worst-kept secrets in its history. Composer Michael Giacchino will make his directorial debut on the secretive project that stars Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly.

The Werewolf by Night special began production in March and wrapped shortly after. The composer-turned-director promised in June that news is coming “very soon,” and with release expected in October, that ought to come at D23.

MCU Directors Become Official

WandaVision, Fantastic Four Director, Matt Shakman, MCU

Many of the MCU’s upcoming Phase 5 and 6 projects have reportedly signed directors, but have yet to be formally revealed in a presentation. Among these is Shang-Chi‘s Destin Daniel Cretton, taking Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman, who will tackle Fantastic Four.

These directorial signings ought to be part of Kevin Feige’s D23 announcements, perhaps with them even coming out on stage to offer a tease of what to expect from their upcoming MCU flicks.

Guardians Holiday Special Reveals Footage

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Disney+, MCU

Werewolf by Night may be hiding in the shadows, but Marvel Studios has already confirmed The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special for this year. Although the festive event was strangely omitted from the Phase 4 and 5 slates, it’s expected to serve as the epilogue to the current chapter of the Multiverse Saga.

Having previously gone undiscussed at Comic-Con, the Holiday Special ought to be highlighted at D23 only a few months out from release. This should involve the reveal of the first trailer, but who knows whether it will find its way online or remain exclusive to attendees.


Deadpool 3 Goes Official

Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds

Four years after Ryan Reynolds’ last superhero outing, Deadpool 3 is finally close to becoming a reality with Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy taking over directing duties and the writers of the last two flicks back once again.

Reynolds has begun training and filming preparations are getting underway, suggesting production on the “fish-out-of-water” story will begin soon. With evidence pointing to the sequel joining Phase 5 on February 16, 2024, news ought to come at D23, perhaps with Reynolds even coming out on stage.

Thunderbolts Cast Confirmed

Yelena Belova, US Agent, Baron Zemo

Thunderbolts was one of the biggest reveals of Comic-Con as it will round out Phase 5 on July 26, 2024, with production expected to begin early next year. Unfortunately, Feige omitted the roster from his last presentation, but that ought to come at D23 this month.

Based on the latest report, Yelena Belova, The Hood, and Valentina are all a lock for the ensemble. Other potential villains to be included are reportedly Abomination, U.S. Agent, The Punisher, and Baron Zemo.

Blade Drops News Before Filming

Blade, Mahershala Ali, Marvel Studios

Mahershala Ali’s Blade now stands as the only element of Kevin Feige’s 2019 Comic-Con presentation to have not yet been released. Nonetheless, Blade’s release is set for next November and production will begin in October, so there’s likely to be some news at D23 ahead of filming, such as casting announcements.

Wonder Man Finds Its Star

Wonder Man, MCU, Disney+

Progress appears to be moving fast on Disney+’s Wonder Man series that is being developed by Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton as a “Hollywood satire.” The cast already includes the return of Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery, but D23 ought to offer the reveal of the titular star and a release window.

Comic-Con Clips Gets Re-Runs

Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con Panel

Comic-Con brought with it the first footage of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Secret Invasion, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, including Kang the Conqueror, privately shown to attendees. These same clips may well show re-runs, possibly along with some new snippets as post-production continues to progress on all three.

The Marvels Gets a First Look

The Marvels, MCU

Despite having concluded filming prior to the event, The Marvels didn’t show any footage at Comic-Con, likely due to the Ms. Marvel finale still being fresh. With some time now passed, attendees ought to catch an exclusive look at the all-female ensemble, showing off Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau.

Phase 5 Disney+ Series Make Waves

Phase 5, MCU, Disney+

After She-Hulk wraps up in October, Marvel Studios won’t have another Disney+ series until spring’s Secret Invasion. Nick Fury’s mystery thriller may have already shown footage at Comic-Con, but D23 will likely bring exclusive peeks at Echo and Loki Season 2, the former of which has already wrapped filming.

The other Phase 5 Disney+ series include Ironheart, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and Daredevil: Born Again, none of which would have enough footage to reveal. However, there may still be casting announcements or other news to offer.


