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Laugh Dot Events Announces “15 Minute Laugh Breaks,” Empowering Companies to Encourage Employees Happiness and Productivity

Laugh Dot Events Announces "15 Minute Laugh Breaks," Empowering Companies to Encourage Employees Happiness and Productivity

Laugh Breaks are 15 minute comedy shows that are offered in quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly intervals as a way for virtual and hybrid workplaces to take a break from their workday to laugh with their co-workers. These minutes can be used for company, department, or team-wide meetings, or saved up to use for longer events throughout the holiday season or end of quarter celebration.

Founder Kevin Hubschmann says companies are excited about the length of time. “15 minutes has been the perfect amount of time for a mindless laugh because any longer can feel like too long away from their work responsibilities,” says Hubschmann. “Everyone has 15 minutes to spare in their day.”

So, why laugh in the middle of the work day? Laugh.Events’s advisor, Dr. Natalie Christine Dattilo, Ph.D., says it can help create a more positive association with work itself. “If you expose your team to laughter first, and then have a meeting, the meeting might still be experienced as stressful to the participants, but their bodies will be reacting differently,” says Dr. Dattilo, a Clinical & Health Psychologist and Instructor at Harvard Medical School. “The endorphins and the feel-good chemicals that are released during bursts and bouts of laughter attenuate the effect of stress on the body, lessening the damaging effects of cortisol when that is released.”

If you’re interested in booking a Laugh Break to help improve your team’s mental health and work experience, you can find out more at

SOURCE Laugh Dot Inc.