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MWC 2022 live blog: Realme GT 2 launch event is underway

MWC 2022 live blog: Realme GT 2 launch event is underway


It’s time for the first launch of the day.

The Realme GT 2 series is here, and Realme’s YouTube livestream is just warming up now.

We actually know a bit about these devices already, since they launched in China a few months ago, and you can see our Realme GT 2 hub here for all the news. Saying that, they could have changed some specs for the international launch, so we might be going in blind.

Welcome to (the official) Day 1 of MWC 2022!

We’ve got a few reporters on the ground, a few in the cloud (well, remotely), ready to bring you all the news from this super-busy day of tech.

There’s not too long to wait before the events start either.

Well, that’s it for TechRadar for today.

Thanks for following along with the MWC 2022 announcements that we’ve already seen, and we’ll pick this live blog back up bright and early tomorrow morning ready for the busy day of fun.

Tomorrow, or Day 1 as we’ll call it, is looking a lot busier. There’s set to be launch events from:

  • Realme
  • Xiaomi / Pocophone
  • Oppo
  • Honor

And maybe a few more brands besides. Each company could unveil multiple devices, and it could be a really busy couple of hours. So this is set to be the day when our coverage will really ramp up.

So what have we seen today, in day -1 of MWC?

Nope, it seems that’s it for the first pre-day of MWC. We’ll give brands a little more time before winding down this live blog for the day.

The very short Samsung event is over, and the laptops were the only products unveiled during it.

The pre-MWC day is nearly over, so if there’s more to come, we expect it to be along very shortly. Or maybe there isn’t.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s event is for the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 5G – yep, those are some tongue-twister names.

Despute the ‘M’ in ‘MWC’ standing for ‘mobile’, lots of companies do show off their new laptops at the event, so this isn’t a huge surprise – but it does result in lots of mobile journalists having to work out lots of laptop specs!

Read our full Galaxy Book 2 Pro story here for all the specs and information on these new laptops.

We’ll stay tuned to the Samsung Galaxy event in case any new products are launched too.

Samsung’s event has begun – here’s the link to tune in.

Samsung’s event live stream has started, but we’re just seeing a looping animation of the Samsung MWC teaser at the moment. Expect the real deal to start in 10 minutes.

There’s about an hour to go until the next event: Samsung’s MWC event.

You can find a placeholder on YouTube here – it’s set to start 15 minutes before the event actually does, but there will probably be some pre-able footage beforehand. The real thing starts on the hour.

We don’t actually know what to expect from this event, so make sure to pay attention. Or not, that’s what this live blog is for after all.

TCL Nxtpaper 10 Max

(Image credit: TCL)

TCL also showed off a few more gadgets as part of its MWC collection.

The most interesting is the one that’s depicted above, the TCL NxtPaper Max 10, which is a 10-inch Android tablet with an E-Ink screen (like a Kindle). However it seems like this device is only releasing in Asia.

There are also a few more Android tablets, including a re-release of the NxtPaper 10s which we saw at CES in January.

The NxtWear Air was shown off, and these are some smart glasses, though again we’ve already seen them. Finally there was a huge collection of audio products with loads of true wireless earbuds that you might see on store shelves or Amazon soon.

TCL 30 series

(Image credit: TCL)

And there’s been another product launch, and this has brought us the first smartphones of MWC 2022.

TCL has launched five new phones. Check out our coverage on them here, but for the brief low-down, they are:

  • TCL 30
  • TCL 30 Plus
  • TCL 30 5G
  • TCL 30 E
  • TCL 30 SE

These are five budget phones, and they’re all pretty similar too, but we don’t imagine all of them will drop in any one region.

Press render of the new Huawei MatePad

(Image credit: Huawei)

One other interesting device from Huawei’s conference: the new MatePad. Yep, the successor to the Huawei MatePad 11 doesn’t have a number.

You can read our whole Huawei MatePad report here, but it’s a fairly low-cost HarmonyOS tablet that could be tempting for people who are split between an Amazon or iPad tablet.

It’s got a 10.4-inch 2K screen which seems like its biggest feature, but also stylus compatibility and a thin design.