She-Hulk Drops Mid-Season Trailer

She-Hulk, MCU, Disney+

By the time D23 gets underway, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will have just premiered the fourth installment of its nine-episode season. As Disney will likely be eager to market the legal comedy to some degree at its biggest event of the year, a mid-season trailer, or at least some new footage, ought to be shown.

Whatever Marvel Studios does show ought to feature a recap of the events so far, along with a peek at what’s to come in the second half. Perhaps this could even include more of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and the return of Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Armor Wars Receives Update

Armor Wars, Iron Man, Disney+

Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars – which will explore the legacy of Tony Stark as his technology falls into the wrong hands – was strangely omitted from Comic-Con, despite having been announced over a year prior. Nonetheless, the team behind the show has insisted it is still going ahead amid cancellation fears.

Now, most are expecting Armor Wars to finally get its moment in the spotlight at D23 as it gets slotted into one of the vacant Phase 6 release slots. Perhaps this will come with casting, storyline details, and hints toward Ironheart connections.

Eternals 2 Gets Revealed

Eternals 2, MCU

The controversial Eternals ended on a game-changing cliffhanger that many are now desperate to see resolved. A sequel has yet to be formally announced but Pip the Troll actor Patton Oswalt recently let slip that Eternals 2 will be happening with director Chloe Zhao returning at the helm

As Marvel Studios will probably want the Eternals to get involved in the climax of the Multiverse Saga, this should release at some point in 2025 in order to free up the team from their current cliffhanger ahead of the crossover event. So, if that is indeed the plan, it may become official 

Shang-Chi 2 Goes Official

Shang-Chi 2, Iron Fist, MCU

Shang-Chi 2 has already been revealed to be in development but has yet to be made official. One factor that could greatly influence where Shang-Chi 2 places in the future is whether the first film’s director will be returning. 

With Destin Daniel Cretton turning his focus to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Wonder Man, it’s hard to imagine him having time for the sequel anytime soon. So, whether Cretton returns ought to dictate if Shang-Chi 2 is announced for Phase 6 at D23 or if it’s saved for the next saga.

World War Hulk Confirmed

World War Hulk, Bruce Banner, MCU

Hulk fans have been waiting for a sequel to The Incredible Hulk for over a decade now, but rights issues with Universal have prevented that. Now, World War Hulk appears to be in the pipeline and may even be getting set up by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law right now. 

Production will reportedly begin in the not-too-distant future, so an announcement is entirely possible. But if the storyline hinges around the latter episodes of She-Hulk then that reveal may be saved until later to avoid spoilers.

Nova Enters The Fold

Nova, Marvel Studios logo, Avengers

The wait has been long to see Nova – either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander – enter the MCU, and all signs are pointing to it being not too far away. Granted, nobody yet knows whether this will be a big-screen movie or Disney+ series, but reports indicate Rider will be the star.

The last word on production indicated a 2023 start to what is “likely” to be a Disney+ series, so it ought to slot somewhere into Phase 6, perhaps leading Marvel Studios to shock fans with the reveal at D23.

Major Casting Announcements

Giancarlo Esposito, Professor X, MCU

Among Marvel Studios’ most shocking event moments yet was the shock reveal of Mahershala Ali’s Blade at Comic-Con 2019. Part of what made this moment so special was the fact this had yet to be reported anywhere, and perhaps Kevin Feige has something similar up his sleeves again.

One report suggested Marvel Studios has signed John Boyega, Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer, Daisy Edgar-Jones, John Krasinski, Giancarlo Esposito, and Denzel Washington in various roles that may be announced at D23. For now, this rumor is unverified, but this may be a taste of the potential shock castings to expect.

Wild Picks

Secret Wars Gets a Director

Secret Wars, The Russo Brothers, Avengers, MCU

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty may have signed Destin Daniel Cretton as director, but reports are suggesting Secret Wars may put someone else at the helm. There’s no telling which director will take the job on the November 2025 release, but the Russo Brothers have been taken out of the equation.

Secret Wars won’t have to begin filming until 2024, so Marvel Studios doesn’t necessarily need to choose and announce a director right now. But if Kevin Feige already has one lined up, he may choose to announce that name at D23.

