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Genshin Impact ‘Evermotion Mechanical Painting’ event guide

Genshin Impact ‘Evermotion Mechanical Painting’ event guide

“Evermotion Mechanical Painting” is the latest Genshin Impact event that requires you to solve a quick puzzle to get a handful of Primogems. Our Genshin Impact “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” event guide lists out the solutions for each puzzle.

The basis is simple: you need to place gears in the pegs so the blue gear (which will be spinning) will power up the painting so that the green gear spins. The quest to start the event is in Mondstadt, marked by a gear on your map.

Below, we provide the solutions for the gear puzzles that we used.

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 1 solution

The solution to Mechanical Painting Restoration 1, with two glowing green gears

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 2: Small Gear (lower level)
  • Position 3: none
  • Position 4: Large Gear (lower level)
  • Position 5: none
  • Position 6: Medium Gear (lower level)

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 2 solution

The correct solution to Mechanical Painting 2, with two green gears

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: none
  • Position 2: Small Gear (lower level)
  • Position 3: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 4: none
  • Position 5: none
  • Position 6: Large Gear (upper level)
  • Position 7: Medium Gear (upper level)

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 3 solution

A completed Mechanical Painting with one green gear

  • Position 1: none
  • Position 2: none
  • Position 3: Small Gear (lower level)
  • Position 4: Medium Gear (upper level)
  • Position 5: Large Gear (lower level)
  • Position 6: Duplex Gear (flipped)
  • Position 7: Medium Gear (lower level)

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 4 solution

The correct solution to Mechanical Painting Part 4, with one glowing green gear

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 2: Medium Gear (upper level)
  • Position 3: Large Gear (lower level)
  • Position 4: Large Duplex Gear (flipped)
  • Position 5: none

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 5 solution

The solution for Mechanical Painting 5

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 2: Large Gear (lower level)
  • Position 3: none
  • Position 4: Large Duplex Gear (flipped)
  • Position 5: Duplex Gear (flipped)

Mechanical Painting Part Restoration: 6 solution

The solution for the sixth Mechanical Painting in Genshin Impact

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: none
  • Position 2: none
  • Position 3: Duplex Gear (flipped)
  • Position 4: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 5: Medium Gear (lower level)
  • Position 6: Large Duplex Gear (flipped)
  • Position 7: Large Gear (lower level)

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Finale tile puzzle solution

After completing the six above puzzles, there will be one more puzzle to complete as part of a quest that appears. This one uses tiles rather than gears, and you just have to piece them together as shown below.

A completed finale puzzle in Genshin Impact

Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

  • Position 1: Breeze
  • Position 2: Sky
  • Position 3: Clouds
  • Position 4: Company
  • Position 5: Lonely
  • Position 6: Meadow

Once you do this, you’ll get a handful of Primogems and an Evermotion Mechanical Painting furnishing item for your teapot.

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Milwaukee lakefront events had $3.2M economic impact in July

Milwaukee lakefront events had $3.2M economic impact in July

Major events returning to Milwaukee’s lakefront in July created a significant economic boost for the region, according to Milwaukee County Parks.

The July 3 Fireworks Show, Redbull Flugtag and Milwaukee Air & Water Show, brought in an estimated 153,000 people to the lakefront, with 37% of those visitors coming from outside the county, the parks department said. VISIT Milwaukee found the events generated more than $3.2 million in direct and indirect spending.

“The benefits of parks can’t just be measured in dollars as they bring communities together, improve wellness and protect our environment,” Guy Smith, Milwaukee County Parks executive director, said in a news release.

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According to Milwaukee County Parks, 35% of parks’ 12 million visitors last year were from outside the county – including 12% from outside the state of Wisconsin.

“Our parks have been a major draw for visitors to Milwaukee ever since they were created in the 1890’s, however, public funding for the park system currently only comes from local property taxes,” said Jeremy Lucas, the parks department’s director of administration and planing, in a news release.

Red Bull Flugtag at Milwaukee’s Veterans Park

State aids to local governments, Milwaukee County Parks said, have decreased over the past decade while the costs of services have grown.

Per the parks department, projections show the county needs additional revenue to avoid a fiscal cliff in five years – there will be no funds available to dedicate to services not mandated by the state, like the services provided by the parks department, that help make our region attractive to visitors.