Huawei Sound Joy

(Image credit: Huawei)

Here’s another device from the Huawei press conference that we’re intrigued by: the Huawei Sound Joy may have a weird name, but it’s the company’s first-ever portable Bluetooth speaker.

This gadget has four speakers, a 8,800mAh battery life (26 hours of use, according to Huawei), IP67 resistance and costs €149 (around $170, £130 or AU$230, though availability hasn’t been confirmed yet).

We’ll have to test this out to see if Huawei can hold its own against Sonos or JBL, but it looks pretty neat.

Huawei MatePad Paper in black with screen on

(Image credit: Huawei)

So that Huawei event was surprisingly eventful.

Perhaps the biggest announcement was the Huawei MatePad Paper, a new E-Ink tablet-slash-ereader that’s coming to Euro soon.

It’s bigger and more powerful that the Amazon Kindle, which is the natural rival to any E-Ink device, and also comes with stylus support, video playback and handwriting recognition. Very nifty!

Read our full news on the Huawei MatePad Paper for all the details on this device, but we’re pretty keen to test it out when possible.

Okay, here we go – things are starting to kick off, and it’s Huawei who are first out of the blocks with their press conference – you can watch it right now.

This conference is named “Huawei Spring 2022 Smart Office Launch”, which means business related announcements, rather than consumer devices. We’re keeping an eye on it however, just in case.

TicWatch x Arty

(Image credit: TicWatch)

Though nothing’s launched yet, some companies have been announcing their MWC 2022 plans.

Case in point, Mobvoi (which makes TicWatch smartwatches) has announced it’s launching a new device on March 1.

This seems to be a smartwatch with an emphasis on heart rate tracking features – we’ll make sure to bring you the news whenever Mobvoi officially announces this device.

And we begin! Sunday technically isn’t part of MWC, since the event only truly kicks off tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop some companies.

We already know Samsung is doing something today, and that’s the biggest news through Sunday that we’re aware of – but we might see other companies debut devices without warning too.

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Samsung MWC 2022 event live blog: All the Galaxy Book 2 Pro news as it happens

Samsung MWC 2022 event


Battery life sounds pretty impressive. Samsung is promising up to 21 hours, and 65W charging means you can get 8 hours of battery life after 30 minutes of charging.

Samsung clearly took the criticism about its webcam to heart. Instead of a 720p camera, the new Galaxy Book Pro has a 1080p camera with full HD resolution. The camera has a wider area of view at 87 degrees, and auto framing keeps you in focus, even if you move around on a video call.

As expected, you’re getting 13- and 15-inch models for both the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360. (The latter is a 2-in-1 that can double as a tablet.) The Galaxy Book 2 Pro is 11.2mm thin and weighs in at 886 grams, so we’re talking a thin-and-light model.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro series

(Image credit: Samsung)

We start out with a recap of the Galaxy S22 and how it contributes to open experiences. And that’s going to be expanded to the PCs with today’s Galaxy Book 2 Pro series unveiling.

Mobile World Congress 2022 Samsung event

(Image credit: Samsung)

And we’re underway… stand by for product news.

Samsung MWC 2022 keynote live stream

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s live stream is now, in fact, live, which you can discover for yourself by clicking the embedded video above or by heading to Samsung’s YouTube page. Right now, it’s just showing the MWC Event invite on a continuous loop — you know, that image that highlights the Galaxy Book — but at least there are signs of life with less than 10 minutes to go before show time.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review

(Image credit: Future)

Something to keep an eye on during today’s keynote — just what is Samsung going to charge for these new notebooks?

Some good news on that front: early rumors suggest that pricing won’t be all that different from what Samsung set for last year’s models. As a reminder, the Galaxy Book Pro cost $999 for the 13-inch model and $1,099 for the 15-inch version. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 cost $1,199 and $1,299 for its respective 13- and 15-inch models.

Let’s get in some more early looks at what Samsung has in store, with a Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 render from OnLeaks, who has a pretty good track record when it comes to rumor accuracy.

See more

While we’re waiting for Samsung to take the stage, here’s a look at one of the products announced the last time all of us got together for a Samsung virtual product event — the Galaxy S22 Plus. One of the big features in that phone — and indeed, all of the S22 lineup — was the improved low-light photography and Night mode capabilities Samsung added.

