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WEAVE events explore 3D for intangible heritage and regeneration | Europeana Pro

WEAVE events explore 3D for intangible heritage and regeneration | Europeana Pro

Minoritised communities often feel that their heritage and its meaning is misunderstood or misrepresented in digitised collections, particularly when they do not see themselves represented by official institutions in the member states of the European Union, like the Romani people. Europeana offers a particularly interesting opportunity to address this, as dispersed collections are brought together from different sources, and can form a more complete picture.

WEAVE’s series of 25+ LabDays brought concerned communities and heritage institutions together to understand how institutions can improve their strategies, approaches and workflows to make sure community collections are better collected, described and made visible.  The hope is that the ingredients from each of the LabDays can be sources of inspiration for other organisations and the wider arts and policy sector.

The examples below highlight how 3D modelling tools can prompt users to rethink space within the cultural heritage sector, and also discuss language in relation to bodies, archives and disability. Throughout, we see that the need to bring together people from diverse backgrounds is essential to regeneration.

Brave conversations

Navigating equality, inclusion and diversity themes can bring up dense and hard-to-swallow thoughts and emotions. Organisations, individuals, community members and artists might feel the need to ‘walk on eggshells’ rather than confront issues straight on. However, within WEAVE we wanted to speak respectfully, bravely and candidly about Equality Diversity Inclusion (EDI)-related topics and the emotional labour attached to these conversations. 

As part of this work, in February and March 2022, the Europeana WEAVE event series for cultural heritage professionals gave participants the necessary tools to understand the effects of historical representation of underrepresented communities, and also to reflect on how cultural heritage institutions can support diversity and inclusion and the role of Europeana in this discussion. 

The series created a sustainable capacity building resource for cultural heritage professionals, including videos and a facilitator’s handbook to repeat the workshop in their own community or organisation. The event was supported by a workbook that attendees could use for the entire series, and recap videos are available

Digital annotations for dance 

Dance is central to WEAVE’s work and, along with other types of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), is an important component of our research into 3D modelling. We recently ran an event with the SCHEDAR project, whose team is equally interested in dance and is committed to devising a set of guidelines and frameworks for tools that influence existing intangible cultural heritage motion databases. Both projects aim to facilitate the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage while also ensuring that technology develops in accordance with the needs of key stakeholders.

At a LabDay on this topic, the WEAVE team shared a demonstration of the WEAVE Toolkit, including the MotionNotes annotator and 3D modelling tools, and demonstrated how it can be used to annotate traditional Portuguese folk dance. This was followed by a demonstration on how the MotionNotes tool can be used within 3D modelling environments. Stephen Jürgens, a researcher at Universidade NOVA Lisboa (UNL), and the WEAVE team spoke about co-design sessions with dance experts from PédeXumbo, explaining how UNL’s team entered into dialogue with the Portuguese traditional dance community to inform design elements of the digital annotation tools. 

Dance, archives, disability and able-bodied-ness

Thinking about archives, dance, disability and able-bodied-ness raises several questions in terms of narrative, language and equality. The COVUNI team curated a capacity building event with this in mind, bringing together researchers, artists, activists and practitioners to reflect on the intersections and challenges of archives, dance and disability. Among other topics, the event considered questions around the vocabulary used to talk about disability, dance and archives. 


Produced in collaboration with OneDanceUK, a further capacity building webinar aimed to support UK-based Global Majority dance artists to better understand the current UK fundraising landscape and to discover how to navigate their own narrative of being a Global Majority practitioner when creating a case for support. These ‘Fundraising 101’ training sessions grew directly out of an urgent need expressed by freelance artists and dance companies who have been struggling to sustain themselves in the last five years.

The event aimed to support participants to build confidence and knowledge and, most importantly, join the conversation on how to weave the vital experiences, identities, and expertise of  Global Majority communities into potentially successful funding bids.

Find out more

To find out more about these events and access resources from WEAVE, visit the project website. 

