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A Series of Unfortunate Events for David Malukas at Long Beach Puts End to a Strong Run

A Series of Unfortunate Events for David Malukas at Long Beach Puts End to a Strong Run

Long Beach, CA (Sunday, April 10, 2022) – Dale Coyne Racing with HMD Motorsports rookie David Malukas had a good start to his first Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, but a series of unfortunate events meant he would see his race end with nine laps remaining.

Started: 18th
Finished: 21st

• Malukas ran strong in his Grand Prix of Long Beach debut, having made his way to 11th before making his first pit stop on Lap 29.
• Unfortunately for the rookie, he crossed the pit exit line too soon upon returning to the track and had to serve a drive thru penalty.
• The penalty sent him to the back of the field, but still on the lead lap.
• Malukas then had to return to pit lane about 30 laps later to get his belts tightened for safety reasons but that would end up putting him two laps down to the leaders.
• A final unfortunate event happened on Lap 76 when he ended up making contact with the Turn 8 tire barrier while trying to avoid a spinning Jimmie Johnson.

David Malukas #18 HMD Honda – Dale Coyne Racing with HMD Motorsports
“I have a bit of bruises and blisters from my first Long Beach Grand Prix but what a series of unfortunate events this race was! I started off strong all while saving the black tires, hoping we could make them last longer and play with our strategy. However, after exiting pit lane with a set of red tires, I crossed the line too soon, which was unfortunate. After serving my drive thru penalty I was still on the lead lap so that was all good but then somehow one of my belts became undone and I had to head to pit lane again to get that fixed and that put me two laps down.
“At that point, I just wanted to bring it home but with about 10 laps to go, Jimmie Johnson spun going into Turn 8 and I tried my best to steer out of his way but I clipped the tire barrier and damaged the front end of my HMD car and that was the end of my race. I truly love the track here in Long Beach and wish things could have gone better but we had no luck this weekend. We had a really good test at Barber in October at my first test with the team so hopefully things can turn around for us at that race in a few weeks.”

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ANNE CROSSMAN: World events and those closer to home puts things in perspective | SaltWire

ANNE CROSSMAN: World events and those closer to home puts things in perspective | SaltWire

CENTRELEA, N.S. — Thinking about all those people fleeing from war and seeing prices going up here at home has given me pause to remember how lucky I am.

I live in a warm house on a hill with a beautiful view.

I have food in the fridge and in the freezer in the basement.

There is enough wood in the basement to see us through the winter to help with the power costs.

I have warm winter clothing and warm footgear.

I have a warm, soft bed with a nice pillow for my head.

I have a bathroom with a flushing toilet, a sink that has water, and a bathtub and shower with hot running water whenever I want it.

I have a well that has never gone dry.

I have my husband here.

I have reliable internet and reliable telephone service. My power stays on most of the time.

I have enough money to pay for the gas for our vehicle to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy.

I have a very reliable snowplow guy who cleans out the long driveway right after it snows.

The only noises I hear outside come from the occasional big truck on the highway or the neighbour’s tractor or the other neighbour’s horses or the coyotes at night or the various little birds that come to the feeders.

My nights are dark with stars and moon shining when it isn’t cloudy.

I live in Annapolis County in the province of Nova Scotia in the country of Canada.

I don’t live in a war zone brought about by a man who wants to turn back time. I don’t have to get my precious stuff together and get to a bus station or a train station to go to another country. My husband doesn’t have to stay behind to fight for our piece of territory.

My children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are safe. My dear friends are safe.

I am so very grateful.

Anne Crossman is a former journalist and media manager. She now does volunteer work in her community of Centrelea, Annapolis County.

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Global Citizen Events puts Reconcili-Action in the spotlight with several events this month – Kelowna News

Global Citizen Events puts Reconcili-Action in the spotlight with several events this month - Kelowna News

March of Reconcili-Action

The next step in reconciliation is action, and Global Citizen Events has several events planned this month, most of them free, to educate and engage the community.

Organizer Nadine Gagne says they have dubbed it Reconcili-Action. “Because it’s really about not just talking about reconciliation but actually getting out in your community and learning about local Indigenous culture and engaging in different cultural learning experiences.”

The month of events kicks off with a virtual tour of the Westbank First Nation Sncewips Museum on March 11.

That will be followed by a free concert featuring Cheryl Bear at Metro Hub in Kelowna on March 12. Bear is a multi-award winning singer/songwriter from the Nadleh Whut-en First Nation who is also a noted speaker and teacher. She has travelled to over 600 Indigenous communities sharing her songs and stories.

