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Classic WoW: The Lore Of The Lich King: 7 Historic Events That Led Arthas To Northrend

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The history of Azeroth goes back a long time, before the MMORPG even existed, to a time when Warcraft III was a standalone and making games for phones was unthinkable. The Classic side of World of Warcraft is taking players back to that earlier time when the lore of the old 1990s games evolved into the backstory for the modern multiplayer universe.

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With the Wrath of the Lich King slated for a late September release, there’s renewed interest in this part of history. This timeline involves the fall of the Kingdom of Lordaeron and the path of Arthas Menethil from his ancestral family home to the wastelands of Northrend.

To put the timeline in perspective, most of the following events take place during the era of Warcraft III, and many are playable campaigns within the old game and locations that players can see in the new one. The World of Warcraft started about three years after Arthas donned the Helm of Domination and ascended to the Frozen Throne.


7 Ner’zhul, The First Lich King

Ner’zhul held an honored place as Chieftain and Elder of the Shadowmoon Clan, compassion for the wandering Gul’dan that was his undoing. The orc Gul’dan was an agent of Kil’jadeen, and the demon used his disciple to twist the Shadowmoon Clan and their leader to evil purposes. He appears as one of the main antagonists in the Warcraft II expansion, Beyond the Dark Portal and re-emerges as part of the malevolent forces in the next game.

Ner’zhul was instrumental to the forces of the Legion in the Second War and opened several portals to other worlds before his mortal form was destroyed and turned into the first Lich King. Later, during the Third War, he would compel Arthas to travel north to become his right hand and eventually take his place.

6 Kel’Thuzad And The Scourge

It was not just Arthas Menethil that was drawn to Icecrown Citadel by a faint but compelling voice. A wandering mage of the Kirin Tor, exiled to the frozen wastes because of his interest in Necromancy, Kel’Thuzad also answered the call of the Lich King.

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He was there years before Arthas and helped pave his way north through the Kingdom of Lordaeron before becoming a close ally. His achievements included founding the Cult of the Damned and keeping the forces of the Argent Dawn and Scarlet Crusade in check. After Arthas became the Lich King, Kel’Thuzad was left in the tattered remains of the Kingdom of Lordaeron in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, to rule as the final boss in the floating ziggurat Naxxramus.

5 The Cult Of The Damned

Arthas thought he spent most of his time fighting the Cult of the Damned, and it took at least one campaign playthrough to find out that there were much darker and more powerful forces at work. These weren’t just a random group of scattered fanatics but an organized group working for the Lich King, and the tasks they carried out were the beginning of the Prince’s military campaigns.

Their most successful project was the distribution of infected grain throughout the kingdom, and even though this was mostly halted after the Culling of Stratholme, the price was worth it from their viewpoint. Prince Arthas had given his soul to evil, and his path would continue into cruelty and madness.

4 The Culling Of Stratholme

Players and loremasters alike mark this event as the beginning of the end for Arthas. It was a desperate and ultimately successful act to end the undead plague that had been started by infected grain, spread and shipped by the Cult of the Damned, but it signified the ruthless nature of the prince and his potential for evil.

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This was one of the events that started the Third War and set the heir of the Menethil family on a path alone. The leaders of the other factions, including those of Jaina Proudmoore, refused to support this venture or anything else he did after this.

3 The King Of Lordaeron

The vast courtyards of Lordaeron are quiet now, and not even the present denizens of Undercity deep below dare to disturb the voices that still whisper here. For those that want to hear them, go into the Sound settings and turn the ambient sound all the way up and the music all the way down, and stand in the throne room.​​​​​​​

The voices you hear are those of Arthas and his father at this crucial moment, still echoing with the horror of the old king’s betrayal at the hands of his son. Arthas did rule as king of Lordaeron for a brief time, but only as a puppet of the Scourge and the Legion, allowing them to take over the kingdom.

2 Called To Northrend

Arthas had already visited Northrend and taken up Frostmourne when he returned to Lordaeron to take his place as King. By the time he was called back, this time never to return, most of the survivors of both the kingdom and the city of Lordaeron had fled as refugees to Stormwind, Alterac, Kalimdor, or various outposts of the Argent Dawn or Scarlet Crusade.