Scarlet Witch Goes Solo

Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen, Marvel Studios

Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch has been rumored to lead her own solo movie or Disney+ series ever since Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Now, with months passed since her apparent demise in the reality-hopping blockbuster, it may be time to announce her upcoming return.

However, even if a solo project is on the cards for Wanda, Marvel Studios may wish to deliver her triumphant return on screen before announcing anything. After all, her shocking return in Avengers 5 to turn the tides in the fight against Kang the Conqueror would be jaw-dropping for moviegoers.

Avenger Icons Receive Sequels

Clea, Doctor Strange

With the Multiverse Saga spanning three Phases, many of the flicks coming earlier in the saga ought to receive sequels by the time the end of it all. Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4 have both arrived this summer and left off on intriguing cliffhangers to tease the future of their characters, so when will they be resolved?

As of now, there have been no major reports pointing toward either Doctor Strange 3 or Thor 5 having entered development, lowering the chances of a mention at D23. But perhaps Marvel Studios will come with some surprises to continue these stories before the current saga comes to a close.

Disney+ Season 2 Renewals

Moon Knight Season 2, MCU, Disney+

On the topic of sequels, the time may have come for more Disney+ series to receive a coveted Season 2 renewal. As of now, Loki is the only live-action MCU show to have confirmed a follow-up is on the way, but the odds are high that more will eventually follow suit, even if that’s not necessarily at D23.

Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk all ought to see their stories continued on Disney+, but some will come sooner rather than later. Perhaps the most likely contender for now is Oscar Isaac’s Egyptian epic, especially since Moon Knight has yet to line up any more upcoming appearances.

Marvel Brings X-Men Updates

X-Men, Marvel Studios logo, Avengers

With every Marvel Studios presentation since acquiring Fox, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on the X-Men. Now, the odds are higher than ever as the MCU has begun planting seeds for their introduction with Ms. Marvel, but the time may still not be quite right yet.

Firstly, reports have indicated that existing Fox contracts may prevent the MCU from recasting the X-Men until 2025, likely placing their debut into the next saga. Marvel Studios also has plenty of new characters and teams to play with for now, so it may opt to save a whole new super-powered race for the next saga.

Fantastic Four Finds Actors

The Fantastic Four comics, Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four may have found its director in Matt Shakman, but there’s still the question of which actors will bring Marvel’s First Family to life. As high as hopes may be to see the cast come out on stage, actors have likely yet to be signed as the newfound director ought to have some say in that choice.

But with filming placed to begin next year, Marvel Studios is likely currently hard at work on finding its four leading actors. If those, or even any of them, happen to be found before D23, there’s a chance they will be revealed at the event. 

Doctor Doom Enters The Fold

Doctor Doom, Mr Fantastic, MCU

Doctor Doom earned his own spot on this list thanks to rumors he could be involved in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and possibly even make an appearance. Rumors have suggested the Latvian ruler may be the one pulling the strings of the war between the African nation and Namor’s Talocan.

If these rumors were to pay off, Doctor Doom could be joining the MCU before the year is out, meaning an actor may well have been cast. Granted, chances are Marvel Studios will want to keep any shocking cameo from the Fantastic Four villain quiet, but perhaps they may lean into it to further push the sequel. 

The Phase 6 Slate Gets Completed

MCU, Phase 6, Multiverse Saga

Almost every potential Phase 6 project was placed in the lower echelon of likelihood on this list. This comes down to the chance that Kevin Feige steers clear of the Multiverse Saga’s conclusion altogether and instead focuses on Phase 5.

The first Phase 6 entry isn’t expected to release until Fall 2024, so Marvel Studios could comfortably save those announcements for 2023’s Comic-Con. But even though those projects likely won’t start filming until the second half of 2023, Feige may wish to complete the picture of the Multiverse Saga sooner rather than later.

Manage Expectations for the MCU at D23

Avengers Endgame, Comic-Con, MCU

It’s important to go into D23 with reasonable expectations for what Marvel Studios will reveal. Feige just dropped plenty of major bombshells at Comic-Con, so it wouldn’t be awfully surprising if D23 isn’t quite as spectacular.

