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Forum Lecture: Re-Assembling Fabrication – Events Calendar

Forum Lecture: Re-Assembling Fabrication - Events Calendar

Michael Green is the founder of Michael Green Architecture in Vancouver. He lectures internationally on the subject of mass timber and new building technology, including his TED talk, “Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers.”

Ramtin Attar is the co-founder and CEO of Promise Robotics, a Toronto and Edmonton company that seeks to bring emerging technologies to the home building industry to address the rising demand for housing amid a shortage of affordable homes.

Amid a growing housing crisis and increased calls to limit the overwhelming climate impacts of residential construction, this Forum Lecture asks: What novel fabrication and material forming techniques can we use to reassemble our approaches to domesticity? Computational design and automated fabrication have today become mainstream in the construction industry. Yet, there remains much to consider concerning energy efficiency and structural possibilities. This panel of speakers will describe what they see as the future possibilities for housing construction, foregrounding new approaches in concrete and timber construction relative to concerns over climate and technology.