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FIFA introducing World Cup Fan Fest events for Qatar 2022 and could see London bid to stage its own

FIFA has launched 'Fan Fests' for the 2022 Qatar World Cup this winter, which will be outside the host country for the first time, to make the tournament more accessible for football fans

FIFA has launched ‘Fan Fests’ around the world for the 2022 Qatar World Cup to make the tournament more accessible for football fans.

The competition, lasting a little less than a month from October-November this winter, will take place in the remote Middle Eastern peninsula. 

And global football’s governing body FIFA is introducing fan parks outside the host country for the first time, to allow supporters to drink in the World Cup experience outside Qatar – and London could bid to host its own.

FIFA has launched 'Fan Fests' for the 2022 Qatar World Cup this winter, which will be outside the host country for the first time, to make the tournament more accessible for football fans

FIFA has launched ‘Fan Fests’ for the 2022 Qatar World Cup this winter, which will be outside the host country for the first time, to make the tournament more accessible for football fans

If London does secure its own venue, it would be competing with the hugely popular Winter Wonderland in the city centre around the same time. 

Officially licensed Fan Fests began at the Germany World Cup in 2006 and have continued since then. 

There were 11 festival parks across each of the host cities in the competition’s last edition, in Russia in 2018, and the previous four World Cups have seen 40million visitors across five continents.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: ‘To support our mission to make football truly global, accessible and inclusive, we are thrilled to introduce a new vision for the entertainment experience surrounding future FIFA World Cup events.

Official Fan Fests began at the Germany World Cup in 2006 and have continued since then, with 11 festival parks across each of the host cities in the last edition, in Russia in 2018

Official Fan Fests began at the Germany World Cup in 2006 and have continued since then, with 11 festival parks across each of the host cities in the last edition, in Russia in 2018

‘The FIFA Fan Festival provides an incredible opportunity for fans to come together beyond the stadiums and the on-pitch action and experience football in new and unique ways. 

‘We are truly excited about the future of the FIFA Fan Festival and the enhanced entertainment offerings that will bring fans and partners alike closer to both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cups, as well as global football culture.’

The fan parks at the Euro 2020 tournament, held across 11 countries in Europe, were largely successful, and the demand for tickets to the fan park in Hyde Park, London for the 2018 World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia was massive.

Qatar, a smaller country by area than Vanuatu, the Falkland Islands and Moldova , will only host one fan park, a ‘reimagined’ space in Al Bidda Park in Doha, with the capital city’s skyline in the background.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (pictured) called the fan parks a 'new vision for the entertainment experience' in order to 'make football truly global, accessible and inclusive'

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (pictured) called the fan parks a ‘new vision for the entertainment experience’ in order to ‘make football truly global, accessible and inclusive’

It will feature live broadcasts of every match on giant screen, concerts with top global music artists, a food court with ‘local cuisine and international delicacies’, matches with FIFA Legends, gaming stations and an official FIFA store.

The country is inaccessible compared to previous editions of the World Cup, with costs expected to be high.

If an England fan travels return from London, follow the Three Lions’ to the final (if they get there) and attend all eight matches along the way, sit in the cheapest seats and stay in the least expensive accommodation, the Football Supporters’ Association has calculated you will part with £5,000, before you pay for any food and drink.

However, this has to be caveated with the fact tickets sales have been strong, with nearly 2.5million sold so far.

FIFA will be offering fans a chance to camp at the World Cup in tents costing £350 per night

FIFA will be offering fans a chance to camp at the World Cup in tents costing £350 per night

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy Secretary General H.E. Hassan Al Thawadi added: ‘It will be the centrepiece of our FIFA World Cup – the first to be held in the Middle East and the Arab world. 

‘When fans arrive in November, they should expect a warm welcome, amazing football and a large number of entertainment options. We look forward to welcoming the world in just over 70 days.’

The Fan Fest will appear at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, held in Australia and New Zealand, for the first time.

In July, FIFA unveiled a ‘tent city’ offering accommodation for the World Cup, which will cost supporters £350 per night as part of a ‘fan village’ camping experience. The tournament, at the time of writing, will take place in 75 days. 