As the studio will probably want to save some announcements for future events, the Phase 6 slate may well be left incomplete. After all, there are still two more Comic-Cons to come before the final phase of the Multiverse Saga gets underway.

D23 ought to be used more as a platform to expand on what has already been revealed, as opposed to announcing tons of new projects. Nonetheless, the D23 weekend will undoubtedly be an exciting one for MCU fans.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will make his D23 presentation on Saturday, September 10. He will also be joined by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, and The Direct has 14 predictions of what to expect from the Star Wars galaxy.

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Dustin Johnson makes eagle putt to win LIV Boston event in playoff | CBC Sports

Dustin Johnson makes eagle putt to win LIV Boston event in playoff | CBC Sports

Dustin Johnson gave LIV Golf its first big moment Sunday when he made a 35-foot eagle putt on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff to win the LIV Golf Invitational-Boston for his first victory in 19 months.

Johnson’s putt on the par-5 18th was going so fast it might have rolled some 6 feet past the hole. But it hit the back of the cup and dropped down near the front of the cup to beat Joaquin Niemann and Anirban Lahiri.

He raised his arm and dropped it for a slow-motion uppercut, instead slapping hands with Austin Johnson, his brother and caddie. The win was worth $4 million US for Johnson. With his team winning again, he now has made $9,962,500 in four events.

“It was going a little fast, but it was a good line,” Johnson said with a big smile. “I got some unlucky breaks (on No. 18) the first time around. It owed me one and I got it.”

The first playoff in four LIV Golf events capped an otherwise sloppy finish by so many others who had a chance.

Johnson, who closed with a 5-under 65, needed a birdie on the par-5 18th. His drive bounced into the right rough, his iron to lay up went into the trees well to the left and he had to scramble for par to join Lahiri (64) and Niemann (66) at 15-under 265.

Lahiri hit a fairway metal to 5 feet on the 18th in regulation, and his eagle putt that would have won it rolled around the right edge of the cup.

Lee Westwood finished one shot out of a playoff after a 62 that included bogeys on two of his last three holes. He was poised to win when he bounced back from a bogey on No. 1 in the shotgun start with a short birdie on the par-3 second.

He finished on No. 3, a 352-yard hole and great birdie opportunity. Westwood hit a lob wedge that was so fat it came up some 40 feet short of the pin and into a bunker. He blasted out weakly and missed the 18-foot par putt.

“The lob wedge was a little fat,” Westwood said. “Make 3 and I win the tournament and I make 5. It’s a sickening way to finish.”

British Open champion Cameron Smith, among six players who recently signed with the Saudi-funded league, had a 63. He also was tied for the lead until hitting his tee shot into the trees on No. 1, his 17th hole, and having to pitch out sideways. He made bogey.

WATCH | How Saudi Arabia is using LIV Golf to Sportswash its global image:

How Saudi Arabia is using LIV Golf to Sportswash its global image

Dave Zirin joins host Morgan Campbell, to discuss the motivations of Saudi Arabia in creating and funding the LIV Golf tour.

Smith tied for fourth with Westwood. Each made just over $1 million.

Johnson had not won since the Saudi International on Feb. 7, 2021, when it was part of the European tour schedule. The player who has been No. 1 longer than anyone since Tiger Woods slipped out of the top 15 in the world when he signed with LIV Golf.

He was part of the rival league from the start in early June outside London, and he has finished in the top 10 in all of them.

“I’ve had a chance to win every one,” he said. “That’s three in a row for the team, and for me to get my first, I’m feeling good.”

He walked off the 18th green holding a phone in a video call to his two sons.

Lahiri and Niemann each made just over $1.8 million for losing in the playoff. They were among six players who signed with LIV Golf after the PGA Tour season end.

The next LIV Golf Invitational series is in two weeks in the Chicago suburbs at Rich Harvest Farms, best known for hosting the Solheim Cup in 2009.

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Dust storm nearly derails marquee event at Burning Man

Dust storm nearly derails marquee event at Burning Man

With just hours to go until Burning Man’s namesake event — igniting the wooden “man” effigy— a dust storm hit the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and threatened to derail the nine-day-long festival. 

