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Mobile special waste depot events

Residents looking to dispose of household special waste not acceptable for curbside collection can bring their materials to the mobile special waste depot events happening this summer. The next events will be held:

When: Saturday, July 2

Where: Cole Harbour Place, 51 Forest Hills Parkway, Cole Harbour

When: Saturday, July 9

Where: BMO Centre, 61 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford

When: Saturday, July 16

Where: Harrietsfield Elementary, 1150 Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield

When: Saturday, July 30

Where: Saint Mary’s University, 960 Tower Road, Halifax

When: Saturday, August 13

Where: Marine Drive Academy, 479 Church Point Road, Sheet Harbour

When: Saturday, August 27

Where: Harold T Barrett Junior High School, 862 Beaver Bank Road, Beaver Bank

The mobile drop-off depot will be in operation from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will take place rain or shine.

Materials accepted at the household drop-off depot include:

  • leftover corrosive cleaners
  • pesticides/herbicides
  • gasoline
  • used motor oil (visit for more disposal options)
  • solvents
  • thinners
  • pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • aerosol cans containing hazardous substances
  • barbecue propane tanks
  • small propane cylinders (for example, those used for camp stoves and propane torches)
  • batteries (visit for a full list of retail drop-off locations for batteries and cell phones)
  • leftover liquid paint (paint and empty paint cans may also be returned to any Enviro-Depot. Please visit for locations and hours of operation)

The municipality also operates a permanent Household Special Waste Depot at 20 Horseshoe Lake Drive. Drop-off times are on most Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The permanent Household Special Waste Depot will be closed on July 2 but will reopen on July 9. The household special waste drop-off depots are open only to residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Commercial, waste is not permitted.

For more information on Halifax’s solid waste program including updates on future depot events, please visit the website, download the Halifax Recycles app or call 311.

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How to Create Discord Events (Desktop and Mobile)

How to Create Discord Events (Desktop and Mobile)

Earlier last year, Discord introduced a new feature that lets server admins schedule events on the server. With scheduled events, you can easily organize special events for your server, possibly with guests too. In this article, we have detailed the steps to create Discord events using desktop and mobile apps.

Create Events on Discord (2022)

What Are Scheduled Discord Events?

Scheduled Discord events is a Discord feature that helps server administrators plan events for the server and update members about it in a simple manner. This way, the admins can effectively organize voice and text channel events without much hassle.

If you are a server member, you can then choose to get notified when the event starts, so you don’t miss out on it. And if you are an admin or moderator, keep reading to find out how to schedule Discord events.

How to Schedule a Discord Event on Desktop

1. Open your Discord server and click on its name at the top-left corner. From the dropdown menu, choose “Create Event” to set up a new Discord event.

create new event on discord

2. You can now pick a voice channel, text channel, or add links to host the event. If the event is set to take place within the server, choose “Voice Channel”. On the other hand, you should select “Somewhere Else” if the event is happening on other video calling apps like Zoom or Google Meet.

create voice channel event

3. Pick the voice channel you want to host the event in and click “Next” to proceed further.

pick voice channel for the event

4. You should now add the details of the event. The details include event topic, start date and time, description, and cover image. After filling in these details, click “Next”.

add event details

5. Discord will show you a preview of the event. After making sure that all the details are correct, click on “Create Event” to schedule the event.

confirm creating event

6. After creating the event, you can share the event link to invite people. Do note that the invite link expires in 7 days.

share event link

How to Create a Discord Event on Mobile (Android & iOS)

1. Open your Discord server and click on the vertical three dots menu next to the server’s name. From the pop-up that appears now, choose “Create Event” to create a new event.

create discord event

2. Choose your preferred voice channel for the event and fill out the event topic, start date and time, and description. Click “Next” to proceed further.

pick event and fill out details

3. If everything looks good in the preview, click on “Create Event” to schedule the event. From the next screen, you can invite people to the event. Unlike Discord desktop, you have the option to set the link to never expire here.

create event and share link

Start or Edit Discord Event (Web & Desktop)

1. To start a scheduled event, click on the event listing at the top-left corner of the server to view the event section.