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In Arthas’ absence, Sylvanas Windrunner took the city in the name of the Forsaken, and his path home was closed permanently. He had been called to defend the Lich King from attacks by Illidan Stormrage and his naga minions, and it was only because of Ner’zhul’s help that he was able to defeat Sylvanus and escape to Northrend.

1 The Defeat Of Illidan

Also known as the Betrayer, Illidan Stormrage has a habit of “pretending” to be a bad guy only to claim he was just faking it the whole time. In this instance, he only agreed to destroy the Lich King for Kil’jaeden to get on the demon lord’s good side and learn the deepest secrets of the Burning Legion.

The fight was one of the closest in Azerothian history, between two of its most infamous NPCs, and ended with Arthas victorious. It was after this fight that he ascended the highest tower of Ice Crown Citadel and donned the Helm of Domination, joining with the spirit of Ner’Zhul and becoming the Lich King.

World of Warcraft is currently available on PC.

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Event Management Platform Market Worth $60Bn by 2028 at 11.5% CAGR Led by Cloud-based Deployment (74.6% Market Share in 2021), Global Analysis (18+ Countries, 5 Key Regions, 50+ Companies) by The Insight Partners

Event Management Platform Market Worth $60Bn by 2028 at 11.5% CAGR Led by Cloud-based Deployment (74.6% Market Share in 2021), Global Analysis (18+ Countries, 5 Key Regions, 50+ Companies) by The Insight Partners

New York, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Insight Partners published latest research study on “Event Management Platform Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Component [Hardware (Physical and Hybrid Check-in), Software, and Services (Professional Services, Managed Services)], Deployment (On Premise and Cloud-based), Application (Event Planning, Event Registration and Ticketing, Event Marketing, Content Management, Networking Management, Analytics and Reporting, Audience Management and Communication, Visitor Management, Venue Management, Virtual Lobby Management, and Others  ), End User (Trade Show Organizers, Event Management Agencies, Corporates, Academics, Organizations, Associations/Non-profitable Trusts/Government Bodies, and Others)”, based on component, the market is segmented into hardware, software, and services. The software segment led the market with the largest market share in 2021.

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Event Management Platform Market: Competitive Landscape and Key Developments
ACTIVE Network, LLC; BigMarker; Aventri, Inc.; Bizzabo; Swapcard; Goldcast; WebEx Events; PheedLoop Inc.; Zuddl; and Airmeet are among the key players profiled during the study of the global event management platform market. In addition, several other essential market players were studied and analyzed to get a holistic view of the event management platform market and its ecosystem.

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In May 2022, ACTIVE Network and accesso entered into a strategic partnership to extend the reach of the company’s solutions to the ski industry. This partnership would allow ACTIVE Network to access the e-commerce ticketing suite of accesso, and the clients of accesso would get an option for real-time transport protocol (RTP).

In January 2022, Aventri merged with MeetingPlay, an innovative solution provider for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The new event software powerhouse would combine the strengths of both companies to offer a complete full-service solution for meetings and events.

The major stakeholders in the global event management platform market ecosystem include event management platform hardware/software/service providers, system integrators, and end users. With the rising demand for event management platform solutions for event planning, event registration and ticketing, event marketing, content management, networking management, analytics and reporting, audience engagement and communication, visitor management, venue management, virtual lobby management across the globe, the event management platform providers are also experiencing sustainable growth opportunities.

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The major end users of the event management platform market include trade show organizers, event management agencies, corporates, academic, organizations, associations/non-profitable trusts/government bodies, and others. Among end users, the event management agencies segment to have the highest share. Event management agencies help organizations develop and plan events for their clients. The events include creating effective invitations, managing registrations, organizing housing and travel preferences, collecting online payments, and viewing reports in actual time.

Event Management Platform Market: Application Segment Overview
Based on application, the market is segmented into event planning, event registration and ticketing, event marketing, content management, networking management, analytics and reporting, audience engagement and communication, visitor management, venue management, virtual lobby management, and others. The event planning segment led the event management platform market with the largest market share in 2021.

Companies are incorporating videos to create more digital experiences as audiences’ preference for on-demand viewing is growing. Virtually every marketer considers webinars a crucial component of their strategy and the most effective medium for generating quality sales leads. With webinars, companies from all industries are fast turning to digital-first interaction. According to the ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report 2021, companies are rapidly transitioning to digital-first engagement with webinars. The findings are based on over ~2,000 businesses providing over ~100,000 digital experiences with ~100 participants utilizing ON24 in one of the most comprehensive data investigations of digital events in 2020.