Around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Burning Man’s official handle tweeted that the playa, the affectionate nickname for the desert area where the festival takes place, was experiencing “whiteout conditions.” The account informed would-be travelers that the main gate had been closed and declared bluntly, “do not drive.”

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Matthias Gafni reported that gusts were measured at 35 mph during the wind event. The National Weather Service categorizes 35 mph winds as “near gale” force. (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another.)

National Weather Service meteorologist Amanda Young explained to the Chronicle that the wind event occurred when a cold front hit the area.

Visibility was virtually nonexistent on images taken from Burning Man’s official webcam.

Reports from the festival claimed that the dust was thick enough to block out the sun. Not that it stopped the burners from having a good time.

Intense weather events are nothing new for Burning Man. Daytime highs have been hitting triple-digits all week long, and an even more intense dust storm hit the festival in 2018, with winds topping out at 60 mph. Indeed, many burners might say the brutal conditions are part of the appeal. A thick coating of dust on one’s clothes and skin is seen as a rite of passage for new burners. 

That being said, given the intense exposure and remoteness of the festival, powerful wind events have the potential to be extremely dangerous. 

Tiktok user @johnnydiggz caught a massive dust storm on camera en route to the playa just last month. 

@johnnydiggz #burningman #duststorm #blackrockcity #burningman2022 ♬ Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Thankfully, for the tens of thousands assembled, the dust storm died down as the afternoon turned to evening, and the ritual burning of the man was able to go on without an issue. 

A screengrab of the ritual burning of the man on Saturday in Nevada. The image was captured via Burning Man's official livestream. 

A screengrab of the ritual burning of the man on Saturday in Nevada. The image was captured via Burning Man’s official livestream. 

Motorbikematt / Webcast Team

FILE - Participants make their way through dust at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada on Sept. 2, 2015.

FILE – Participants make their way through dust at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada on Sept. 2, 2015.

Andy Barron /The Reno Gazette-Journal via AP

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New AirPods Pro coming at iPhone 14 Apple Event | AppleInsider

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Apple will be using its September 7 special event to launch the second generation of AirPods Pro alongside the iPhone 14, a report claims, just days ahead of the event itself.

Apple’s special events in September primarily focus on the annual iPhone update, but other products do get launched at around the same time. While AirPods are considered to be a good candidate for a launch during the same event, a report insists that Apple will be bringing out new AirPods Pro this time around.

During the event, AirPods Pro 2 will be unveiled, according to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg on Sunday. Though rumors were fairly strong about a launch sometime in the fall, Gurman insists it will happen during Wednesday’s presentation.

Over the months, rumors for the personal audio accessories have put forward claims of a stemless design, some debate over whether there will be some form of built-in fitness tracking, and case changes. There have been suggestions the charging case could include a form of hearing aid functionality, complete with a microphone and a speaker that could help with Find My recovery.

However, it is also entirely plausible that the new AirPods Pro could more closely resemble the first generation in form and function, with internal hardware improvements including changes to the H1 chip and Bluetooth connectivity a possibility.

What is certainly rumored to stay the same is connectivity for charging, with the case thought to continue with Lightning for the moment, but changing to USB-C in 2023.

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Four-way tie for lead in European tour event in Denmark –

Four-way tie for lead in European tour event in Denmark -

FARSO, Denmark (AP) — Ross McGowan slipped into a four-way tie for the lead of the European tour’s Made in HimmerLand after the third round on Saturday.

McGowan led the first two rounds on his own, but four birdies and two bogeys gave him a 2-under-par 69 and 17 under total.

Fellow Englishman Oliver Wilson was at 19 under after 16 holes until consecutive bogeys dropped him into a share of the lead.

A 65 was also posted by another Englishman, Matthew Southgate, who eagled his first hole and birdied the last to join the leaders.

Francesco Laporta of Italy was there with them when he closed with three birdies in his last five holes for a 68.

One shot behind the leaders was Matthew Jordan after carding 62.


More AP golf: and

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Wiikwemkoong citizen promotes lacrosse during Premier Lacrosse League event in Seattle

Wiikwemkoong citizen promotes lacrosse during Premier Lacrosse League event in Seattle

Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory member Wayne Kaboni promoted the Indigenous Lacrosse Association during a weekend of Premier Lacrosse League action in Seattle.