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UPDATE: Disturbance at London pride event leads to arrest

Police at Wortley Pride (Image courtesy of viraguita via Twitter)

A man has been arrested and faces several criminal charges following an incident at the inaugural Wortley Pride Event.

The London Police Service (LPS) responded to an emergency call in South London at approximately 2:16 p.m. on Saturday.

Police said that a large altercation had taken place in the area of Wortley Road and Duchess Avenue during the pride celebration.

Members of the crowd reported on social media, that a man parked his truck in the street to prevent access to the event and  shouted anti-LGBTQ slurs.

Kathy Bell, the Wortley Pride Chair, said that she wasn’t a part of the initial confrontation, but was given reports of what happened from other festival-goers.

“I do know that an individual in a white truck, with Canadian Flags blowing in the bed of the truck, laid continuously on their horn as they drove up Duchess and down Wortley. I thought that would be the end of it, but they circled back around and then I saw them stop on Wortley,” Bell said. When the actual altercation began the police were contacted immediately.

She added that the event continued despite the interruption. “This incident demonstrates why we need to continue to raise awareness and educate the community. Love is Love!”

A walking parade and drag show followed the disturbance.

Bell said that the community want to see Wortley Pride return next year and, as of right now, that is the plan.

The investigation is ongoing and police ask that anyone with information call the LPS at (519) 661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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London police arrest one after ‘physical altercation’ at Pride event

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A man was arrested Saturday afternoon following a disruption at a London Pride event, police say.

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It was about 2:15 p.m. when police say officers responded to an emergency call regarding a large disturbance at Wortley Road and Duchess Avenue, where an event that’s part of Pride week in London was being held in Wortley Village. They made public few other details.

“A large physical altercation took place in the surrounding area. Upon police arrival, a male has been taken into police custody for several criminal charges . . . he was not a part of the festivities,” police said in a statement.

The investigation was ongoing, and police were asking anyone who may have information or video of the incident to please contact them at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

It’s been an ugly few months in Southwestern Ontario regarding anti-LGBTQ incidents. In Norwich, a small town just south of Woodstock, Pride flags were stolen and a man from Tillsonburg, Jake Dey, was charged. Dey then gave a 30-minute address at a Norwich Township council meeting, during which he compared the Pride movement to Nazi Germany.

About 100 local citizens attended the most recent township council meeting, last week, and demanded the mayor’s resignation for allowing the remarks. The mayor, Larry Martin, has refused to resign.

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Saturday’s event appeared to draw a large crowd. It’s part of week-long Pride festivities that will wrap up next Sunday, July 24, with a parade.

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Pride brings more than a million people to London – live

Pride brings more than a million people to London - live

Pride in London is returning to the capital for the first time since 2019, celebrating 50 years since the very first march took place in 1972.

More than one million people are expected to descend on the capital for the parade, which begins from 12pm on Saturday (2 July).

According to the organisers, 30,000 people have registered to join the march from more than 600 LGBT+ community groups.

The parade is an “opportunity for expression of celebration, joy and triumph but also the voice to rightly express the continued fight for those injustices and inequalities that exist among us,” Pride in London said.

Those marching today will be calling on the UK government to ban conversion therapy for all LGBT+ people, reform the Gender Recognition Act, and provide equal protection for LGBT+ communities against hate crime.

They are also calling for an end to “hostile environment towards minority migrants”, and for the establishment of a national Aids memorial to remember those who died during the HIV and Aids epidemic.

The Independent is the official publishing partner of Pride in London 2022.


Cast of Heartstopper spotted at Pride in London

The cast of Netflix teenage comedy-drama Heartstopper have been photographed taking part in the Pride in London parade.

The cast of Heartstopper (L-R) Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Tobie Donovan and Sebastian Croft attend Pride in London

(Getty Images)

The popular show’s stars, Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Tobie Donovan, Sebastian Croft, Kizzy Edgell, and Corinna Brown took pictures while smiling and sitting on one another’s backs, draped in LGBT+ flags.