Milwaukee’s lakefront will further boost the local economy this weekend, with the return of the USA Triathlon National Championships on Aug. 6 and 7, which will bring an estimated 6,000 athletes and $6.2 million in economic impact to the region.

U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly in the 2022 Milwaukee Air & Water Show

Statement from Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley:

“Our Parks department is doing fantastic work with few resources to make sure our lakefront, trails, and neighborhood parks remain an accessible amenity for all of our residents. But, it is important to note that Milwaukee County government doesn’t have the tools to retain a portion of the economic activity we see when large events like this happen and reinvest those funds in important priorities like helping our Parks Department serve residents.

“County amenities like our parks are what attract large-scale events that generate millions in revenue. That’s why we continue to work with our regional partners and partners at the State to explore how we can retain a portion of our economic activity here and reinvest those funds in meeting basic community needs. The economic health of our region, the jobs located here, are incumbent on a successful Milwaukee. This is a solution not only for Milwaukee County, but our surrounding counties as well.”  

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Impact of chronic hepatitis on cardiovascular events among type 2 diabetes patients in Taiwan pay-for-performance program – Scientific Reports

Research subjects

Patients with T2DM who joined the P4P from 2008 to 2010 were enrolled. Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of T2DM were defined as those who were hospitalized at least once or came in for outpatient visits at least three times within 1 year and had a primary or secondary diagnosis International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code “250,” “250.00,” or “250.02”38,39. Among them, patients with type 1 DM “250.x1” * or “250.x3;” gestational DM “648.0” or “648.8;” neonatal DM “775.1;” abnormal glucose tolerance test “790.2;” age < 20 years or > 100 years; and those who died within 1 year of joining P4P were excluded. Finally, 283,793 patients were included (Fig. 1). Based on the status of comorbid chronic hepatitis at enrollment, the patients were divided into four groups: no comorbid chronic hepatitis, named as “No chronic hepatitis”; comorbid liver B, named as “Hepatitis B” group; comorbid liver, named as “Hepatitis C” group; patients without viral hepatitis and with comorbid fatty liver were named as the “Fatty liver disease” group and were followed-up until the end of 2017. The “no comorbid chronic hepatitis” group was used as the reference group to analyze the correlation between different types of chronic hepatitis and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Figure 1
figure 1

Flowchart for study subject selection. DM diabetes mellitus, P4P pay-for-performance, HBV hepatitis B virus, HCV hepatitis C virus.

Ethics statements

The National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) is derived from Taiwan’s mandatory National Health Insurance program was established by the National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare and maintained by the National Health Research Institute (NHRI). The patient identifications in the National Health Insurance Research Database have been scrambled and de-identified by the Taiwan government, and the database is commonly used for different types of research such as in medical, and public health fields. Thus, informed consent was waived by the Research Ethics Committee of the China Medical University, and the study protocol was approved by the research ethics committee of China Medical University and Hospital (IRB number: CMUH106-REC3-153) and was conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.

Data sources

This retrospective cohort study analyzed data from the National Health Insurance Research Database of the “Applied Health Research Data Integration Service from National Health Insurance Administration”. The data included outpatient prescriptions and treatments, outpatient prescriptions and medical orders, inpatient medical expense lists, inpatient medical expense and medical order lists, insurance details of persons, major injury and illness, medical institution master files, diagnosis, and P4P education records.

Definitions of variables

Hepatitis B: Those with ICD-9 070.2, 070.20, 070.21, 070.22, 070.23, 070.3070.31, 070.32, or 070.33 or ICD-10 B16, B17.0, B18.0, B18.1, or B19.1 as the primary and secondary diagnosis during two outpatient visits or one hospitalization within 365 days of study enrollment.

Hepatitis C: Those with ICD-9 070.41, 070.44, 070.51, or V02.62 or ICD-10 B17.10, B17.11, B18.2, B19.20, B19.21, or Z22.52 as the primary and secondary diagnosis during two outpatient visits or one hospitalization within 365 days of study enrollment.

NAFLD: Those with ICD-9 571.8, 571.9, or ICD-10 K74.4, K74.5, K74.60, K74.69, K76.0, K76.9, etc. as the primary and secondary diagnosis during two outpatient visits or one hospitalization within 365 days of study enrollment, and without the occurrence of a hepatitis B or C code, for whom the first hospital visit within 365 days was defined as the date of diagnosis. Patients with concurrent viral hepatitis and NAFLD were classified as having viral hepatitis.