By Sam Laskaris

SEATTLE – Wayne Kaboni finally got an opportunity to promote an association that he co-founded during a weekend of pro field lacrosse games.

Kaboni, a member of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory who now lives in Merritt, B.C., helped launch the Indigenous Lacrosse Association (ILA) in 2018.

The ILA promotes the history of the sport and also advocates to grow the game at the community, provincial, national, and international levels.

The ILA was created following the support it received from the Assembly of First Nations during its annual general assembly in 2018, held in Vancouver that year.

The ILA also recently received another tremendous boost, on Aug. 20 and Aug. 21. That’s because Kaboni had a booth set up in Seattle promoting the association, during weekend action for the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), a professional men’s field lacrosse circuit, which includes many of the sport’s top players.

The PLL, which features eight clubs, has all of its teams travel to different American cities each weekend, from June through September.

League entrants do not represent specific cities. Participating squads are named Whipsnakes, Chrome, Archers, Atlas, Waterdogs, Redwoods, Chaos, and Cannons.

Kaboni said he’s been in contact with PLL officials the past couple of years trying to figure out how he could promote the ILA at one of their weekend events. The original plan was to have an ILA booth at a PLL weekend in 2020.

“COVID kind of changed the trajectory of everything,” Kaboni said, adding the COVID-19 pandemic hindered his ability to travel to the United States. “And we couldn’t cross the border last year.”

Kaboni estimates at least 750 fans dropped by his booth during the PLL stop in Seattle. They were able to learn about the history of the sport and see various types of sticks that have been utilized in the sport over the years.

“We talk about the game,” Kaboni said. “And we let people hold the sticks and tell them about the stickgames.”

Kaboni said wooden sticks, which used to be the norm in lacrosse, were a huge hit for those who visited the ILA booth.

“People got to see some of the wooden sticks,” he said. “Some of them had never seen or held one before.”

Four PLL contests were held during the weekend, two on Saturday and two more on Sunday.

Kaboni said spectators were dropping by the ILA booth throughout the weekend.

“It was steady,” he said. “I went through a box of business cards.”

Kaboni isn’t surprised that the PLL, which was launched in 2019, was keen to include the ILA at one of its weekends.

“Their goal is the same as ours – growing the game,” Kaboni said.

Besides the fact the ILA booth had numerous fans dropping by throughout the weekend, Kaboni said there was another way he was able to determine the association created some interest.

“We had lots of new followers on our Facebook page,” he said. “That’s an indication that it was a success.”

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Labiotech adds conference and event listings

Labiotech adds conference and event listings

In the past few months, has boosted its coverage range to go global, added a podcast, expanded to three weekly newsletters, introduced special monthly newsletters, and now we’ve added another string to our bow – conference and event listings.

The page is designed so visitors can easily jump between months and events. Listings have been arranged by date, and there are sub-sections for the various regions: Europe, the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Africa, and virtual-only events. Each listing has the name of the event, which is also a link, the dates, and location.

Our reasoning behind the page was to provide a new resource for readers to see what’s happening now that we’re trying to re-establish a post-lockdown world. 

Finding all of the conferences, trade shows and other meetings was quite a challenge, and involved a lot of searching, so we figured if we have to spend hours finding events, then our readers will too, so we’ve done our best to add as many as we can to the listings.

Clearly, we won’t get them all. If you know something we’ve missed, please send us the details.

Meeting opportunities

Also, we should point out we aren’t endorsing the events in question, it’s simply a list and a resource. Visitors should check the events carefully to ensure they are relevant. This includes whether there are any restrictions, visa requirements, or if there are any changes, postponements or cancellations.

Of course, we will try our best to update the page frequently, and add new events as they are announced.

We’ve also included a short list of conferences and events Labiotech will be covering. So, if you are attending any of those, and have some breaking news for us, get in touch. We’d be happy to sit down and do an interview about it. Or stand up and do an interview. And if you don’t have any news but just want to meet up and say hello, that’s great, too. As long as it’s not to complain about the podcast…