The cast of Heartstopper (L-R) Joe Locke, Jenny Walser, Kit Connor, Sebastian Croft, Tobie Donovan, Corinna Brown and Kizzy Edgell attend Pride in London 2022

(Getty Images)

Heartstopper is a British coming-of-age series that follows a budding romance between Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), as they navigate coming out in high school.

Joe Locke attends Pride in London 2022

(Getty Images)


The Independent’s Voices team attends Pride in London

The Independent’s very own Voices team is at Pride in London.

Victoria Richards and Harriet Williamson are marching alongside other LGBT+ campaigners and activists, waving The Independent’s Pride flags as well as the Ukraine flag.


Crowds gather as Pride gets underway

Thousands of people have gathered in central London to show their support for LGBT+ people and watch the Pride in London parade as it gets underway.

Many have arrived decked out in rainbow-coloured clothing, accessories, hair colours and more, waving flags and cheering as marchers go past.


(Getty Images)



Sadiq Khan attends Pride in London

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has made an appearance at Pride in London, ahead of the parade.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaking to the media before the Pride in London parade


He said: “We’re back after the last two and a half years or so. This year is the 50th anniversary of Pride, celebrating this community, celebrating the progress made, but also continuing to campaign and never be complacent.

“We saw this time last week an attack in Oslo just hours before that parade, where two people lost their lives and more than 20 were injured.

“So, we’ve got to be conscious of the fact that there’s still a danger to this community of discrimination, bias and violence. But allies like me are really important to support this community.”

“I’m quite clear, we’re marching today for an open, inclusive accepting world. We’re marching today for those in Oslo, for those who haven’t made the progress we’ve made.

“We’re also marching today for love. I’m quite clear, here in this great city we should be a beacon of inclusiveness, of openness, but also a place where you can be free to be who you want to be and free to love who you want to love.”

Khan added that the Metropolitan Police have been “sensitive” over concerns about uniformed officers taking part in the parade.

“I think it’s really important that anybody who’s from the LGBT community should be able to take part in this parade,” he said.

“Clearly, the community does have concerns around policing, we saw with the Stephen Port investigation the concerns that arose from the inquest and from the families of the four men who lost their lives.

“I think the police have been sensitive to the issues raised by the community and there will be uniformed officers in and around Pride to make sure we’re all safe, to make sure this parade is a success.

“But, clearly, those taking part in the parade from the police service won’t be wearing the uniforms.”


Angela Rayner: ‘Pride is a protest but the story is love’

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has tweeted her support for Pride in London.

She posted a photograph of herself at a previous Pride parade, and said she is “looking forward” to this year’s event.


‘Being gay is a glitter’

Mohammed Nazir, 24, from Bangladesh, who is with campaign group Rainbows Across Borders, said he wanted to dedicate this year’s pride to those forced to still hide their sexuality.


He told the PA news agency: “Pride is about self-affirmation, dignity and equality. It is a way to meet some other LGBTQ people. Pride is a movement where we’re still fighting for our rights.”

He added: “It’s all of the people’s hard work and dedication that we are now not scared to express our true identity, but still there are so many countries where people are not able to express their true identity because of the country’s law, because of the government’s rule, or because of the cultures and disbelief.

“So, this Pride I would like to dedicate to those people who are still hiding their sexuality and I would like to send them a message that we didn’t choose to be gay, this is how we were born, and we should pride ourselves because being gay is a glitter, and if you hide your sexuality day by day you feel stress and you always feel a lack of confidence and lots of mental issues, and when you come out it will help you … be who you are.”


Berlin mosque becomes ‘first’ in Germany to fly rainbow flag for Pride

A mosque in Berlin has said that it is the first German mosque to fly the rainbow flag in support of LGBT+ communities, as Pride begins.

The Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque, which claims to be the only “liberal” mosque in the country, unfurled the symbolic flag in front of a small audience on Friday (1 July).

Berlin’s culture senator Klaus Lederer and state chairman Kai Wegner were present for the ceremony, where attendees wore badges with the slogan: “Love is halal.”


In pictures: Pride marchers prepare for parade

The Pride in London parade will begin at 12pm, and many marchers are getting ready for the day of celebration, protest and solidarity ahead.

