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Genshin Impact ‘End of the Line’ event quest puzzle walkthrough

Genshin Impact ‘End of the Line’ event quest puzzle walkthrough

The last part of the Perilous Trail Genshin Impact event places you in a confusing time-based domain, “The Realm of Snaring Illusions”, where you have to solve a puzzle with the Fantastic Compass to continue. Our Genshin ImpactEnd of the Line” walkthrough explains the steps to complete this domain easily.

This domain will force you to fight as Yanfei, Yelan, and Xiao, so don’t worry too much about which characters your bring in.

Once you watch the event cutscene, you’ll be tasked with entering a domain that is marked on your map. Head into it and you’ll be placed in a new area as Yanfei. From there, just complete the steps below:

  1. Beat the two waves of enemies as Yanfei.
  2. Once they’re beaten, destroy the tree sprout next to the half-buried compass. Interact with the compass to move the needle forward.
  3. Head through the gate and beat up the next set of enemies as both Yelan and Yanfei.
  4. Interact with the switch behind the compass (pictured below).
  5. Move the needle forward so it’s pointing as far right as it can.
  6. Head through the gate again and fight the enemy as Xiao. Attack the purple shroud with eyes to move on.
  7. Get rid of the spider and web that is now blocking the cave you opened in step four.
  8. Using the compass inside the cave, move the needle backward so it’s pointing all the way to the left.
  9. Head through the gate again.
  10. The compass will now be fully uncovered. Move the needle forward so it’s pointing at the bottom right symbol.
  11. Run through the gate one last time.

Zhongli stands in front of a switch that’s closing a gate

Interact with this switch in step four to continue the puzzle.
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

After you’re done with this, a long cutscene will play out featuring the Traveler and the rest of the gang, and you can then claim Primogems and other rewards through the event menu.

Once you clear this, you can also do Yelan’s story quest, “Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I – Calculated Gambit.”