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Marvel Snap devs backflip on Nexus Events after community furore – Dexerto

Marvel Snap devs backflip on Nexus Events after community furore - Dexerto

. Last updated: Jul 29, 2022

After a massive amount of community complaints, developer Ben Brode has announced Marvel Snap plans to remove Nexus Events while reevaluating the game’s future monetization.

Marvel Snap’s monetization tactics have received massive criticism with players screaming pay-to-win. The release of Nexus Events only added extra fuel to the fire.

These events essentially mirror loot boxes, where players use in game currency to perform a gacha roll to unlock exclusive rewards. A single Nexus Event roll cost 180 gold, and 10 rolls cost 1,800 gold. The highest tier cards had a 1.5% drop rate, but there are three different rewards placed at this tier.

After experiencing these rolls firsthand, players became increasing frustrated with the game, expressing concerns with poor marketing and predatory business practices.

As a response to the community’s concerns, lead developer Ben Brode released a twitter post addressing the prevailing issue. The good news? Nexus Events are being binned.

“We’re still working on what our future monetization/new card plans might look like, but we know for sure they’re not Nexus Events,” he told players.

The developers of Marvel Snap put out an emergency patch on July 28 that will halt all Nexus Events after the current one ends on August 1.

“This patch also reverts the change to credit bundle purchases that came with the Nexus Events update — you will be able to use gold to purchase multiple bundles in the shop each day.”

As a response to the post, players seem relieved the developers are at least acknowledging and acting upon criticism. But many still remain skeptical, as more changes are needed to create a healthy environment for Marvel Snap.

Brode is reassuring the community though “these changes are just a first step that we could implement quickly.

“We’re continuing to work on the path forward and will keep y’all updated along the way.”