See photographs of volunteers and activists preparing to let their rainbow flags fly:

Veteran gay rights activists address the gathering during an event to mark fifty years since the first UK Pride March

(Getty Images)

Gay rights activist Lanah P poses for a photo

(Getty Images)

A gay rights activist attaches a new badge

(Getty Images)


(Getty Images)


Celebrity Gogglebox stars in tears watching Big Boys coming out scene for Pride special

The stars of Celebrity Gogglebox were left in tears after watching the coming out scene from Big Boys.

Friday (1 July) night’s episode of the Channel 4 series was a Pride special and saw a group of LGBTQ+ celebrities and their loved ones tune into the week’s biggest shows.

Our Culture Reporter Isobel Lewis has the story:


Over a million expected in London for first Pride march since pandemic began

More than a million people are expected to descend on the capital for Pride in London on Saturday.

It will be the first time the event has been held since the outbreak of the pandemic and is the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first ever Pride parade.

The event, which organisers are calling the “biggest and most inclusive event in history”, will also feature a line-up of artists performing across four stages around Central London.

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Canada Day events in London, Ontario – July 01, 2022

Enjoy spectacular fireworks, live performances, children’s activities and more this Canada Day.

The City of London acknowledges that Canada Day can be difficult for many. We encourage you to thoughtfully examine what it means to be Canadian and understand our colonial history and the generations of violence and racism directed towards Indigenous people, the impact of which still exists today. Learn more about the residential school experience by visiting the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website.

Harris Park fireworks

The City of London will present Canada Day fireworks at Harris Park starting at 10 p.m. on Friday, July 1. Cyclists and pedestrians can use the Harris Park Entrance at the corner of Dufferin Avenue and Ridout Street North, Dundas Place, Dundas-TVP and Dundas Street Bikeway to reach Harris Park. Attendees are encouraged to walk, bike or bus to Harris Park for this free event, as several road closures will be in place from 8 to 11 p.m. to accommodate the display.

Those driving downtown for the fireworks are encouraged to park at one of the City’s municipal parking lots nearby Harris Park, including Municipal Lots 9, 12, 21, 6 and 20. Downtown parking locations and parking lot prices can be found on the City’s website. On-street parking meters will be available free of charge on July 1, 2022. Transit users are advised to visit the LTC website for service updates and detours.

Road closure details

Several road closures will be in place from 8 to 11 p.m. to accommodate the Canada Day fireworks display, including:

  • Queens Avenue from Ridout Street North to Riverside Drive and Wharncliffe Road North
  • Dundas Street from Riverside Drive to Ridout Street North
  • Thames Street from Dundas Street to Harris Park Gate
  • Ridout Street North from Fullarton Street to Queens Avenue, which is currently closed for construction of the Downtown Loop

In addition, Queens Bridge and Kensington Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic starting at 8 p.m. Pedestrians will be permitted to walk through Queens Bridge until 9 p.m. The West London Dykes will also be closed near Labatt Park.  

Ivey Park:

The Ivey Park splash pad will be closed at 6 p.m. to accommodate for the display. Ivey Park and the public walkway in front of the HMCS Prevost on Becher Street will also be closed at 7 p.m.

Night Market London and Canada Day London

The London Heritage Council will be hosting Night Market London on Thursday, June 30, from 7 to 11 p.m. and Canada Day London on Friday, July 1, from 12 to 10 p.m. on Dundas Place and Talbot Street. Night Market London will feature live entertainment from local artists, street performances, local food and drink vendors, artisans and a relaxation lounge featuring local craft beer and wineries. Canada Day London will feature live entertainment from local artists, stage and street performances, a collaborative children’s zone, Touch-A-Truck vehicle displays, local food and drink vendors, artisans and a relaxation lounge featuring local craft beer and wineries.

Visit the London Heritage Council’s website for all the details. These family-friendly events are free for all to attend.

Turtle Island Healing Walk

The second annual Turtle Island Healing Walk will take place on July 1, 2022, in Victoria Park.  Please follow the Turtle Island Healing Walk Facebook page for information and updates related to this event.


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Trudeau in London Sunday ahead of ‘Our London Family’ community events

Trudeau in London Sunday ahead of 'Our London Family' community events

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a stop in London, Ont. Sunday afternoon ahead of planned community events meant to honour the Afzaal family, ahead of the first anniversary of the deadly attack.