On March 20 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, it’s a night of honouring Indigenous women, where local recording artist Arlette Alcock will be among the performers. The night will also feature fashion shows and a screening of ‘Mel’s Story’, a video production by a local artist about murdered and missing Indigenous women.

A water ceremony is planned for March 22, on World Water Day.

Things wrap up with a Children and family storytelling day on March 26, at the Westbank First Nation’s Community Outdoor Pavilion, and March 27, with Sylix storytelling by Madeline Terbasket in the Kekuli Pithouse at Summerhill Winery.

Several other free events are scheduled throughout March and you can find details and tickets through the Global Citizen Events website.

Founded by local community leaders in 2003, Global Citizen Events is an annual initiative that promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and celebrates the impact Okanagan citizens have in global and local humanitarian efforts. It partners with various locally-based organizations to target events at a specific age group or particular focus that encourages social responsibility and inspires positive change.

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Early stage Euro VC Backed brings in another €150M, and puts a heavy focus on founder events – TechCrunch

Early stage Euro VC Backed brings in another €150M, and puts a heavy focus on founder events – TechCrunch

London-based early-stage European VC fund Backed is bolstering its position by adding €75M to its Seed fund, while adding another €75M via a new follow-on fund vehicle. The ‘Backed Core 2’ fund will continue to invest in seed-stage startups, while the new ‘Backed Encore 1’ will do follow-on investments in later-stage rounds of existing portfolio companies.

Partner Alex Brunicki said in a statement: “We’ve pushed ourselves to be an entrepreneurial fund… I’d say we’ve made it to our ‘Series A’. We’re developing deeper edge in frontier markets like Biotech and Crypto; we’re bringing nascent communities together – such as Coin-Op – in a meaningful way; and we’ve built an exceptional team to support our founders at scale.”

Co-founded and launched in 2016 by Partners Andre de Haes and Brunicki, Backed says it now has 67 companies with an aggregate value of €10.7Bn. It’s also claiming three unicorns: SkyMavis owners of crypto game Axie Infinity; banking platform Thought Machine; and the Ethereum Layer 2 solution Immutable X. It’s also had exists such as mobile gaming studio, Hutch Games, which sold to MTG for $375M in November 2020.

LPs in the fund include firms such as Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (through their Sienna Capital vehicle) and private firms such as Wilshire Associates, alongside 20 family offices and over 20 entrepreneurs.

The question is, with so many early-stage VC funds now playing across Europe, what sets Backed apart from the others?

Backed says it’s all about being “human-centric”. That translates into an 18-month founder support programme, with leadership training, workshops, in-house recruiter, mental health service providers and an in-house executive coach for founders and leadership teams.

In other words: a large swathe of training and events. Backed’s other ‘special sauce’ – it says – is plenty of off-sites and founder retreats. Whether you want to describe those as ‘parties’ or not is up to you, but it’s just as well that, in modern times, UK Prime Minister Boris Johson has re-defined the meaning of the phrase ‘work events’.

This emphasis on hosting translates into 30 events annually, from founder dinners to a 1,000 person party at the Finnish tech conference Slush, and co-hosting conferences such as Coin-Op, a global blockchain-gaming summit held at the London Science Museum. 

Backed also has 60 Venture Scouts in its network across Europe such as Maximillian Bade, GP at Nucleus Capital, Abi Mohamed, Programme Lead at Tech Nation, Saloni Bhojwani, Partner at Pink Salt Ventures, and Nalden, Founder of WeTransfer and Adelee.

In an interview de Haes told me: “During the pandemic, we launched three different kinds of workshop or webinar series for founders, such as how do you survive a pandemic and how do you look after your people. Now that we’re moving back to an offline world… it’s ramping up again. So this year, for example, we’ve got two three-day retreats in Italy and Ibiza for founders, six crypto gaming events. So it’s we’re going back to a much more in-person experience.”

The question, however, is how are all these events funded, given VCs aren’t usually in the events business?: “We’re funding from management fee and from voluntary contributions that attendees make up the events,” de Haes told me. “And then from sponsors, so AWS, Pernod Ricard – these sorts of businesses want to be associated with this clan of people.”

What next, a Backed ‘Fyre Festival’?


•   21% Web3 / Blockchain

•   15% Gaming & Entertainment

•   12% Biotech

•   10% Financial Services

•   10% Manufacturing

•   6% Beauty / Fashion

•   7% Food / Agtech

•   6% HR / Legal

•   4% Pharmaceuticals

•   4% Property

•   3% Utilities

•   2% Education


•   White male (71.2%) White female (6.3%)

•   Black male (1.8%) Black female (4.5%)

•   Asian/NBPOC male (13.5%) Asian/NBPOC female (2.7%)