Age-based categorization included 20–39, 40–54, 55–64, 65–74, and ≥ 75 years age groups. Monthly salary was divided into five grades, namely ≤ NTD 17,280, NTD 17,281–22,800, NTD 22,801–36,300, NTD 36,301–45,800, and ≥ NTD 45,801. Charlson comorbidity index was divided into 0, 1, 2, and ≥ 3 after excluding scores correlated with independent or dependent variables40.

The diabetes complications severity index (DCSI) was scored as 0, 1, and ≥ 2 points. The DCSI was calculated based on the classification and scoring method proposed by Young et al. If the patient had no complication, the score would be 0; for each complication, 1 point would be added; if the complication was serious, 2 points would be added. Based on this calculation method, the maximum score was 13 points41.

Cardiovascular disease: Those with ICD-9 398.91, 402.xx, 404.xx, 410.xx–414.xx, 422.xx, 425.xx or 428.xx, or ICD-10 I09.81, I11, I13, I20–I22, I24, I25, I40–I43, I50, R09.89, etc. as the primary and secondary diagnosis during two outpatient visits or one hospitalization within 365 days of study enrollment42.

Calculation of the coefficient of variation (CV% = standard deviation/mean) of HbA1c and fasting blood glucose: All measurements in the first year were used, and if the measurements were taken less than four times in the first year, measurements taken up to the second year were included. If measurements were taken less than four times in the 2 years, the patient would be excluded.

Adjusted CV = CV/√ (n/n − 1): When the examination data were limited, the examination times would affect the result of the CV. In this case, a relatively correct result of the CV with a reduced effect of the examination times could be obtained by correcting the examination times.

Analytical methods

Descriptive and inferential statistics were carried out according to the research objectives and framework. All research tests were based on a significance level of α = 0.05, and all statistical analyses were conducted using SAS software for Windows, version 9.4 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA). Descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, average, and standard deviation were used to describe the dependent and independent variables to be investigated in this study. This study adopted descriptive statistics to present the demographic characteristics, status of comorbidities, blood biochemical indicators, health status, economic factors, and medical care provider characteristics of patients with diabetes. The incidence of cardiovascular disease in patients with T2DM with chronic hepatitis per 1000 person-years was tested using univariate Poisson regression. The relative risks of cardiovascular disease in the four groups were calculated using a Cox proportional hazards model.

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European Karate Federation meets to discuss impact of major events

The European Karate Federation discussed the impact of its events ©WKF

Keep Olympic News Free

Support for as little as £10

For nearly 15 years now, has been at the forefront of reporting fearlessly on what happens in the Olympic Movement. As the first website not to be placed behind a paywall, we have made news about the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and other major events more accessible than ever to everybody. has established a global reputation for the excellence of its reporting and breadth of its coverage. For many of our readers from more than 200 countries and territories around the world the website is a vital part of their daily lives. The ping of our free daily email alert, sent every morning at 6.30am UK time 365 days a year, landing in their inbox, is as a familiar part of their day as their first cup of coffee.

Even during the worst times of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintained its high standard of reporting on all the news from around the globe on a daily basis. We were the first publication in the world to signal the threat that the Olympic Movement faced from the coronavirus and have provided unparalleled coverage of the pandemic since. 

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID crisis, would like to invite you to help us on our journey by funding our independent journalism. Your vital support would mean we can continue to report so comprehensively on the Olympic Movement and the events that shape it. It would mean we can keep our website open for everyone. Last year, nearly 25 million people read, making us by far the biggest source of independent news on what is happening in world sport. 

Every contribution, however big or small, will help maintain and improve our worldwide coverage in the year ahead. Our small and dedicated team were extremely busy last year covering the re-arranged Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, an unprecedented logistical challenge that stretched our tight resources to the limit. 

The remainder of 2022 is not going to be any less busy, or less challenging. We had the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, where we sent a team of four reporters, and coming up are the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the Summer World University and Asian Games in China, the World Games in Alabama and multiple World Championships. Plus, of course, there is the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Unlike many others, is available for everyone to read, regardless of what they can afford to pay. We do this because we believe that sport belongs to everybody, and everybody should be able to read information regardless of their financial situation. While others try to benefit financially from information, we are committed to sharing it with as many people as possible. The greater the number of people that can keep up to date with global events, and understand their impact, the more sport will be forced to be transparent.