Early afternoon on Sunday, Trudeau participated in a roundtable discussion with students at Oakridge Secondary School. 

Later in the afternoon, London Mayor Ed Holder introduced Trudeau, who then took the stage at outside of Oakridge Secondary School to a crowd of approximately 2,000 people to talk about the memories of the Afzaal family and the dangers of Islamophobia. 

“We need to be there to clearly say this is unacceptable, this is wrong,” he said. “We also need to act.”

During the speech, Trudeau said it sent a strong message to see so many people in attendance at the rally, but there still is much more to do, but added that Canada’s diversity and openness is what makes Canada great.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped in London, Ont. on June 5, 2022 ahead of community events planned in honour of the Afzaal family, who were killed on June 6, 2021. The prime minister’s first stop was at Oakridge Secondary School where he met with youth organizers. (CTV)

“Canadians everywhere are with you because Islamophobia is not just an attack on Muslims — it’s an attack on all Canadians,” Trudeau said. 

Trudeau also spoke to the harm and divisiveness of disinformation, and said it’s up to us to speak up and call it out. He said that words matter because they lead to action, and action is what lead to thousands of people gathering at Oakridge Secondary School on Sunday for the Afzaal family.

“Words matter,” he said. “Words continue to matter.”

“We are all with you. We are all Muslims in Canada. We are all Afzaal family members in Canada,” Trudeau said near the end of his speech.

Following the conclusion of the speeches, there will be community-led march through the streets of London, beginning at Oakridge Secondary School and culminating at the London Muslim Mosque.

An estimated 2,000 people are in attendance at a rally at Oakridge Secondary School meant to honour the Afzaal family on June 5, 2022. (Nick Paparella/CTV News London)According to the City of London, there will be traffic impacts on Sunday ahead of the march.

Oxford Street between Hyde Park Road and Wonderland Road is now closed. There will also be no parking available at the school.

Four members of the Afzaal family were killed in what police call an alleged hate-motivated attack after a truck struck the family on June 6, 2021. Only a young boy survived the attack.

— With files from CTV News London’s Nick Paparella

This is a developing story…  

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YCCI London Family March – GlobalNews Events

YCCI London Family March - GlobalNews Events

The Youth Coalition Combating Islamophobia is organizing two major events in the commemoration of the June 6th 2021 attacks. The first as a solidarity march held on Sunday, June 5th at 1pm. The event will begin at Oakridge Secondary School where speakers will address the crowd on the nature of Islamophobia and how it affects the lives of Muslims in Canada. This will be followed by a youth led march to the London Muslim Mosque.

The second event is a vigil on Monday, June 6th. This event is organized with the major Muslim organizations in London including the London Muslim Mosque, the Muslim Association of Canada, the Muslim Wellness Centre, the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration, and many others. The vigil will be at the crash site at the intersection of Hyde Park and South Carriage, beginning at 6:30pm. The focus of the vigil is community remembrance and healing.

Both events are open to the general public.

The YCCI is one of many organizations collaborating with the City of London on the commemoration of the June 6th 2021 attacks. Please find the full list of events here:


About YCCI:

The Youth Coalition Combating Islamophobia (YCCI) is a youth led organization in London, Ontario created in the aftermath of the June 6th 2021 terrorist attack killing the Afzaal family. The YCCI is made up uf the late Yumnah Afzaal’s friends, peers, along with involved community mentors, who want to lead and participate in combating Islamophobia.

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The best Platinum Jubilee events in London

The best Platinum Jubilee events in London
The Queen will be marking her 70 years on the throne in style (Pictures: Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/ James Devaney/FilmMagic/iStockphoto/Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee weekend – Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5 – is set to be the country’s ‘biggest ever’ celebration.

The occasion is expected to be bigger than the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee – and events on TV could be watched by over a billion people worldwide.

In addition to the UK-wide Platinum Jubilee pudding competition and the Royal Windsor Horse Show, a range of celebrations are on the cards for the June bank holiday.