check upcoming events

2. You can now click on the green “Start” button to start the event.

start scheduled discord event

3. From the confirmation prompt, click “Start Event” to confirm starting the event.

start discord event

4. In case you change your mind, you can click the three dots icon and choose “Edit Event” to reschedule the event.

edit discord event

Get a Reminder for Scheduled Discord Event

1. As a participant, you can choose to turn on notifications for an upcoming Discord event. To get started, click on the event listing at the top-left corner of the server.

check upcoming events

2. Click on the “Interested” bell icon from the pop-up that appears, and you’re all set. Once you do that, Discord will notify you when the host starts the event.

enable event notification

3. You also have the option to add the event to your calendar. The available integrations include Google Calendar, Yahoo, and Outlook. You can choose to download the ICS file and manually import it to your calendar app of choice too.

add event to calendar

How to Join or Attend a Discord Event

1. To join an ongoing Discord event, click on the green “Join” button from the top-left corner of the server.

join discord event

2. In case you dismissed the active event prompt, click on the event indicator at the top-left corner to view the listing.

check upcoming events

3. From the event listing, you can click the “Join” button to join the event. If the event is set in the voice channel, you will now enter the server’s voice channel to engage in the event.

join from event listing

How to Cancel a Discord Event

1. To cancel a Discord event, open the event listing by clicking on the event indicator at the top-left corner of the server.

check upcoming events

2. Click on the horizontal three dots menu and select “Cancel Event” to abandon the event.

cancel event

3. When the confirmation prompt appears, click on “Cancel Event” again to cancel the event.

confirm canceling event

Host Events on Discord Servers

Hosting frequent events on Discord servers helps ensure active participation, which in turn attracts new users to the community. If you are looking for ways to increase your server’s appeal, do not forget to take a look at our list of best Discord bots to enhance your server.

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New State Mobile x McLaren Event is on! Know date, rewards, other details

New State Mobile x McLaren Event is on! Know date, rewards, other details

New State Mobile has come up with spring season update which includes a collaboration with McLaren, new season, new weapons and much more. Check New State Mobile x McLaren Event details below.

PUBG New State now known as New State Mobile has kicked off the spring season with patch 0.9.26, which includes a new season, a collaboration with McLaren, and a bunch of new content and improvements! Announcing the special New State Mobile x McLaren Event, the game said, “We’re officially launching the March Update with a special collaboration with McLaren 765LT – the latest in a line of the “Longtail” McLarens and the most advanced and engaging LT model ever from McLaren Automotive.”

The New State Mobile x McLaren Event started on March 17 and will continue till April 14, 2022. By participating in the event, players will be able to grab lots of rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the McLaren 765LT collaboration! 

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Schedule

The event started on March 17, 2022 at 01:00:00 (UTC+0) and will end on April 14, 2022 at 01:00:00 (UTC+0).

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Detail

The time-limited McLAREN 765LT Crate contains various custom-edition in-game items, including the 765LT car skin in 5 color variations:  McLAREN Orange, Luminaire Green, Sunset Orange, Thunderbolt Blue, and New State Special. It can be noted that the LT is available in both Troi and Erangel. 

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Reward

You can find 3 free McLAREN 765LT Crate Tickets in your mailbox.

Apart from the event here is what the patch has brought to the game.

1. New Weapon: MG3

The MG3 is an LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo and has a magazine capacity of 75 rounds. This gun will spawn in Care Packages in all Maps. It also has a chance of appearing in the Weapons Box, which is located in the Police Station in Chester, Troi. The MG3 has two rates of fire: 660RPM and 990RPM. The weapon’s rate of fire is set at 990RPM by default. When the MG3’s rate of fire is set to 990RPM, the weapon deals the most DPS out of any weapons in the game.

2. New Gun Customizations: Vector [C2] Drum Magazine

Using this customization on the Vector attaches an high-capacity magazine capable of holding 45 rounds to the gun. However, this customization will significantly decrease reload speed, so it will take more time to reload.

Mini-14 [C2] Open Stock Slot

This customization will open up the Stock Slot on the Mini-14, allowing for tactical stock attachments that strengthen stability and recoil control. However, this customization will slightly decrease ADS speed, so it will take more time to ADS.

