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Poland proposes formation of international commission to probe events in Ukraine’s Bucha


Amid the ongoing brutal war between Russia and Ukraine, Poland has proposed to create a special international commission to investigate the events in Ukraine’s Bucha. In a series of tweets, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused Russia of committing genocide in several Ukrainian cities. “Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel and Motyzhyn are the places we will remember. The Russians committed the crime of genocide. It must be properly documented and judged. Therefore, I am calling to establish an international commission composed of specialists,” Morawiecki stated in one of the Twitter posts. 

The Polish Prime Minister also called on European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders to act decisively and implement actions to break Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine, confiscate the assets of the Russian Federation and the oligarchs deposited in the banks of Europe, and to break Russia’s aggressive policy. Motyzhyn also claimed that stopping Putin’s war machine depends on sanctions. “Today we are witnessing the creation of a genocide map of the 21st century, and the conclusion is that Russia is already a totalitarian, fascist state, which we must stop together within NATO and the EU,” he added in another tweet. 


Poland’s PM slams Germany for not imposing tougher sanctions on Russia

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki also blamed Germany for failing to impose tougher sanctions on Russia for its unjustified invasion of Ukraine. He also hailed Hungary for being supportive of new measures despite Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s friendly attitude towards Russia. “It’s Germany that is the main roadblock on sanctions,” Morawiecki added, as per The Kyiv Independent. Notably, several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the European Union, have imposed numerous sanctions on Russia. 

Poland’s PM vows to stop importing Russian oil by the end of 2022

Last week, Poland’s PM Morawiecki announced that his country will take steps to stop importing Russian oil by the end of 2022. Addressing a press conference, he claimed that Poland was launching the most ambitious plan among European states to disentangle itself from Russian energy sources. He also stated that Poland’s reliance on Russian oil has decreased significantly. According to Morawiecki, Russian President Putin used gas and oil as a “tool of blackmail.” Poland’s Prime Minister further claimed that money from oil and gas exports is funding Russia’s war activities, which need to be stopped, The Associated Press (AP) reported. 

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