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Live Music Restart Program – Festivals & Events

Rocking the suburbs with new music events

The program aims to support the re-establishment of Victoria’s position as a world-leading state for contemporary music through:

Priority will be given to supporting live music festivals and events that will most significantly support Victoria musicians and communities, contribute to rebuilding of the creative and commercial capacity of the Victorian contemporary live music industry.


Key dates

Round opened: 21 July 2022
Round closed: 3pm, 18 August 2022

For activities commencing from 1 December 2022.  Funding results will be available before November 2022.


Funding available

Presenting organisers of large, complex live music events and festivals are invited to apply for grants of between $250,000 and $1,000,000 to support the cost of planning and delivery of a single live music festival or event; or a series of live music festivals or events featuring contemporary live music in Victoria intended to have a capacity of at least 3000 in-person attendees.


Notification of funding outcomes

Funding recommendations are subject to approval by the Minister for Creative Industries.

Any application feedback is provided at Creative Victoria’s discretion and may not be available at the time of notification of funding outcome.

There is high a level of demand for Creative Victoria funding and so applicants are advised:

  • to plan for contingencies if their application is unsuccessful (e.g., other funding sources); and
  • against entering commitments based on any assumption that they will receive funding, before receiving written notification of their final funding outcome.


Payment of Grants

The payment of program funding will be conditional upon the grant recipient meeting its obligations under a funding agreement between DJPR and the recipient, including fulfilling any payment milestone outcomes or deliverables set out in the funding agreement.

Please refer to the Program Guidelines below for the full eligibility criteria.


Who can apply

The Live Music Restart Program – Festivals & Events is open to experienced organisers of contemporary live music festivals and events in Victoria.

Applicants must demonstrate delivery of at least two live music festivals or events within Victoria at any time in the period between January 2017 to present, each with:

  • an in-person attendance greater than 3,000 people; and
  • a sound revenue generating model.


Applications Opening Soon

Applications will be accepted from the opening date on this webpage . Applications submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.

The Live Music Restart Program – Festivals & Events program applications are submitted via the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Grants Portal.

General information on how to access the Grants Portal, including how to register and FAQ about the Grants Portal, can be found here.


If you wish to work on DRAFTS, or see your SAVED APPLICATIONS, please click here to return to the Grants Portal.



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Who to talk to

Email Emma Ciolli via or phone on 03 9623 1255.