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Using modern technologies, such as webinars, in the healthcare industry helps to continuously optimize the execution of care and streamline processes that support and enable efficient care delivery. Webinars can also help break down collaborative boundaries, allowing faster clinical discovery. Similarly, educational webinars and web conferencing technologies have recently received more attention. Students do not need to spend money on transportation or lodging to receive an education. Similarly, the educational institution does not need to make significant space or class size investments to accommodate new pupils. Thus, the growing use of webinars is driving the event management platform market growth.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on North America Event Management Platform Market:
The dramatic shift to virtual events created new challenges for event planners, such as rethinking plans and designs, managing remote speakers to deal with new technologies, and finding interesting ways of keeping people engaged. Moreover, the declining gross domestic product (GDP) of the region hampered the event management platform market growth. The COVID-19 crisis has drastically forced event planners to switch from in-person meetings to virtual meetings.

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Event Management Software Market to 2027 – Global Analysis and Forecasts by Solution Type (Software, and Services); Application (Event Planning, Event Marketing, Venue and Ticket Management, Analytics and Reporting, and Others); End-User (Corporate, Government, Education, Media and Entertainment, and Others)

Virtual Event Software Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Solution (Software and Services), Enterprise Size (SMEs, Large Enterprises), and End User (Trade Show Organizers, Event Management Agencies, Corporates, Academic Organizations, Others)

Security Information and Event Management Market to 2027 – Global Analysis and Forecasts by Solution (Patch Management, Log & Event Management, Firewall Security Management, and Others); Service (Integration, Consulting, and Support); and End User (Healthcare, Energy & Utility, BFSI, Government, Retail, and Others)

SIEM Software Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Deployment Type (Cloud, On-Premise); Solution Type (Log and Event Management, Patch Management, Firewall Security Management, Others); Vertical (BFSI, IT and Telecommunication, Hospitality, Educational Institutes, Government Offices, Energy and Utility, Retail, Others) and Geography

Crowd Management and Event Security Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Component (Solution, Services); Deployment Type (Cloud, On-premises); Enterprise Size (Small and Medium-Size Enterprises, Large Enterprises); End-user (Transportation, Retail, Hospitality and Tourism, Others) and Geography

Audience Intelligence Platform Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Deployment Type (On-Premises, Cloud); Application (Government, Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare and Life Sciences, BFSI, Transportation and Logistics, Telecom and IT, Manufacturing, Other) and Geography

Audience Analytics Market Forecast to 2028 – Covid-19 Impact and Global Analysis – Component (Solutions and Services); Application (Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience, and Competitive Analysis); End-user (BFSI, IT & Telecommunication, Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Hospitality, and Government) and Geography

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Sentencing hearing outlines events that led to death of Hanh Nguyen in 2019 – Toronto |

Sentencing hearing outlines events that led to death of Hanh Nguyen in 2019 - Toronto |

Tan “Austin” Le and Hanh Nguyen met at a casino in the summer of 2017. Both had significant “gambling challenges,” according to court documents. Their relationship soon became intimate, resulting in the collapse of Nguyen’s marriage.

Less than two years later, Nguyen was found fatally stabbed in the basement of the Mould Avenue home near Jane St. and St. Clair Ave.

“In the short span of 18 months, the deceased and the accused gambled $500,000, an astonishing amount in that period of time. The money was running out. That was part of the reason this relationship came to an end when it did,” crown attorney Shane Hobson told Madam Justice Maureen Forestell at the sentencing hearing for the now 43-year-old U.S. citizen, who separated from his family in northern New York in 2017 and came to Toronto after meeting Nguyen.

Le pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on June 7, 2022, two days after his trial by judge began. A preliminary hearing was held by Zoom prior to the start of the trial.

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Injured man charged with 2nd-degree murder after woman found stabbed at Toronto home

Nguyen was murdered on January 24, 2019. Police became aware of the domestic homicide only after 911 dispatchers received a call from Le requesting an ambulance. Le said on the call that he had killed his girlfriend during an argument. He said he quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and attacked her. He also had self-inflicted knife wounds. When paramedics arrived, they found Nguyen lying face-up on an air mattress, wearing a bra. She had no apparent signs of life and was pronounced dead at 6:22 am. Her boyfriend was transported to Sunnybrook Hospital with a police escort and was operated on for an attempted suicide.

