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Labiotech adds conference and event listings

Labiotech adds conference and event listings

In the past few months, has boosted its coverage range to go global, added a podcast, expanded to three weekly newsletters, introduced special monthly newsletters, and now we’ve added another string to our bow – conference and event listings.

The page is designed so visitors can easily jump between months and events. Listings have been arranged by date, and there are sub-sections for the various regions: Europe, the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Africa, and virtual-only events. Each listing has the name of the event, which is also a link, the dates, and location.

Our reasoning behind the page was to provide a new resource for readers to see what’s happening now that we’re trying to re-establish a post-lockdown world. 

Finding all of the conferences, trade shows and other meetings was quite a challenge, and involved a lot of searching, so we figured if we have to spend hours finding events, then our readers will too, so we’ve done our best to add as many as we can to the listings.

Clearly, we won’t get them all. If you know something we’ve missed, please send us the details.

Meeting opportunities

Also, we should point out we aren’t endorsing the events in question, it’s simply a list and a resource. Visitors should check the events carefully to ensure they are relevant. This includes whether there are any restrictions, visa requirements, or if there are any changes, postponements or cancellations.

Of course, we will try our best to update the page frequently, and add new events as they are announced.

We’ve also included a short list of conferences and events Labiotech will be covering. So, if you are attending any of those, and have some breaking news for us, get in touch. We’d be happy to sit down and do an interview about it. Or stand up and do an interview. And if you don’t have any news but just want to meet up and say hello, that’s great, too. As long as it’s not to complain about the podcast…

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Call for listings in Campaign’s PR & Events Guide 2022 – Campaign Middle East

Call for listings in Campaign’s PR & Events Guide 2022 - Campaign Middle East

Campaign Middle East is pleased to announce the listings open for the annual PR, Events & Experiential Guide 2022 along with the Online Directory listings.

This guide would be circulated on 29th Aug  2022 and it would be a comprehensive, all information in one, hands-on guide on PR & Events companies in the region.

Here are some quick pointers on our annual PR and Events Guide 2022:
1. The PR Guide will be a ready reference for brands managers, clients and other industry professionals looking for a PR agency, and for journalists looking for contacts. As a directory, it will list key clients, agency contacts and vital company information.

2. Building on the success of Campaign’s annual directories and guides rolled out over the last five years (including Digital, Media & Creative Agency Guides and TV, Radio Guide and Outdoor Guides), Campaign’s PR & Events Agency Guide is now in its 4th year running.

3. Basic listings are free, as we want to be as comprehensive as possible, so make sure we have your details. Enhanced listings are also available to make your agency stand out from the crowd. Get in touch now to share your details and ensure your place in what is sure to become the industry’s go-to reference source.

4. We are also looking at featuring Case Studies this year, so please send us the best work you have done with your partners that will inspire and showcase your agency’s strength.

5. Campaign ME has also digitized its directories, with each agency having their own page hosted in the Campaign’s Online Agency Directory on Campaign’s website . Clients and brands will use this directory to search for agencies based on their services requirement. We will feature in each of your agency page all the latest news, articles, contact details, work, clients and all related information that we featured in Campaign, so it will be updated throughout the year with fresh news, editorial articles, clients work and all related information, making it a good place for all brands and clients to see the work you have been doing and the news that you have been making and in this way contributing to lead generation.

You can view Campaign’s last year’s Campaign PR & Events Guide 2021 for reference.

Partnership options:
Option 1 – Free Listings: This option includes the below data:

  • Name of agency
  • Is your agency more of a PR Agency or an Events company,
  • Date founded,
  • Regional headquarters/offices,
  • Ownership/holding group,
  • Head of company,
  • Email,
  • Specialisms (5 max),
  • Key clients (5 max).

Cost: FREE.

Please note that there would be 8-10 free agency listings on each page. If exclusivity and added exposure are preferred, please find below the paid add-on options:

Option 2 – Extended Listings + Annual listing in Campaign Online Directory: This option includes all the above free info and the below added info:

  • Agency Bio (100 words)
  • All Specialisms and all Key Clients
  • Local phone number,
  • Website
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Social media tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc)

Plus an annual listing subscription in Campaign’s Online Directory, where the above info would be available online throughout the year on Campaign’s website in the form of a full page listing.

Option 3 – Half Page listing for each agency: This option would include all the above listing information in a half page format of the magazine along with the Company logo, Leadership panel (pictures and designation of up to 4 top management) and Awards won. Plus annual subscription to the Online Directory

Option 4 – Full Page listing for each agency with Case Study: This option would include a Half page listing with all of the above detailed listing information + either Half Page Industry Snapshot Interview with CEO or Half Page Case Study + annual subscription to Online Directory

Option 5 – Double page option: Full Page listing for each agency opposite a Full page Case Study / Ad: This option would include a full page with all of the above detailed Half Page listing + Half Page Industry Snapshot Interview + a Full page Ad / Full Page Case Study. The FP listing would be opposite your FP Ad, thus giving you a Double page spread in the agency guide. This option also includes the annual subscription to Online Directory.