Support for as little as £10 – it only takes a minute. If you can, please consider supporting us with a regular amount each month. Thank you.

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Genshin Impact ‘End of the Line’ event quest puzzle walkthrough

Genshin Impact ‘End of the Line’ event quest puzzle walkthrough

The last part of the Perilous Trail Genshin Impact event places you in a confusing time-based domain, “The Realm of Snaring Illusions”, where you have to solve a puzzle with the Fantastic Compass to continue. Our Genshin ImpactEnd of the Line” walkthrough explains the steps to complete this domain easily.

This domain will force you to fight as Yanfei, Yelan, and Xiao, so don’t worry too much about which characters your bring in.

Once you watch the event cutscene, you’ll be tasked with entering a domain that is marked on your map. Head into it and you’ll be placed in a new area as Yanfei. From there, just complete the steps below:

  1. Beat the two waves of enemies as Yanfei.
  2. Once they’re beaten, destroy the tree sprout next to the half-buried compass. Interact with the compass to move the needle forward.
  3. Head through the gate and beat up the next set of enemies as both Yelan and Yanfei.
  4. Interact with the switch behind the compass (pictured below).
  5. Move the needle forward so it’s pointing as far right as it can.
  6. Head through the gate again and fight the enemy as Xiao. Attack the purple shroud with eyes to move on.
  7. Get rid of the spider and web that is now blocking the cave you opened in step four.
  8. Using the compass inside the cave, move the needle backward so it’s pointing all the way to the left.
  9. Head through the gate again.
  10. The compass will now be fully uncovered. Move the needle forward so it’s pointing at the bottom right symbol.
  11. Run through the gate one last time.

Zhongli stands in front of a switch that’s closing a gate

Interact with this switch in step four to continue the puzzle.
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

After you’re done with this, a long cutscene will play out featuring the Traveler and the rest of the gang, and you can then claim Primogems and other rewards through the event menu.

Once you clear this, you can also do Yelan’s story quest, “Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I – Calculated Gambit.”

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Genshin Impact 2.7: Release date, all new characters and events

Genshin Impact 2.7: Release date, all new characters and events

Genshin Impact version 2.7 – Hidden Dreams in the Depths – will be arriving in only a matter of days. Arriving following a significant setback, it promises to be an important milestone for the game’s narrative, as well as a key moment in the year for playersl booking to grab some new characters, play the exciting new events, and snatch some primo gems while they’re at it.

As such, we’ve written up this short guide that’ll answer when the Genshin Impact version 2.7 is coming out, what to expect from the version 2.7 wish banners, and what events are coming in Genshin Impact version 2.7.

Watch the version 2.7 trailer for a brief overview of everything you can expect.

When is the Genshin Impact 2.7 release date?

The Chasm at night, where version 2.7 of Genshin Impact will take place.
It’s only a matter of time before we head back down into The Chasm

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 releases May 31. For exact version 2.7 release times, you can refer below for US and EU time zones:

  • 31 May at 5AM PST
  • 31 May at 8AM EST
  • 31 May at 12PM BST
  • 31 May at 1PM CET

The update is set to go live after approximately five hours of maintenance, although these updates usually are available slightly ahead of schedule so it’s worth checking back in with the game during the wait period to see if you can sneak in early.

Version 2.7 is set to last six weeks in total, split into two phases that are each three weeks long, at which point version 2.8 will be going live.

What are the Genshin 2.7 banner characters and weapons?

Yelan should be your Number one priority as soon as you jump into version 2.7

With the launch of Genshin Impact version 2.7, we’re set to get two new characters through their own banners, two returning five stars running alongside them through reruns, and a new five star weapon appearing in the update’s weapon banner. Each phase is set to last around 3 weeks, so you’ll want to hurry and pick up the specific characters you want from this update.

Yelan, the new five star hydro archer, is set to go live in the Discerner of Enigmas Banner during phase one of the update. They’re coming alongside Xiao, a returning five star anemo DPS character, who will be featured in their own rerun banner in phase 1.