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Despite FIFA bid fallout, Explore Edmonton optimistic on hosting other big events | Watch News Videos Online

Despite FIFA bid fallout, Explore Edmonton optimistic on hosting other big events | Watch News Videos Online

Global News Hour at 6 Edmonton

One day after the FIFA chose to sideline Edmonton, those who spearheaded the World Cup bid are reflecting on the loss while also looking to the future. As Chris Chacon reports, we may not have scored this one, but that won’t stop our city from trying to host big events.

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CU Boulder’s Ed Talks to Explore Political Courage – Community Events

Don’t miss CU Boulder’s Ed Talks, a series of short, engaging talks that address some of today’s most pressing issues in education and beyond.

This virtual event will focus on political courage. What does it mean to act from a place of political courage in these challenging and precarious times when so many aspects of public education and even one’s own identity, humanity, and dignity are under fire? Inspired by TED Talks, these short talks will cover book censorship, gender and sexual diversity in schools, institutional violence, personal and powerful battles for inclusive higher education and STEM opportunities, and more.

The Spring 2022 Ed Talks event will be held virtually, and the event is free and open to the public. Virtual talks will be followed by a live Q&A with the speakers.

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Explore a VA career at upcoming recruiting events – VAntage Point

Explore a VA career at upcoming recruiting events - VAntage Point

With jobs open at VA facilities across the country, our recruiters are hard at work meeting with potential new hires, at both virtual and in-person events.

We’ll be attending:

Join us at one of these events and find out what it means to work at VA, where we value top talent and our employees. Support those who served and enjoy a wealth of benefits, including competitive pay, high-quality insurance plans, generous time off and more.

Connect virtually at AMSUS

First up is a chance to meet our recruiters online at the AMSUS Virtual Annual Meeting from Feb. 22-25.

AMSUS, the Society of Federal Health Professionals, is a nonprofit organization serving VA, Department of Defense and other organizations. It aims to support federal health professionals and their families, and it advocates for advancing and improving health for all Americans.

The annual meeting, which you can register for here, will feature live-streamed plenary and breakout sessions, speakers and Q&A sessions. VA recruiters will be available at virtual booth 5.

Virtual open house

Next, we’ll be hosting a virtual career fair on Wednesday, Feb. 23. Get tailored answers to your specific questions about VA careers through a text chat with one of our recruiters.

We’re searching for those who work in critical care units, including the intensive care unit and the progressive care unit, as well as medical-surgical units, mental health departments and community living centers.

There will be a booth for the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, which is looking for full-time, permanent registered nurses, health technicians and nursing assistants, as well as specialty booths for physician assistants, medical technologists and medical support assistants.

Learn about orthopedic careers at VA

We’ll also be attending the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in Chicago from March 22-26. Stop by our booth and explore how you can grow your orthopedic career at VA.

Register here to join world leaders for five days of innovation, education and networking at this world-renowned conference. AAOS requires that attendees be vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID test.

Explore opportunities for Hispanic physicians

The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) represents the interests of 50,000 Hispanic licensed physicians across the U.S.

The NHMA annual meeting is March 30-April 4 in Crystal City, Virginia, and includes workshops, panels, continuing medical education and networking. Register here to attend.

At VA, we’re committed to ensuring that our staff reflects the diversity of the Veterans that we serve, and we’ll be on hand to discuss physician opportunities at VA.

Consider an executive career

Join VA at the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago from March 28-31. Attend educational and networking sessions and meet our recruiters at the VA booth.

Millions of Veterans count on VA to improve the quality of their lives with exceptional health care. Speak to our recruiters to learn how you can help us deliver on this very important mission with a leadership career at VA.

For your safety, attendees must be fully vaccinated. Make sure to register by March 7 for an early-bird discount.

Explore family physician careers

The Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians welcomes family physicians to register for its Annual Meeting and Exposition, themed “Smarter Together; Stronger Together; BETTER Together.”

The event will be held from March 30-April 4 at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California. Learn and connect through lecture sessions, workshops and a research competition.

Don’t forget to stop by the VA booth and meet our recruiters. They’ll be on hand to chat about how you’ll receive unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the science of medicine and grow as a professional at VA.

Find more information and register for the event here.

Work at VA

Are you ready to take the next step toward a rewarding VA career? Join us at an upcoming event.

Note: Attendance at these events is subject to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.