Option 6 – Bespoke partnerships: This option includes the Directory’s Title Sponsorship with logos on the Front Cover and Adverts in premium IFC & OBC positions. Costs are subject to requirements and negotiations.

For sending us the Free listings and more details on the costs of the above add- on options, please email [email protected] & [email protected]

The deadline is 8th  August 2022 for providing us all the above listing information, this special issue would hit the stands on 29th August and will be available throughout September across all major bookstores, hypermarkets and Motivate’s collection points.


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LinkedIn Adds Live Captions for Audio Events, Custom URL Listings on Creator Profiles

LinkedIn Adds Live Captions for Audio Events, Custom URL Listings on Creator Profiles

These could definitely come in handy.

Today, LinkedIn has announced some new updates to improve accessibility, and enhance user Service listings, including real-time captions for live audio events, improved search for posts that you’ve already seen, and a custom URL display option on Creator profiles.

The main update is real-time captions for LinkedIn audio events.

LinkedIn captions for audio events

As explained by LinkedIn:

Up until now, when members joined an audio event on LinkedIn, they could only listen to it. By adding real-time captions, we are making audio events more accessible and inclusive for members with hearing impairments.”

As you can see in the above example, you’ll now have the option to read along with what’s being said, which will improve accessibility, while also providing more ways for all users to tune in to live audio discussions wherever they have time.

LinkedIn’s audio events, launched back in January, were initially rolled out to latch onto the Clubhouse boom, but have since become a valuable addition to the LinkedIn connection process. Really, audio meet-ups like this probably fit better on LinkedIn than in other apps, as the professional focus of the platform may make them more relevant and topical, while more people are likely looking to catch up with those in their industry amid the WFH shift.

Discovery of LinkedIn’s audio events remains somewhat problematic, but maybe, if this can be enhanced, and more users can be alerted to potentially relevant rooms as they happen, it could end up being a highly valuable element of the LinkedIn experience.

Leaning into the discovery aspect, LinkedIn’s also launching a four-week interactive series of real-time conversations to help LinkedIn members ‘build the kinds of skills that can help them advance their careers’.

LinkedIn Learning events

“Every Wednesday from May 18th to June 8th, learners will be able to ask questions, share experiences, and join conversations with incredible instructors on topics like Making better decisions with Dan Ariely or Reinventing yourself with Debbie Milman.”

That could be a good way to raise awareness of LinkedIn’s live events, while also showcasing LinkedIn Learning instructors, helping to raise awareness of the platform’s broader educational offerings. 

Again, it still feels like LinkedIn maybe needs a separate tab in the app to showcase its live events in real-time, but more programs like this will help to make more users aware of such offerings.

For now, you can look up ‘LinkedIn Learning Live’ in the app to discover upcoming events. You can also use the ‘Events’ filter when searching by topic to find upcoming live discussions on a given topic.

On another front, LinkedIn’s also looking to make it easier to find posts that you’ve already seen in the app.

We hear from members that they want to re-discover posts they’ve seen, and we made it much easier. If you’re looking for something that you’ve seen before on Feed, you can now search with the creator’s name and keywords in their post.”

Which doesn’t seem like a major enhancement, but it may help you find that one post from that one guy that you can remember seeing, but can’t for the life of you relocate.

Then again, if you knew the creators’ name already, you’d be able to look up their profile and check their ‘Activity’ feed. 

Maybe it helps, but it doesn’t seem like a major update.

LinkedIn’s also added some improvements for its Services listings, with service providers now able to share enhanced reviews with their community.

LinkedIn Service reviews

To be clear, LinkedIn has enabled Services providers to display customer reviews since August last year, but this improved display will make it easier for profile visitors to see these comments in-stream.

“We know that word of mouth is how many providers find new clients and grow their business. It is also critical for clients to help validate which service provider is best for them. By sharing reviews in their feed, service providers can multiply the impact of a single review and leverage the benefits of word-of-mouth recommendations across their community.”

That could be hugely beneficial for those looking to use LinkedIn to attract business leads, with direct customer feedback now available alongside your service listings. 

And it could be worth considering – LinkedIn says that since March 2020, it’s seen 3.5x growth in people searching and requesting services in the app – ‘especially in categories such as business and executive coaching, marketing, design, and software development’.

Could be a valuable option.

Finally, LinkedIn has also officially announced that it will soon enable all users to add a link to the top of their profile, re-directing profile visitors to their company website.

LinkedIn links on profiles

Initially spotted in testing late last month, LinkedIn says that the feature will only be available to those using its Creator Mode option at first, before being rolled out to all users in the near future (though no timeline as yet).

These are some handy additions for LinkedIn – nothing game-changing, as such, but small tweaks and improvements that could have a significant impact on your process.

And with LinkedIn continuing to see ‘record levels of engagement’, and interest in the platform set to rise further amid the post-pandemic recovery, it could be worth taking the time to try out these new options, in order to understand how to make best use of each in your process.