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Hunky Jesus, Foxy Mary Competitions Will Return As In-Person Events for Easter Sunday This Year

Hunky Jesus, Foxy Mary Competitions Will Return As In-Person Events for Easter Sunday This Year

The pandemic forced the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to move their Easter festivities away from Dolores Park… and onto the internet. But for the first time in two years, the Sisters are expected to bring their Easter Sunday shenanigans back to the Mission District park on April 17.

Easter in San Francisco is celebrated quite a bit differently than any other part of the country. Sure, there are traditional holiday tropes to partake in — there’s never a shortage of midnight masses to attend; we’re sure this year will also see groups of children search for Easter eggs in family-friendly events across the seven-by-seven — but the crowning jewel of SF’s left-of-center Easter Sunday celebrations is the one hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Dolores Park, which pedestals heaps of queer frivolity.

And nowhere during the day’s happenings is that more evident than when the Sisters put on their Hunky Jesus and Foxy Mary competitions — which, for the first time since 2019, will be held IRL this upcoming Easter weekend.

“The Sisters will be back to Dolores Park for their traditional Easter Celebration in 2022,” reads a Facebook announcement about the update. Aptly called the “Sister’s Easter: Back to Old Habits!,” the mid-April party will see the event celebrated in a true return to form that will also include an in-person Hunky Jesus contest. Though the Foxy Mary contest wasn’t announced on the Facebook page, it was, however, included in a Tweet sharing the news that the Sister’s would take over Dolores Park again this Easter Sunday.

“More information” will be announced soon, but rest assured it appears Dolores Park will again be alive with untraditional extravaganzas come April 17.

For a trip down memory lane, revisit our coverage of 2019’s in-person Hunky Jesus contest.

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Photo: “Baby Jesus” winning the Hunky Jesus contest in 2015. (Courtesy of Twitter via @babiedboi)