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A day at the Diamond Aces Remote Control Fun Fly event in photos

A day at the Diamond Aces Remote Control Fun Fly event in photos

Remote control airplanes were soaring through the sky yesterday at the Steinbach Fun Fly event.  

There were plenty of passionate airplane enthusiasts at the event, including Andrew Rodriguez who has a collection of over 40 planes. Then there was Scott Haslem who built some fairly large planes, and his significant other Diana who crocheted pilots for the planes he built. 

Another fun fact: some of the planes at the event could fly at over 150mph! 

Enjoy these photos we took at the event! Make sure you send us your summer photos to win some awesome prizes that are being given away throughout the season during the Show Us Your Summer contest.   

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In Photos: Muscovites Seek Normalcy in Summer Events – The Moscow Times

In Photos: Muscovites Seek Normalcy in Summer Events - The Moscow Times
While rising prices, a sweeping disappearance of foreign brands and entertainment, and a general clampdown on anti-war feeling have all impacted life for Russians since the Kremlin sent troops into Ukraine, life in the Russian capital Moscow largely continues on as normal.

And as the war shows no signs of a resolution, popular summertime events are one source of escape for Muscovites.

Here’s a look at the summertime events that have kept Muscovites entertained:

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Sault gym to host ninja obstacle course event (3 photos)

Sault gym to host ninja obstacle course event (3 photos)

Sault Ste. Marie’s Rebel Gym says it will be hosting the first ever local Ultimate OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) event for several age groups at Queen Elizabeth Park Saturday, June 11.

Though not a display of typical, full-blown ninja martial arts fighting skills, Rebel Gym’s Tyler Belanger said “there’ll be some ninja obstacles and some ninja training elements in there but it is a running obstacle course event.”

The UOCR will combine;

  • Ninja obstacles (monkey bars and grips)
  • OCR obstacles  (wall climbs and rope climbs) 
  • Tests of strength (sandbag carries)
  • A three kilometre run

Such obstacle course races are a new type of competitive event that’s starting to catch on, Belanger said.

“We just finished a ninja competition two weeks ago where we had 80 competitors, lots of them coming from Sudbury. Our ninja competitive program’s growing. We’re growing our events schedule for obstacle course racing. This will be our first obstacle course race we hold in the Sault.”

Belanger, who with wife Dawn owns and operates Rebel Gym – formerly known as 17 Barbells Gym as reported earlier by SooToday – is encouraging people to get outside and get active after pandemic lockdowns and restrictions.

The June 11 event will include over 25 obstacles for participants to contend with and it will be challenging, but Belanger chuckled “we don’t want to scare people away.” 

“This is going to be the first one of many. We’ll run this annually. Sault College and Algoma University are promoting the event and we’re also looking to open up an elementary and high school city championship with this race, so the more kids that can come out and give it a try, then we can start looking at it as a sport like track and field and cross country and put it in the school calendar year.”

“The Elite age group for this event is 18 and over and someone who wants to do this competitively,” Belanger said, encouraging people from that age group to register.

“We have 15 people registered right now from other age groups but we know there are going to be more. We’ll have some people from Sudbury coming as well,” Belanger said.

Belanger anticipates many contestants in the 15 years of age and under age group will register, mirroring the age group of many Rebel Gym regular customers.

Rebel Gym is affiliated with three ninja leagues, including the Canadian Ninja League and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA).

There are world championships for contestants in ninja obstacle course events.

The top three males and females from the Elite category and each age group category will qualify for a spot to race in the UOCR World Championship held at The Orleans Hotel and Arena in Las Vegas Sunday, July 24, 2022. 

The June 11 event at Queen Elizabeth Park, beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing until past 4 p.m., is the only qualifying race being hosted in Canada for Season 1.

Trip accommodations, travel, and the entry fee are not covered by qualification.

Information on age groups participating, start times for each group, fees and how to register for the local June 11 event can be found on the event’s website.