3. Survivor Pass Vol. 5:

This Survivor Pass introduces Cynthia Song of Project Justice. Complete all the Story Missions to get her costumes and character appearance! You can get the [Shadow Assassin] costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. You can get even better rewards by purchasing the Premium+ Pass. With the level rewards in this Premium Pass, you can get enough NC to purchase the next Premium Pass!

4. Story Mission Reward Updates

You can now preview character appearances that can be obtained by completing Story Missions in the [Story Mission] screen. You can also zoom in and out to see these character appearances in detail You can press and hold the [Total Progress Rewards] button for Story Missions in order to see more information.

5. Lobby Theme Update

Spring is here, and the Lobby theme has been changed to match! New State Mobile is also wrapping up Season 1 and kicking off Season 2 in this patch! When you enter the Lobby, you will receive a season summary as well as your rewards for Season 1. Tiers will also be reset for Season 2 depending on your final Season 1 Tiers.

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Timmins library resuming in-person events, buys mobile ‘book bike’

Timmins library resuming in-person events, buys mobile 'book bike'

The Timmins Public Library saw a healthy uptick of families visiting over the March Break and now staff is looking forward to inspiring the next generation of young readers by being back the popular “story time” event series for the first time since the pandemic began.

The library’s early childhood education advisor, Melissa Vieno, said having children exploring books and finding their interests in a physical library is something that’s been lacking for far too long.

Timmins Public Library hosting in-person events again. Mar. 18/22 (Sergio Arangio/CTV Northern Ontario)

“We’re excited because it’s been two years since we’ve held our storytime (and) a lot of our children that were coming as regular library users for the storytime are now in school,” said Vieno.

“So we’re excited to welcome new faces, new children and just have some children in the stacks again. It’s nice to be able to reach out to those people and see them in person and really connect them with the books, connect them with the new series we have.”

The library is also purchasing its first ‘book bike,’ which will allow staff to travel around town with an ice-cream-bike-style tricycle stocked with books, hard-copy materials and technology that can be brought right to people who need them but may not have had a chance to visit the library.

Timmins Public Library is going mobile with new book bike. March 18/22 (Sergio Arangio/CTV Northern Ontario)

It will cost around $18,000, funded by the federal Healthy Communities Initiative. The library commissioned a Cochrane-born, London, Ont.-based Indigenous artist to design the bike’s artwork.

The library’s CEO, Carole-Ann Demers, said it will hit the streets this summer, visit events in the city’s downtown and travel around the community.

“If it’s a children’s event, we’ll fill it up with children’s books, stuff to give out to the community and we’ll have an iPad on-site, so you’ll be able to register for a library card right there,” Demers said.

“We’re looking forward to attending places like senior’s complexes, perhaps the YMCA, for little children, the Living Space.”

The bike will also carry lendable Wi-Fi hotspots, she said, that people can borrow for a week or two to get free internet access in their homes.

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Apple Event 2022: New Low-End iPhone Expected to Have 5G Service

Apple Event 2022: New Low-End iPhone Expected to Have 5G Service

Apple Inc.

AAPL -0.38%

is bringing 5G cellular connectivity to cheaper iPhones, a move some on Wall Street say will continue to fuel record sales this year as concerns linger over demand for the more-expensive versions.

The Cupertino, Calif., tech giant is slated to reveal the third-generation iPhone SE on Tuesday during a virtual event on the company’s website, starting at 1 p.m. ET. Apple is also expected to unveil an updated iPad Air with a faster processor as well as 5G, and new computers with faster chips, according to a person familiar with the plans.

The iPhone SE was an early pandemic darling for Apple. Sales of the device approached 25 million, or 12% of the company’s estimated global smartphone shipments, in 2020, according to researcher IDC. Apple doesn’t break out results by iPhone model.

The low-end model, which starts at $399 and comes with the smallest display size of 4.7 inches, fared less well in the past year with the arrival of Apple’s flagship products. Those include the iPhone 12 lineup, which introduced ultrafast 5G to the company’s smartphone offerings for the first time and was given a boost with price breaks from carriers eager to get customers onto the new cellular networks.

