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Canora Mayor thanks those involved with two recent events

Canora Mayor thanks those involved with two recent events

A big thank to several volunteers and individuals for putting on the Canora Ag Days and the Live and Play Street Festival.

Mayor Mike Kwas notes some of the organizations involved where the Cruiser Car Club, the Tourism Committee, the Canora Ag Society and Public Works department.

Chariot and chuckwagon races as well as a Gymkana highlighted the weekend.

There was also a cabaret which featured the Crawdaddies.

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The WDM Hold An Event In Yorkton

The WDM Hold An Event In Yorkton

An event will be held at the Western Development Museum in Yorkton. Back to the Farm is taking place at the WDM and will run today from 10:30am-4pm. Several events are taking place including the operation of various vintage tractors, binding of crop and plowing the back field, demonstrations of clay oven bread baking, rope making, blacksmithing and butter making. Regular Museum admission applies, while WDM members can get in for free.

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First annual off-road motorcycle event coming to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

First annual off-road motorcycle event coming to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Richardson Backcountry in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo
“Photo provided by Ride North Moto”

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development & Tourism (FMWBEDT) has teamed up with Ride North Moto, to deliver their first-ever off-road motorcycle event to the area.

Together, they’re launching “Boreal Royale”, a dual-sport motorcycle adventure taking place June 24-26.

Tyler Cole, Sports & Events Economic Development Officer with FMWBEDT describes it as not being a race, but more of an opportunity to responsibly welcome the motorcycle community to the beautiful backcountry areas of Wood Buffalo.

The event includes four nights of camping at the motocross track and three days of competition that will see competitors use the WANDURO app to find waypoints and collect Quest Points.

The press release describes the event as being similar to geocaching, which is where individuals hunt for hidden objects by using GPS coordinates, but with motorcycles.

“We are working towards this event becoming a staple in the dual-sport and adventure sport motorcycling event calendar going forward,” explained Cole.

McMurray Dirt Riders Association and the WANDURO Adventure Moto Navigation events team from British Columbia will also be hosting Boreal Royale in partnership with the event.

Mike Haberoth, Founder of Ride North Moto says, “We are very excited to see the 1st Annual Boreal Royale come together and to share our passion for motorcycle sport with others in the community. Our local partners have been the key to helping us explore the region’s backcountry and inspiring us all to be proud of the place we call home.”

FMWBEDT stated in a press release that the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation has given permission to the group to allow competitors on their traditional territory in the Richardson backcountry north of Fort McMurray.

An introductory video for the event can be viewed at Boreal Royale – Teaser Video – YouTube.

For more information, you can visit

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Tips for ticketing and pricing your virtual, hybrid and in-person events

Tips for ticketing and pricing your virtual, hybrid and in-person events

Monetizing events and assessing and proving their value to internal stakeholders has always been a challenge for marketers and planners alike. Now, in the new events landscape, things are getting more complicated. 

With virtual, hybrid, and in-person events all in the mix, it’s up to marketers (with the assistance of their planning team partners) to create events that generate the most value for their businesses. Easier said than done. How do you price your trade shows, meetings and conferences so that people will pay the right amount, without your organization leaving money on the table? 

To achieve this, you’ll need to learn about the benefits and limitations of each format as well as how to structure tickets and prices to deliver the value that attendees and sponsors want.

A bold, new events frontier

This new event landscape has changed how organizations and professionals plan, market and sell their events. But here’s the twist: some things remain unchanged. The basics remain—It is still critical to know your customers deeply and tailor your value proposition to them. Understanding your audience’s challenges, motivations and aspirations is the key to engagement, revenue and more. Regardless of the event format. 

However, what has changed is rather unprecedented. With access to new and larger audiences, event marketers have a chance to rethink their strategies around monetization and develop new ways of creating and capturing value. There are now more opportunities than ever for event planners to think beyond ticket sales and recognize the hidden value within their events. 

Yet, with new models and methods comes some confusion and many questions: 

  • What kind of registration types should you offer?
  • How much should you charge? 
  • Should you tailor price points for different audiences? 
  • Can you still make money on free events? 
  • How can you prove ROI?

Finding value and ROI

Think beyond ticket sales to maximize value and event ROI. 

To price and ticket your event optimally, you must first define its value—for attendees, sponsors and the organization itself. You can then maximize that value by mapping it to relevant attendee, sponsor and organizational goals. Maximizing value leads to higher ROI for your organization and a more rewarding experience for your audiences. 

Many organizations focus on ticket sales as the key driver of ROI, but ticket sales are just one slice of a much larger ROI pie. Cvent has identified five benefits that contribute to event ROI: 

  • Direct revenue
  • Attributed revenue
  • Attributed sales pipeline
  • Brand equity
  • Knowledge exchange

When assessing the full value of your events, you must look at all the benefits they provide to the organization along with the costs. There are many things beyond direct revenue that impact how much money an event will make. It can take time for these to come to fruition, but it’s important to include them in ROI. 

Success in the new events landscape

Remember to view value through the eyes of all key stakeholders While you can highlight event value in objective terms (e.g., number and type of sessions, speakers, exhibitors), what matters most is how your stakeholders perceive the event. Imagine yourself in the shoes of attendees, sponsors and internal stakeholders. 

For more about finding success in the new era of events, we encourage you to download Cvent’s new eBook, How to Ticket and Price Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events.

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Pair of events coming up in Preeceville and Canora

Pair of events coming up in Preeceville and Canora

A fun event is coming up in Preeceville.

Councillor Sheldon Luciw states that the Preeceville School is running a Spring Trade Fair.

Luciw says to book a table, call 306-547-7999, also noting a door prize and a 50/50 with a variety of venues.

The fair will be on April 30th from 10am-2pm.

Meanwhile in Canora, there is a fun event coming up as well.

Mayor Mike Kwas says the annual Ukrainian Dance will be taking place at the Canora Composite School.

The dance will take place tomorrow (Sun) at 2 p.m.