In Phase 2, Kuki Shinobu is a four star electro support character that’ll be receiving a massive boost in drop chance in the Oni’s Royale Banner. Who’s the five star of that banner? Well it’s Arataki Itto of course! The five star geo DPS will be taking centre stage in the banner alongside Kuki.

The new weapon in version 2.7 is the Aqua Simulacra. It’s a five star bow that’s sure to go great with Yelan, and is up for grabs across the whole of version 2.7.

What are the Genshin 2.7 events?

There are four events coming in version 2.7, each spread out across the six weeks the update is live!

Realms of Guile and War is a crucial part of the update, as it’s tied directly to the main quest in this update – Perilous Trail. In it, you’ll have to head back to The Chasm to uncover fight whatever is hidden down there to earn upgrade materials, primo gems, a crown of insight, and the Fading Twilight bow which is unique to this update.

The perilous trail event in Genshin Impact version 2.7
This event is practically mandatory for anyone diving into the new update.

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure is also set to go live, and has the player clean up some corrupting muck down in The Chasm. Using a spike that’ll work away at clearing the area and removing buffs from enemies, you’ll have to either protect it in a standard defence mission, escort it in a balloon, or take on a high-score combat challenge!

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure event detail sheet for Genshin Impact version 2.7
This PvE event will force you to get your hands dirty if you want to nab those rewards.

The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival is probably the most exciting of all the upcoming updates, as it has you progress through a series of music tracks using a special drum from Arataki Itto himself. Think of it like a smaller, limited version of Rock Band coming to Genshin Impact during the 2.7 update.

Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival fact sheet for Genshin Impact version 2.7
Likely one of the standout additions coming to the update. Make some noise!

Once you’ve progressed through this event, you can event create your own music tracks that you can share with other players! Jump on this before it’s gone.

Finally, we’ve got Core of the Apparatus. This has you building robots through three stages, and rewards you with one of a variety of unique robots that can be placed in your serenitea pot once you’re done. One for the housemakers, for sure.

The core of the aparatus event in Genshin Impact version 2.7
Who doesn’t need some automated help around the house?

If you’re looking for further information on the new characters or the update itself, check out our recap of the Genshin Impact version 2.7 livestream.

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Impact XM to Connect Event & Experiential Marketers From Top Global Technology Brands at Rethink: Technology 2022

Impact XM to Connect Event & Experiential Marketers From Top Global Technology Brands at Rethink: Technology 2022

Leading Event and Experiential Marketing Agency Focuses on Emerging Technology Trends and How They Will Impact Events at Upcoming Rethink Conference

DAYTON, N.J., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After more than 15 successful Rethink conferences, Impact XM is proud to host Rethink: Technology 2022, an industry-focused event on Thursday, June 2. In partnership with virtual and hybrid event platform MeetingPlay, this virtual, one-day event will welcome over 100 event and experiential marketers from some of the top global technology brands. Attendees will learn the latest insights focused on the unique marketing challenges in the ever-evolving technology industry to amplify their brand experiences in the years to come.

“We are thrilled to expand our Rethink conferences into more vertical-focused events to benefit our clients on a more individualized level. Technology plays a vital role in the success of any event, from concept to creation, and with Rethink: Technology, we are able to create a space for experts to come together to discuss the latest technology trends and how they will impact the future of events,” said Impact XM CEO Jared Pollacco.

To start off Rethink: Technology 2022, Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Communications, Oversight Board for Meta will take attendees on a deep dive into the key technological trends of the next 10-20 years and what they mean for brands and organizations. Formerly, Dex was the Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications at Facebook and Executive Speechwriter at Google.

With the theme for this year’s event as Explorations in the Event-Verse, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the industry’s top technology experts in breakout sessions dedicated to discussing a handful of topics, including:

  • Creative Curiosity
    • What organizations can do today to strengthen their brand story.
  • Ownable Experience
    • How the latest experiential technology and trends can help amplify brand experiences.
  • Personalized Intelligence
    • How to understand the tools needed to elevate interactions with customers and boost marketing strategies.

The closing segment of Rethink: Technology 2022 will be featuring The State of the Show, revealing key trends from CES, MWC and SXSW followed by a panel of experts discussing their observations of the evolving trends in events, and what they’re expecting for the second half of 2022 and beyond. 