In his sentencing submissions, Hobson called the killing “a brutal, violent attack” before showing Le and the judge a picture of the crime scene.

“It was a small room. There was an air mattress. You couldn’t move around in that room. She couldn’t escape. Once that offence took place, there was no way she could get out of that room. She was defenceless,” said Hobson, noting that she was stabbed 20 times and had defensive wounds on her fingers, wrists, legs and feet.

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Police investigating fatal early morning stabbing in west end Toronto

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“It took minutes for her to die and, in those minutes, she fought for her life with every part of her body,” he said, adding that Le let Nguyen die. “He waited four hours to call 911 and he knew she was dead. You can tell from the call. The purpose of the call wasn’t for her. It was to save himself. He received medical attention and recovered.”

Le was living in the basement of the matrimonial home after running out of money. Nguyen had asked her ex-husband, Nhat Do, if she could live in the basement bedroom. In December 2017, Do agreed to let the two live in the home already occupied by himself, their daughter and Nguyen’s parents.

But things deteriorated between the Le and Nguyen. Just two days before Nguyen was killed, Le used Nguyen’s password and accessed her cell phone and discovered a series of text messages between her and another man. Le took photos of the messages and then stored them on his phone. That night, Le and Nguyen were losing money again.

Nguyen gave Le $1,000 to hold while she attempted to recoup her losses. Despite being told not to gamble those funds, he did anyway. Nguyen was extremely angry with Le and told him the relationship was over, according to the hearing. She ordered him to leave and return to the United States.

The following day, Le packed his suitcase and told Nguyen’s parents that he was leaving and believed she may have found someone else. He was drinking alcohol the night before the fatal attack but blood samples taken in hospital after the murder found that while he was impaired, Le was still able to be aware of his surroundings and have an operating mind that could form the intent to commit murder.

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2 Toronto-area women die allegedly at the hands of former partners with violent records

Hobson said that while Le did plead guilty, it was after a preliminary hearing during which Nguyen’s family all testified.

“The trauma of reliving the events had already occurred, though they have been spared another round,” said Hobson. He suggested a period of parole ineligibility between 16 and 17 years would be appropriate, citing a lack of remorse and calling the confession to 911 “merely an attempt to stop the pain he was going through at the time.”

Defence attorney Sid Freeman suggested a parole ineligibility period of ten years would be more appropriate, noting that Le has no prior criminal record, pled guilty, and called 911 and confessed.

Three victim impact statements were read out by the crown, including one from Nguyen’s ex-husband and another from their 17-year-old daughter who came to the courthouse but chose not to sit in the courtroom.

“After the offence, I hardly slept at night and napped all day. I was too scared to close my eyes in the dark or turn my back away from the court,” she wrote.

The sentencing hearing continues.

© 2022 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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LME appoints Oliver Wyman to review events that led to nickel suspension

LME appoints Oliver Wyman to review events that led to nickel suspension

Traders work on the floor of the London Metal Exchange in London, Britain, September 27, 2018. REUTERS/Simon Dawson

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LONDON, June 23 (Reuters) – The London Metal Exchange said on Thursday it had appointed Oliver Wyman to carry out an independent review of events that led to the suspension of nickel trading in March.

The exchange suspended nickel trading on March 8 after prices spiked by more than 50% to hit $100,000 a tonne. Activity resumed on March 16 when the exchange launched daily price limits and the provision of OTC nickel trading data.

“The independent review will review the factors that contributed to market conditions… in the period leading up to, and including, 8 March 2022 and make recommendations to reduce the likelihood of similar events occurring,” the exchange said in a release.

The assessment will not cover the decision-making processes and governance arrangements at the LME and at its clearing house, LME Clear, it said.

Decision-making and governance will be a part of the regulatory reviews to be undertaken by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England.

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Reporting by Pratima Desai; editing by John Stonestreet and Barbara Lewis

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Endurance events marketplace Let’s Do This raises $60M Series B led by Craft and Headline – TechCrunch

Endurance events marketplace Let’s Do This raises $60M Series B led by Craft and Headline – TechCrunch

The appropriately named endurance (so: running, triathlon, cycling, etc.) events marketplace Let’s Do This (a YC alumni) appeared a couple of years ago listing all kinds of endurance activities globally and attracting the backing of stars such as Usain Bolt and Serena Williams, alongside more standard venture investors such as EQT.