How good are those features? You can see in our Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13 Pro photo comparison.

A screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S22's settings menu, showing the set-up page for Link with Windows

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

It’s not the sexiest feature by any means, but Samsung’s Link to Windows capability is certainly a welcome one. In its current form, the feature lets you link your phone within your Windows desktop so that you can answer messages, access files and perform other activities on a larger screen. (It’s one of the Galaxy S22 features that we recommend you enable right away.)

Samsung is promising to make its tech work together more seamless in 2022, which we take to mean new features related to Link to Windows. We’re hoping to hear more about these today, though Samsung’s Hark-sang Kim gave us a little bit of a preview in the blog post announcing today’s event.

“To provide more consistency in the way our device experiences look and feel for all users, we recently announced One UI Book 4,” Kim wrote. “Now, your favorite Samsung apps like Samsung Gallery and Samsung Notes look clean and consistent, whether you’re using them on your phone or your PC.” Expect One UI Book 4 to get a profile during the upcoming keynote.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

(Image credit: Future)

Look, we’re almost certain that a Galaxy Watch announcement won’t figure into Samsung’s plans today. But that is a smartwatch silhouette on Samsung’s invitation, so if you want to read up on what we’re expecting for the Galaxy Watch 5 when that upcoming model does appear, be our guest.

Just be aware that Samsung is more likely to announce that in August or thereabouts, the same time it shows off its latest foldable phones.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro renders courtesy of 91Mobiles

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

If you don’t mind spoilers, 91Mobiles has posted what it claims are the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Book 2 Pro 360 specs ahead of today’s expected launch. There are renders, too, that depict the different color options Samsung is likely to serve up.

Expect two sizes for both new laptops — a 13.3- and 15.6-inch version. Intel Evo 12th Gen Core processors are listed as providing the power, and graphics are expected to come from Intel Iris X. (The Galaxy Book 2 Pro will have an Intel Arc graphics option.)

The new laptops should run on Windows 11, as you’d expect, with most of the other changes in line with an iterative update for Samsung laptops. We’ll see how accurate this specs drop is in a little more than an hour.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

(Image credit: Future)

To understand what Samsung could be showing off today, it’s helpful to look at the current Galaxy Book Pro lineup, which Samsung introduced last April. Starting at $999 for a 13-inch model, the Galaxy Book featured an 11th Gen Intel CPU and AMOLED screen — the latter being a first for Samsung’s laptop lineup.

We reviewed the Galaxy Book Pro 360, released at the same time as the Galaxy Book Pro. We loved that AMOLED panel and the thin bezels surrounding it, and battery life certainly impressed. But the screen could have been brighter, and we thought the webcam was pretty poor. The included Samsung apps also felt extraneous unless you owned another Samsung device. Given Samsung’s focus on interoperability, we think this last point could be a big focus with the new models.

render of Samsung Galaxy A53

(Image credit: Let’s Go Digital)

Laptops figure to be the main — and possibly only — focus of today’s event, but Mobile World Congress is still largely a phone show. And Samsung still has more phones in the works, despite the recent Galaxy S22 launch.

Specifically, rumors are picking up about Samsung’s next generation of midtier handsets, which suggests those could be on the way soon. The Galaxy A53, in particular, sounds as if it could be of interest to Android phone fans who don’t want to pay flagship prices, as that rumored device will supposedly feature a 6.5-inch screen, 5,000 mAh battery and an Exynos 1200 chipset. Rumors point to an A series launch in March, but maybe Samsung will use its MWC keynote to show off its midtier phones ahead of that date.

While full details of the new Samsung laptops will be confirmed during today’s MWC keynote, Samsung did outline a few broad principles surrounding its next generation of Galaxy Book models earlier this month in a blog post teasing the keynote.

Hark-sang Kim, Samsung’s executive vice president of new computing R&D, promises an expansion of Samsung’s Link to Windows feature that promises a seamless experience among different Galaxy devices. While early Galaxy Book 2 Pro rumors raised the possibility of a Ryzen 6000 series processor, Kim’s blog post essentially confirms that Intel chips will be featured in the new laptops. You should also expect to hear a lot about security, with Samsung working with Microsoft and Intel to provide a more secure experience.