As a gym owner, Belanger said it feels good to have Rebel Gym open again after a tough two years of lockdowns and restrictions, cutting expenses and staff and handing out refunds to customers.

Tyler and Dawn Belanger started up their gym in January 2019 and operated for a year before being locked down due to COVID-19.

“We’re back and ready to go,” Tyler said.

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Loch Lomond’s 2022 slush cup was a chilly but fun event (6 PHOTOS)

Loch Lomond's 2022 slush cup was a chilly but fun event (6 PHOTOS)

THUNDER BAY – Loch Lomond Ski Area held its annual Slush Cup on April 16.

“We had a lot of participants out today for the Slush Cup. I think it was very successful,” said general manager Jason Gerry.

“Everyone was having a great time and the weather was a little on the cold side, so I’m sure that hampered some of the attendance but otherwise, we had a great day.”

The Slush Cup is a water skip where skiers come down the hill and skip across a small pond dug into the snow at the base of the ski hill.

Participants won prizes for best tricks and best costumes, of which, there were plenty to see.

People who weren’t able to head out on Saturday can still get a chance to enjoy some skiing fun with Loch Lomond’s “free day” happening on April 18.

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St. Clair College Easter brunch event returns after two-year hiatus

St. Clair College Easter brunch event returns after two-year hiatus

The annual St. Clair College Centre for the Arts Easter Brunch returned with in-person dining on Sunday after a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Five hundred tickets sold out in about two weeks, according to organizers who say they’re already looking ahead to Mother’s Day.

“We’re extremely excited after a two-year hiatus to have Easter brunch back here at the Center for the Arts,” says Joe D’Angela, director of operations.

“It’s good to see that things are returning back to normal and having the activity back in our ballrooms.”

D’Angela suggests anyone interested in booking reservations for May to act fast, noting it will be a similar setup and that tickets are already 50 per cent sold.

“It’s reservation only by calling the Chrysler Theatre Box Office. Reservation times are 11, 11:30 and 12 o’clock,” D’Angela explains all reservations are for private tables. “We’re still adhering to some restrictions and it makes people a lot more comfortable that they’re sitting on their own private table they’re not sitting with other guests.”

D’Angela adds, “in the past that we would put 800 people in the ballroom, but we’ve decided this year to keep it around 500. We just want people to be really comfortable coming in dining with us know.”

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This farm in the Lower Mainland is offering an adorable boozy adult Easter egg hunt (PHOTOS)

This farm in the Lower Mainland is offering an adorable boozy adult Easter egg hunt (PHOTOS)

The event will include appetizers, dinner, and an egg hunt with ’90s retro tunes. There’s also a ‘meet and greet’ with the Easter Bunny.

A popular local farm in the Lower Mainland is welcoming guests to a couple of fun Easter events this spring. 

Located in Abbotsford, Maan Farms will offer two Easter-themed events this year: one family-friendly offering and a boozy egg hunt for adults. 

Children can interact with adorable farm animals and go on a fun Easter egg hunt at the Baby Animal Easter days (BAE days) event on the farm. There will also be a live Easter bunny, storytelling, and playtime at Barnyard Adventureland.  

Each ticket includes meeting the Easter Bunny, holding and interacting with six different baby animals (bunnies, ducklings, chicks, calves, goats, and pigs), admission to all seven attractions at  Barnyard Adventureland, an activity booklet for the scavenger hunt, eggs to be collected at each animal station to receive an Easter treat at the end of the day, and the opportunity to find the coveted golden egg for a chance to win the grand prize.

Mamma Maan’s culinary prowess will be on display in an array of homemade sweet treats including Rice Krispies Egg Nests, carrot cake, mini donuts, “egg-cellent” ice cream and savoury dishes, such as chickpea and butter chicken rice bowls.

What is Easter ice cream? 

The “Egg-cellent” ice cream includes a “caramel surprise”  inside of a handmade chocolate egg filled with creamy, soft swirl ice cream and topped with mini eggs.