Of course, as the Royal Family is traditionally based in London, with Buckingham Palace at the heart, there will be plenty of parties, concerts and events happening in the capital.

Here’s how London is celebrating the Queen’s 70-year reign.

Official Platinum Jubilee events

There’s plenty going on in the capital over the Jubilee weekend (Picture: Getty)

Trooping The Colour

Trooping The Colour will be held in full for the first time since the pandemic. There will be more than 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians taking part.

Unfortunately, tickets appear to be sold out, though you’ll be able to watch the event on TV.

Date: Thursday, June 2
Where to find information:
Platinum Jubilee website

Beacon lighting

The Jubilee and bank holiday festivities begin with Platinum Jubilee beacons being lit across more than 1,500 locations around the UK and the Commonwealth.

Lighting will begin at 9.15pm in Commonwealth countries, with most UK lightings happening at 9.45pm.

Date: Thursday, June 2
Where to find information: Queen’s Jubilee Beacons

St Paul’s Cathedral will host a private Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen (Picture: Getty)

Service of Thanksgiving

There will be a Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s reign will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

This will be a private event, though no doubt well-wishers will gather around the Cathedral to see the Royal Family.

Date: Friday, June 3
Where to find information:
Platinum Jubilee website

Platinum Party at the Palace

Buckingham Palace is hosting an epic concert, with Diana Ross, Queen + Adam Lambert and more forming an incredible line-up.

If you didn’t get a ticket in the ballot, the BBC will be streaming the concert live on BBC One, iPlayer and Radio 4.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Where to find information:’s guide to the concert

The Diamond Jubilee concert was an amazing spectacle – so the Platinum Party is set to be huge (Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The Big Jubilee Lunch

People across the country will be invited to sit down together to take part in the Big Jubilee Lunch, with street parties held across the UK.

In every borough of the capital, there’ll be dozens (hundreds?) of street parties happening.

While some will require ticketed entries, others may just allow you to show up. You’ll need to search for your nearest one, and go from there.

Date: All weekend, with many on Sunday, June 5
Where to find your nearest event: Platinum Jubilee official website

Platinum Jubilee Pageant

There will also be a Platinum Jubilee Pageant, which will feature 5,000 people from the UK and the Commonwealth performing around the area of Buckingham Palace.

Date: Sunday, June 5
Where to find information: Platinum Pageant

No doubt we’ll see plenty of red, white and blue bunting in streets and town centres across the UK (Picture: Getty)

Other Platinum Jubilee events

Corgi café at The Refinery Bankside

Love corgis as much as The Queen does? Then enjoy a day of fun (from 10am to 6pm) the weekend before the bank holiday.

The Refinery on Southwark Street is hosting London’s first ever corgi café, including an off-leash activity, ‘pupuccinos’ from Pop + Bark, foodie treats for both dog and human, plus professional photos of your pooch.

Date: Sunday, May 29
Where to find information: Drake and Morgan

Her Majesty The Queen is known to love corgis – owning many throughout her 96 years (Picture: Getty)

Corgi Cam at Leadenhall Market

If you adore corgis but don’t own one, head to Leadenhall Market in the City of London from 12pm to 6pm.

A pop-up ‘Corgi Cam’ booth will allow you to get a photo with The Queen’s favourite dog breed. No booking is required.

Date: Wednesday, June 1
Where to find information:
Leadenhall Market

Platinum Picnic at the Park in Greenwich

Bring your own picnic to Charlton Park in Greenwich from 12pm to 4pm, and enjoy a host of Jubilee-themed activities.

Hopefully, the weather will be nice…

Date: Friday, June 3
Where to find information: Royal Greenwich’s council website

Jubilee celebrations are coming to the Royal Borough of Greenwich (Picture: Getty)

Jubilee Dance Party at Wembley Park

Wembley Park is playing host to a massive free street party, from 12pm to 7pm on June 4.

Expect live music, loads of dancing, family-friendly activities and even some circus acts. There may even be a mini flash mob.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Where to find information:
Wembley Park

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Southbank Centre

The famed Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will perform at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Southbank Centre’s huge programme of Jubilee-related events and screenings.