Founded by Alex Rose and Sam Browne, both endurance runners and cyclists themselves, the startup has now raised a $60 million Series B round led by Craft Ventures and Headline. Also participating in the round were existing investors EQT, NFX and Y Combinator, as well as newcomer Morpheus Ventures. The celebrity backers include Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and U.K. gold-medal runner Paula Radcliffe. Angels include the founder of Gmail Paul Buchheit, as well as Ian Hogarth, founder of Songkick.

Sam Browne, co-founder, and CEO of Let’s Do This, said in a statement:

The global sports endurance market is worth an estimated $18 billion and, with face-to-face events finally a possibility again after a long hiatus, we know this is only set to grow … Excitingly, sport is just the beginning for Let’s Do This too. Thanks to the funding and support from our investors, we plan to extend into further verticals in the live events and experiences space.

Let’s Do This lists flagship events like Bay to Breakers, Long Beach Classic Half & 5K and Bay Bridge Half Marathon, but it’s clear that investors were attracted by the prospect of expanding into other verticals.

Part of the attraction to users, says the company, is that its algorithm uses data points from fitness tracking, race history and social connections to personalize its race recommendations. It’s easy to see how that could be broadened to “you liked this gig, so how about this one.”

It’s also tapping into a market that has realized that setting goals — such as for a race — helps someone stick to fitness. Research shows that people are 12.5 times more likely to develop a fitness habit 12 months after signing up to a race than from joining a gym.

Christian Leybold, partner at Headline, said:

There is a distinct camaraderie that group endurance events bring, but most organisers are stuck with low-tech platforms that offer a lacklustre user experience. With Let’s Do This, Alex and Sam have revolutionized how we bring offline experiences online.

Founded in 2016, Let’s Do This, says it now has more than 5 million users globally. It now plans a U.S. expansion via its new new Colorado office, and the growth of its U.K. team, as well as additional social features.

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WEF 2022: Recent geopolitical events have led to profound changes, says Deloitte boss Punit Renjen

Business Today

The past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine had profoundly changed the world, something that could be compared to what happened towards the end of World War II, fall of the Berlin Wall or the coming of the Internet, CEO of the global consulting firm Deloitte, Punit Renjen has said.

“What do I mean by that? The way that we work, the way we interact with each other – I am carrying a mask around – it has profoundly impacted the way business is conducted. For instance, there was more digitisation in the last two years than there was in the last ten years,” observed Renjen.

Renjen shared these insights during an exclusive interaction with Business Today’s managing editor Siddharth Zarabi on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This turn of events had also changed the relationship between companies and their employees with hybrid work model here to stay, he added. He felt that the transformation had created opportunities particularly for India and that the country must leverage this inflection point.

Speaking on India Inc.’s efforts at acquiring manufacturing competitiveness, Renjen said that the realigning of global supply chains from a ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ scenario presented an opportunity that was up for grabs.

“It is important for India, both the central and state governments as well as businesses, to step up and seize the moment. By the way, China is going to be a potent competitor. I am not going to downplay that. But I think, India can compete,” the Deloitte chief said.

Renjen pointed out that Deloitte would be adding another 75,000 individuals to its existing pool of 90,000 professionals based in India as part of their global expansion plans. Although the new hires would be serving multinationals from India, the large Indian companies also presented a huge business opportunity for the consulting major.

Talking about the pressing issue of climate change, Renjen was of the view that India must take the lead on this by coming up with nature-based outcomes for the world.

Elaborating on Deloitte’s own engagement in this area, he informed, “We are working with the government of Haryana on stubble burning. What we are trying to do is come up with an ecosystem of players with an answer to incent the farmer to not take a one cent match and light the paddy stubble but to reuse that stubble.”
As part of another programme with the Haryana government — called ‘Climate Sakhi’ — Deloitte was incentivising rural women to help with increasing the state’s forest cover, he added.