If you are interested in learning more about Rethink: Technology, visit If you would like to attend the event, register at

About Impact XM
Impact XM is a global event and experiential marketing agency with almost 50 years of experience creating events, meetings, conferences, exhibits, environments, digital engagements, and consumer activations to connect clients’ target audiences with their brands. Trusted by some of the world’s most respected organizations, Impact XM has been recognized for insightful strategy, brilliant creative, smart fulfillment, and purposeful metrics. Impact XM clients operate across a variety of industries, including the Healthcare, Technology, and Industrial sectors. Headquartered in New Jersey, Impact XM maintains locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Zurich, Switzerland. More information can be found at

Charisse Barnachea
[email protected] 


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GPJ India ties up with ENSYDE to reduce environmental impact of events

GPJ India Ties up with ENSYDE

May 23, 2022 11:54 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 23 (ANI/NewsVoir): George P Johnson Experience Marketing (GPJ), India, the country’s leading global experience marketing agency, today announced their strategic partnership with Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE), aimed towards driving greener events and experiences.
Sustainability is no more a wishful thinking or a good-to-have, but a necessity if we want to leave this world a better place for generations to come. As one of the pioneers in the experience marketing industry, GPJ India is poised to lead and create lasting change in the sustainability of live, digital and hybrid events and experiences.
In a kickstarter event held this year on International Women’s Day, the women of GPJ India, supported by the rest of their colleagues, took a pledge to actively implement sustainable environment practices in-house and in all external experiences they execute on behalf of clients. This commitment is in line with the United Nations Theme for 2022Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow“.
On the occasion of this partnership, GPJ India’s Managing Director, Rasheed Sait said, “The environmental footprint that stems out of post-event wastage has been a cause for concern. While we have been adopting greener and sustainable practices, we felt it’s time to do something that’s meaningful and leaves a bigger impact. I look forward to our partnership with ENSYDE and I believe that together, we can make a difference not just at GPJ’s offices and events but make the entire event industry aware of the need for a greener and sustainable tomorrow.”
“Creating change from within is key to making organisations sustainable. ENSYDE is excited to be a part of this journey with GPJ India, who have been pioneers in the event industry. We believe that with the committed team at GPJ, there is going to be a huge and visible change in practices that impact the environment. ENSYDE‘s experience for the last 30 years in helping organisations reduce their environmental footprint, will help define the “green” way forward for the event industry,” said Manvel Alur, CEO & Founder of ENSYDE.
The GPJ India management firmly believes that every individual and collective action can have a positive impact on our environment, and decided to set an agenda for change. With the help of Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE), who have been working on reducing the environmental footprint through awareness and action for 3 decades now, GPJ India has already set this agenda in motion.
Within the next year, GPJ India will

-Reduce environmental footprint within the company by optimizing simple day-to-day practices of resource use within the office;
-Take eight (8) key employee-initiated environment improvement ideas to fruition;
-Evaluate and reduce the environmental footprint of experiences planned/conducted by GPJ;
-Implement simple environment sustainable practices in the home of every employee;
-Create a playbook for easy reckoning that other players in the experience and events ecosystem can leverage; to drive sustainability at large.
George P Johnson Experience Marketing Pvt Ltd, India is a strategy-led, creative-driven and technology-powered experience marketing agency. With a legacy of 108 years, GPJ began its India chapter in 2002, under the able leadership of Rasheed Sait, a veteran in the marketing ecosystem. Over the last 20 years, GPJ India has evolved into a full-service agency, often pioneering and leading the change in the industry. GPJ India has produced over 10,000 virtual, hybrid and live experiences for hundreds of blue-chip organizations.
Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE) is an organisation with an aim to reduce the environmental footprint of organizations, establishments and institutions in India. Established in 2003 as a consultancy organization and registered as a Trust in 2016 to continue its service towards conservation and betterment of the environment, ENSYDE strongly believes in breaking barriers to environmental sustainability in the interface areas of energy, water and waste.
To stay updated on this initiative follow GPJ India on LinkedIn. If you’d like to drive sustainable experiences for your customers and employees, please write to
This story is provided by NewsVoir. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/NewsVoir)

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Banks should be watchful of economic impact of risk events: RBI Deputy Governor Jain

Banks should be watchful of economic impact of risk events: RBI Deputy Governor Jain

Individual financial institutions, especially banks, should be watchful of the economic impact of risk events such as theCovid-19 pandemic and potential economic disruption due to geo-political events in Europe, and take adequate measures to maintain their resilience, according to Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor MK Jain.