Sales of the high-end devices helped propel iPhone sales to a record $192 billion in fiscal 2021 and contributed to the year’s record profit of almost $100 billion. At the same time, shipments of the iPhone SE that lacked 5G fell an estimated 40% in 2021 compared with 2020, according to IDC.

“Obviously, some of the phones that Apple has launched have been really expensive, for the mostly mid- to high-end consumer, so now you get an affordable phone with 5G,”

Samik Chatterjee,

an analyst for

J.P. Morgan,

said in an interview.

Mr. Chatterjee raised his earnings estimates for the fiscal year because of expectations for the iPhone lineup, including his faith in the potential of the SE model to appeal to price-conscious buyers looking for 5G. He is forecasting that the SE version could tally 30 million units sold in the first year and help boost overall iPhone shipments to a record of 250 million.

“That’s what will give investors confidence that Apple can continue to grow iPhone revenues,” he said.

Starting in February, U.S. cellular carriers will begin to shut down 3G. WSJ’s Joanna Stern got an old iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 working on the old network, in order to remember all it did to shape the smartphone revolution. Photo illustration: Preston Jessee for The Wall Street Journal

The iPhone 12—and the iterative iPhone 13 versions introduced last fall—helped fuel renewed interest among Chinese consumers. The iPhone’s strength was aided by the collapse of Huawei Technologies Co.’s smartphone business amid sanctions by the U.S. government. The sanctions stripped Huawei of the ability to use

Alphabet Inc.’s

GOOG 0.23%

Android operating system. In the final three months of last year, the iPhone retook the top spot as the bestselling smartphone in China. Mr. Chatterjee said the SE model could benefit from the China dynamics and the country’s interest in 5G phones.

Other analysts seem to be warming to Apple’s potential this year as well. As recently as late last year, the average estimate of analysts surveyed by FactSet predicted flat iPhone sales for the current fiscal year, which ends in September, amid worries that the appeal of the iPhone might have peaked during the year after the big upgrade with 5G technology.

In recent weeks, optimism about the company’s outlook has been growing, aided by stronger-than-expected results for the final three months of last year. Analysts now expect iPhone revenue to rise 5% this fiscal year—after soaring 39% in fiscal 2021.

When the first SE model made its debut in 2016, some analysts said the device could help Apple in markets outside of the U.S. where the iPhone—which can cost more than $1,500—is priced out of reach. Instead, the top three markets for the cheaper device last year were the U.S., Japan and Western Europe, according to IDC.

‘Some of the phones that Apple has launched have been really expensive, for the mostly mid- to high-end consumer, so now you get an affordable phone with 5G.’

— Samik Chatterjee, J.P. Morgan analyst

In China, the SE made up less than 10% of shipments, according to Chiew Le Xuan, an analyst at research firm Canalys. He said the phone struggled against budget-oriented Android rivals and expressed skepticism that the new version would do well in China.

“The iPhone SE third generation may seem like a hit in China due to Apple’s increasing market share and 5G penetration,” he said in an email. “However, according to Canalys data, Chinese consumers are inclined towards phones with a larger display.”

In the U.S., the SE has been a gateway to the Apple brand for owners of less-expensive Android phones. Last year, 26% of SE buyers previously had an Android phone, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ surveys of consumers. “IPhone SE has become a sort of entry-level iPhone, mostly because of its price point,” said

Michael Levin,

Consumer Intelligence Research co-founder.

Apple again might benefit from carriers eager to push its latest phones on customers, according to

Cliff Maldonado,

principal analyst for BayStreet Research, which tracks marketing efforts by the wireless-service providers.

The carriers are eager to move customers from 4G to the new faster networks because it is cheaper for them to deliver the same amount of data. Mr. Maldonado forecasts that carriers will reach about 95% of 5G subscribers in mid-2024. 5G has been aimed at improving connections for games and videos.

“The carriers will be happy to push the SE3 over the previous SE2 at roughly the same $400 price point because the SE3 will allow the carrier to support the phone less expensively on 5G than 4G LTE,” he said.

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