Photo via Maan Farms

Boozy egg hunt for adults 

Maan Farms is offering a Bunnies & Booze Easter egg hunt that is only for adults (ages 19 and up). The event will include appetizers, dinner, and an egg hunt with ’90s retro tunes. 

Each ticket includes the egg hunt with fun games, such as the spoon race, appetizers, dinner, an alcoholic beverage of beer or Maan Farm’s Estate Winery’s award-winning berry wine, ‘meet and greet’ with the Easter Bunny,  and the egg hunt including a chance to find the golden egg to qualify for the grand prize.

Baby Animal Easter Days (BAE Days)

When: April 8 and 9 from 6 p.m. to late

Where: Maan Farms at 790 McKenzie Rd., Abbotsford

Cost: Walking age and up: $18.50 online | $21.00 at the door. Parents: $14.50 online | $15.50 at the door

VIP $40.00 online and $45.00 at the door

In addition to the General Admission Ticket, VIP ticket holders receive animal food to feed the animals, six mini donuts, one glass of Maan Farm’s berry wine or non-alcoholic strawberry lemonade, and a ‘comeback pass’ with a savings of $16.00 per ticket.

Bunnies & Booze

When: April 8 and 9 from 6 p.m. to late

Where: Maan Farms at 790 McKenzie Rd., Abbotsford

Cost: $79.00 online. (Tickets cannot be purchased at the door and you must be over 19 to attend this event).

Maan Farms is located at 790 McKenzie Road in Abbotsford.

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‘Wonderful’ Winterfest draws crowd to ODAS Park (8 photos)

'Wonderful' Winterfest draws crowd to ODAS Park (8 photos)

‘This event shows some light at the end of the tunnel,’ says Moonstone man. ‘It’s nice to do something outdoors and get that feeling of normalcy back’

Orillia families are gathering for wintry fun and excitement today at the third annual Severn Winterfest at ODAS Park. 

This year’s event feels extra special, says event president, Chad Cooke, after the 2021 event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“There is a ton of interest in this year’s event,” Cooke said. “I think people are very ready to be out and feeling more normal.”

Cooke says the community response to the event has been all positive so far.

“People are spreading the word about this event more than I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a really good day.”

Masking is mandatory for indoor activities, but there are no protocols for the outdoor activities, Cooke notes.

The marquee events for the day are the demolition derby, which gets started at 1 p.m., the Polar Bear Dip which gets underway at 4:30 p.m., and the ice bar, which is open all day until 10 p.m.

“I think the biggest thing people are looking forward to is just getting out of the house,” Cooke said. “It’s going to be a nice day to enjoy some fresh air.”

Ian Culbert and his son Duncan made the trip from Moonstone to enjoy the ice house on Saturday morning.

“We are here to enjoy the great outdoors,” Culbert said. “We enjoyed the ice house and now we are headed for the slide.”

Culbert says Duncan is most looking forward to enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate during today’s festivities.

“This event shows some light at the end of the tunnel,” Culbert said. “It’s nice to do something outdoors and get that feeling of normalcy back.”

The Housser family, who lives just down the street from ODAS Park, was checking out the ice bar after enjoying the pancake breakfast.

“We are excited to try out the slide today,” said the mother of the family, Lorna. “I’m most excited to go on the bouncy castle,” added Lorna’s daughter, Hannah.

The Housser family says it feels “wonderful” to get back out into the community after months of pandemic isolation.

The event costs $10 for an adult, $5 for school-aged kids, and is free for children five years old and younger. All funds raised through the event will go to the Orillia Agriculture Society and will also be put toward next year’s event.

“It’s the Agriculture Society who puts this event on and maintains these grounds,” Cooke explained. “They run the fall fair and a ton of other events.”

Cooke also encourages community members to join the Severn Winterfest committee to keep the event going strong for years to come.

“I know the Perch Festival just cancelled because they didn’t have volunteers or sponsors,” he said. “We’ve been shorthanded. I think we have a decent amount of volunteers today, but we were shorthanded to build all this stuff.”