The Deputy Governor observed that the nature and frequency of risks faced by the financial system today are unparalleled and unpredictable.

“In this regard, it is important to recognise the inter-linkages between quality of governance and resilience of financial institutions.

“Even as high quality governance enhances resilience, poor corporate governance is a source of risk to financial institutions and the financial system,” Jain said in his keynote address at CAFRAL.

He observed that effective internal defences will help in building organisations that are strong, resilient, disciplined and enjoy the benefits of sustained growth and customer confidence.

It will also pre-empt supervisory action and the attendant reputational risks that arise in case transgressions are detected.

He underscored the importance of governance structures and practices in the banks, which should prioritise protection of the interest of their depositors.

Banks enjoy high leverage as they can raise a substantial amount of uncollateralised deposits, and perform the function of liquidity and maturity transformation, he said.

RBI’s assessment and findings

In recent years, RBI’s assessment of oversight and assurance functions has received greater focus given their importance in addressing the root cause of problems.

The common weaknesses in oversight and assurance functions include failure / delay in detection and reporting of non-compliance, persisting sub-par compliance, deficiencies in compliance testing with respect to inadequate coverage and limited transaction testing, persisting irregularities due to non-addressing of root causes and not ensuring sustainability of compliance.

Further, the compliance operation was often found to be inadequately staffed and the quality of staff was also found be wanting.

Risk management

On the risk management front, the central bank found a disconnect between the Risk Appetite Framework as approved by the board and actual business strategy and decision making, weak risk culture which was amplified by the absence of guidance from the senior management, improper risk assessment, repeated exceptions to risk policies, conflict of interest, especially in related party transactions, and absence or faulty enterprise-wide risk management.

Operational risk was seen to be high on account of people risk, elevated IT and technology risk, and high outsourcing risks, Jain said.

On the internal audit front, RBI found the audit process unable to capture irregularities, certain areas were not covered under the scope of audit, and compliance and audit were not collaborating with each other.

It came across lack of ownership and accountability, inadequate review of practices that require alignment to address the interests of all stakeholders, and non-compliance/ delay in compliance with audit observations .

Supervisory expectations

The Deputy Governor observed that oversight and assurance functions have a key role in value creation for a financial institution, strengthening public confidence, preserving and enhancing its reputation, and maintaining the integrity of its business and management.

“The board should engage with the oversight and assurance functions and assure them of direct and unfettered access.

“The “tone from the top” would set the pace for a sound organisation culture that values honesty and integrity,” he said.

Jain emphasised that appointment and removal of heads of oversight and assurance functions should have stringent barriers and they must be independent of executive management.

Assurance functionaries should not perform tasks on which they are required to take a view independent of the risk takers.

Weaknesses and irregularities recurring

On the recurrence of weaknesses and irregularities, the Deputy Governor said: “My expectation from the banks is that they make serious efforts towards overall improvement and sustainability in their compliance.”

Jain noted that the quality of deliberations, the level of challenge provided to executive management, and the time allocated to important agenda items is often inadequate.

‘The board members should focus on strategic and important matters… Many times, a large number of agenda items are included, including table items, which do not allow for proper evaluation of proposals. The board also needs to work in a cohesive manner,” he said.


Jain underscored the need for the board to start looking at cyber risk as an enterprise-wide risk management issue, rather than a pure IT security issue, owing to its firm-wide implications.

Adequate investments in technology should be ensured.

“In its role of oversight, the board needs to oversee the overall cybersecurity management, including appropriate risk mitigation strategies, systems, processes, and controls.

“Whether the institution has the appropriate skills, resources, and approaches in place to minimise cyber risk and mitigate any damage that may occur also needs to be seen,” the Deputy Governor said.

It is important to ensure that financial institutions are board-driven and do not end up being dominated by individuals. Experience has shown that this leads to undesirable consequences, he added.

While regulations are in place to check improper Related Party Transactions, including their disclosure, it is important that the Board and Audit Committee exercise close oversight over such matters and get satisfactory assurances.

Published on

March 29, 2022