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Impending Freedom Convoy event in Kingston not supported by Indigenous community

Kingston Police Cruiser by Lake

Release Date: June 20, 2022


Police have become aware of an organized freedom rally group descending on the City of Kingston today and tomorrow for an “event” in our community. This event has been organized by members directly and indirectly involved in previous protests held in Ottawa earlier this year and involves an undisclosed number of individuals travelling from as far as British Columbia and Alberta to participate.


Police have become aware that event organizers are reportedly travelling to the Kingston area to participate in a gathering to celebrate the Summer Solstice with a ceremonial sacred fire in recognition of noted Indigenous significance, on what will be National Indigenous Peoples Day. The Summer Solstice, which is held on June 21st, is the longest day of the year and throughout history and across continents, has been a time for Indigenous cultural celebration.


A “sacred fire ceremony” has been planned at an undisclosed location in the Kingston area by freedom event organizers however, after reaching out to Kingston’s Indigenous community members, police have ascertained that they have no awareness of this planned event nor did they invite this group of individuals to attend their own planned ceremonies.


As a result of learning this information, Kingston’s Indigenous community, out of an abundance of caution, did not follow through with weekend ceremonies leading up to June 21st, and expressed some concern for how this group will affect their planned celebrations for National Indigenous Peoples Day. Police have assured the local Indigenous community that all measures will be taken to ensure that local celebrations are not disrupted.


Kingston Police wishes to assure the community that they are working with external policing partners and local resources will be in place to respond to this organized event and will address all safety issues that may arise as a result.