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Also read: Net-zero emissions by 2050 not possible without industries’ contribution: WEF 2022 report   

Also read: India’s wheat export ban is to ensure food security for citizens, says Piyush Goyal

Also read: WEF summit: Pandemic creates new billionaire every 30 hours, says Oxfam

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Why the fatal Newport shooting led a LGBTQ group to reconsider events at the Friendly Sons

Why the fatal Newport shooting led a LGBTQ group to reconsider events at the Friendly Sons

NEWPORT — The timing of a fatal double-shooting on Feb. 14 that occurred the night after the Friendly Sons of Newport hosted its second LGBTQ event has caused the organizers to move away from holding events at the social club in the future.

During the early morning hours on Monday, Feb. 14, the Friendly Sons of Newport social club at 3 Farewell St. became the center of an ongoing homicide investigation after a double-shooting resulted in the death of Yordi Arevalo, 25, of Newport and the hospitalization of Aroldo M. Noel Paniaqua, 30, also of Newport. 

Two arrests in connection to the crime were made, and a warrant has been issued for a third suspect. The two arrested suspects — Shamik Steele, 30, of Tiverton and Xavier Perry, 28, of Providence — have been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, among other charges.

The incident came as a shock to the community, including Newport Bliss co-founder Michael Johnson, whose organization held an LGBTQ nightclub event at Friendly Sons the Saturday night before the shooting called “Return to Raffles.”

‘He tried to get along with everybody’: Family of man killed in Newport shooting speaks out

The event, which was intended to be held every Saturday up to and throughout the summer, was to pay homage to Raffles, one of Newport’s last gay bars located at the space that now houses Friendly Sons. 

“It took me by surprise that something like that would happen and immediately my thoughts traveled back to Pulse nightclub and the old Puzzles nightclub and the things that happened there,” Johnson said. “My first thought immediately was, ‘Was this a targeted attack against our community?’ Or because the Sons had agreed to host a gay event, were they being targeted for some reason?”

Reaction to Newport shooting: ‘It definitely freaks me out’: Neighbors react after shooting leaves one dead in Newport

Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Pulse in Orlando, Florida, are both former gay bars that became the scenes of violent attacks against patrons, the latter of which is the second deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

While little information has surfaced over the motives or reasons behind the double-shooting at Friendly Sons, Johnson has since concluded it was likely an isolated incident unrelated to the LGBTQ event held the day before. 

Still, Newport Bliss announced on Facebook the day after the shooting it would be postponing future events “out of an abundance of caution and concern” for the safety of those who attend. Johnson confirmed he is looking to take the event to a different venue.

“Whenever you put on an event that’s LGBTQIA+ based, your thoughts always go to how this is going to mix with the regular crowd that goes into an establishment,” Johnson said. “You’re always ready for some pushback, especially from a social club like Friendly Sons. But at the end of the day, good business is good business.

“When good business turns into dangerous business, it’s time to reevaluate.”

Report: Newport’s resources for LGBTQ community still leave much to be desired

Newport Bliss has been running LGBTQ party nights in various Newport venues for the past nine years, but Friendly Sons was the first location that allowed the organization to take over multiple Saturday nights. Johnson made a deal with the club’s board members and the owner of the building to host a gathering and received reassurance the event patrons would be welcome at the social club.

Johnson said this was exciting news to him and other members of Newport’s LGBTQ community, which has lacked a gay bar or designated gathering space since Castaways Bar closed in 2006.

That weekend also was significant for Newport’s LGBTQ nightlife scene as NewportOUT co-founders Sean O’Connor and Daniel Cano-Restrepo launched their new collaborative event NPT HAUS at Bar and Board Bistro that day.

Arrests made in Newport shooting: Two men have been arrested in deadly Newport social club shooting, 1 suspect still sought

O’Connor said there have not been multiple LGBTQ-centered nightlife events in Newport for at least two decades.

“There really hasn’t been two options that could be found under that ‘queer umbrella’ since Raffles and David’s were both operating at the same time, which I think was maybe the (1980s) or the ’90s,” O’Connor said. “It’s been a long time, so I think that was really interesting that literally the first time there was two options for the community, unfortunately the night after, this horrible event happened.”

After speaking with the police, O’Connor also does not think the double-shooting is related to the LGBTQ event from the night prior, but said he would still like to know the motives behind the crime.

“I think it’s very important as a community that we know,” O’Connor said. “What are the motives behind this horrible crime? Was there any homophobia? Was there xenophobia? Was there any elements to this crime that maybe we want to think about as a community? I don’t know.”