Expect several solo performers to join them for an unforgettable afternoon of classical music. Tickets need to be booked in advance, and it does look (at the time of writing) that some are still available.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Where to find information: Southbank Centre

Expect to see a floral transformation at The Tower of London (Picture: Getty)

Superbloom at The Tower of London

A trip to the historic Tower of London on Jubilee weekend will present you with an unexpected delight: millions and millions of flowers filling the surrounding moat.

Running from June 1 until September 18, an array of brightly-coloured blooms will change their hues as the more-than-20-million seeds planted blossom throughout the summer.

Tickets will need to be booked, so don’t delay.

Date: All weekend
Where to find information:
Historic Royal Palaces

Nearby Hampton Court Palace has planned a traditional Jubilee joust (Picture: Getty)

Jubilee Joust at Hampton Court Palace

As part of your admission to Hampton Court Palace, you’ll get to see some old-school jousting during the Jubilee weekend.

The event, lasting from June 1 until June 5, will see knights in traditional silvery armour battle on horses in a fun tournament, at 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm each day, with each performance lasting 45 minutes.

Date: All weekend
Where to find information:
Historic Royal Palaces

Zoobilee at ZSL London Zoo

Teddy bear picnics, animal walkabouts and zookeeper Q&As are happening at London Zoo from Saturday May 28 until the end of Jubilee weekend.

The extra activities are included in your standard ticket price, but you will need to book.

Date: All weekend
Where to find information: ZSL London Zoo

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MORE : Sunshine and warm weather forecast for Queen’s Jubilee weekend

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London, Ont. to host several events in June in memory of Afzaal family – London |

London, Ont. to host several events in June in memory of Afzaal family - London |

The city will host a slate of community events in early June as organizers look to honour the four members of the Afzaal family who were killed in last year’s targeted vehicle attack in northwest London, Ont.

In what marked the deadliest mass murder in London’s history, the attack on June 6, 2021, targeted a local Muslim family out for an evening walk in the city’s Hyde Park neighbourhood.

Read more:

London, Ont. council committee recommends June 6 as ‘Day of Remembrance’ for Afzaal family

They were struck by a pickup truck in what police have labelled a hate crime that targeted the family based on their religion.

Salman Afzaal, 46, Madiha Salman, 44, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna and her 74-year-old grandmother Talat Afzaal were killed in the attack. The couple’s nine-year-old son, Fayez, was seriously injured but survived.

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From left to right: Yumna Afzaal, Madiha Salman, Salman Afzaal and Talat Afzaal.

Supplied by family

A full list of the events is available now on a dedicated webpage on the City of London’s website.

They include an Our London Family March on June 5 which will have participants travel from Oakridge Secondary School to the London Muslim Mosque.

There will also be a vigil on June 6 at the site of the attack itself.

The Youth Coalition Combatting Islamophobia (YCCI) is one of the lead organizers for the upcoming events and coordinator Selma Tobah says there’s a significance to where the vigil is being held.

“It’s this notion of reclaiming this space and saying this intersection, this area where the attack occurred will no longer be marred by the violence itself, but by the remembrance of the beautiful lives that were taken,” Tobah said.

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Click to play video: 'How to speak with your kids about the London attack on a Muslim family'

How to speak with your kids about the London attack on a Muslim family

How to speak with your kids about the London attack on a Muslim family – Jun 14, 2021

YCCI was formed in the wake of the June 6 killings and is made up of young Londoners who were personally impacted by the attack, particularly those who were close with Yumna.

“That’s really been the purpose of this coalition is to give these young people an avenue to use their voice in a way that’s productive and in a way that they feel is healing and really honours their friend that was murdered in this attack,” said Tobah.

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September 2023 trial date set in London, Ont. attack on Muslim family

Amplifying youth voices was one of the recommendations that came out of London’s Action Plan to Disrupt Islamophobia, the result of months of consultation with local stakeholders that followed the June 6 attack.

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London’s anti-racism and anti-oppression director Rumina Morris, who had a leading role in developing the action plan, says the upcoming events also follow through on another suggestion that emerged from those consultations.

“People in the community were really looking for the city to take the lead in terms of bringing people together, so not leading to organize, but to bring people together and make those connections,” Morris said.

Some of the people being brought together include the London Muslim Mosque, the Thames Valley and London District Catholic school boards, the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Service Integration and the London Public Library to name a few.

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London, Ont. officials unveil ‘Action Plan to Disrupt Islamophobia’

Behind the scenes, Morris says police and other emergency services are working to make sure the events stay safe.

She hopes the anniversary will provide an opportunity for reflection for all Londoners.

“The days after the attack, I think everybody was in absolute shock that this has happened in our community and the impact of it was really, really intense in terms of emotions,” Morris said.

“I don’t think the emotions are going to be any less intense, but I certainly see it as an opportunity to really reflect on what we have done since that one year and how we are really – as a community – coming together … to really address Islamophobia in all of its forms.”

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Click to play video: 'Community honours legacy of four murdered Muslims'

Community honours legacy of four murdered Muslims

Community honours legacy of four murdered Muslims – Jun 9, 2021

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PGA Tour denies golfers’ waiver requests to play Saudi-backed LIV Golf league event in London

PGA Tour denies golfers' waiver requests to play Saudi-backed LIV Golf league event in London

In a surprising decision by the PGA Tour this week, golfers who sought permission to play in the first LIV Golf Invitational Series tournament have been denied their waiver requests. It is unknown at this time whether any PGA Tour players will risk punishment by going ahead with participation in the event at the Centurion Club in London from June 9-11.

“We have notified those who have applied that their request has been declined in accordance with the PGA TOUR Tournament Regulations. As such, TOUR members are not authorized to participate in the Saudi Golf League’s London event under our Regulations,” said PGA Tour senior vice president Tyler Dennis in a memo to players. “As a membership organization, we believe this decision is in the best interest of the PGA TOUR and its players.”

The belief was that the PGA Tour, which must grant permission to its members to play in events outside the PGA Tour itself, would approve the waivers for the first of eight LIV Golf events this year before denying them at a later date when the league moved to North American turf. Instead, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has laid down the law early, denying his membership the ability to participate in the big-money events from the jump.

This is slightly unusual. Many golfers, including Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson were granted waivers earlier this year to play in the Saudi International, which is an event on the Asian Tour. However, the PGA Tour sees this LIV Golf Invitational series differently, ostensibly because it is not a one-off event but the beginning of a rival league. The PGA Tour only allows players three waiver requests a year.

If players choose to defy those denied waivers and play the event anyway, Monahan has consistently maintained in private that players could be suspended and permanently banned from the PGA Tour.

“Our PGA Tour rules and regulations were written by the players, for the players,” said Monahan at the Players Championship earlier this year, implying that suspensions and bans would hold up in a court of law. “They’ve been in existence for over 50 years. I’m confident in our rules and regulations, my ability to administer them, and that’s my position on the matter. … We’re confident in our position, and we’re going to keep moving forward as a PGA Tour and focus on the things that we control.”

PGA Tour players who either requested waiver releases or were linked with the league include Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, Jason Kokrak, Kevin Na and Robert Garrigus. Then there’s Mickelson, of course, who is by far the biggest name involved, seemingly the linchpin for the entire thing and will undoubtedly end up being the poster boy in a court of law for how this all shakes out.

LIV Golf is a Saudi Arabia-financed league that is laboring to create an alternative golf tour while luring some of the top players in the world to its events. It was reported that Phil Mickelson helped write the operating agreement for the league before he disappeared from public view following some controversial comments about the folks running the league he allegedly helped start. The 48-golfer, 12-team LIV Golf events — five of which are slated to be played in the United States later this year — will have purses of $20 million, including a $5 million payout to the top team at each event.

Greg Norman, who is currently serving as the CEO of LIV Golf, has been adamant that legally-speaking golfers — who are considered independent contractors — could not be banned from the PGA Tour. The Tour obviously sees that differently. While this waiver denial is certainly surprising for the first event — the PGA Tour grants waivers all the time to events not held on North American soil — this was always going to come to a head at some point later on when the leagues clashed with conflicting events on the same dates in the United States.

This entire saga has been one that would likely head to court since the day it began. Now, it seems that is likely to happen sooner than originally thought.