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Strong showing at Meadow Lake 4-H Light Horse event

Strong showing at Meadow Lake 4-H Light Horse event

“They learn how to properly take care of their horses, about horse health and riding skills — how to handle their horse,” Loewen said.

Lloydminster 4-H Expo this weekend

The Meadow Lake club will next be participating in the 4-H Expo in Lloydminster from Saturday, June 4 to Monday, June 6. The Eagle Hills Multiple 4-H Club in the Battlefords also has members taking part in the Light Horse competition.

The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association confirmed close to 250 4-H members from the surrounding area will showcase their projects for the year. The event includes heifers, steers, cow/calves, light horses, and multi-projects, and takes place at the Lloydminster exhibition grounds.

Lloyd Ex agricultural manager Shelly Ann Dodgson said clubs from the region, including Lloydminster, Paradise Hills, as well as other clubs from Saskatchewan and Alberta will be participating.

“It really brings them together in a fun and interactive competition, so they are able to meet other kids across the province in an inter-provincial competition,” she said. “There will be a lot of networking happening.”

The Light Horse show and competition will take place Saturday and Sunday starting at 9 a.m. on both days.

“The Saturday [event] focuses more on your performance, so your equitation classes and showmanship,” Dodgson said. “Then, Sunday is the big day where all the kids hang out and get to do Gymkhana [timed activities].”

In addition to the main projects, there will also be sheep, canine, archery and multi-program presentations to bring in more 4-H members.

“We cover a very large gamut of projects,” Dodgson added.

There will also be a beef component to the expo.

The Beef Projects Club Judging Competition will take place Sunday at 10 a.m. and the Cow/Calf and Heifer Project Show will be held a little later at 2:30 p.m.

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Strong Showing in Field Events Leads Penn State on First Day of Split-Squad Meets – Penn State University Athletics

Strong Showing in Field Events Leads Penn State on First Day of Split-Squad Meets - Penn State University Athletics

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Penn State track and field teams collected seven event victories and two field event sweeps on a successful opening day of split-squad action at the UCF Knights Invitational and Raleigh Relays Friday.

In addition to the seven event victories, multiple athletes achieved personal records and top-10 program placements in the strong Penn State showing Friday.

Indoor Big Ten runner-up Katie Jones kicked the day off in Orlando with a first-place finish in women’s pole vault, clearing a height of 4.00m. The win began a dominant string of field events for Penn State that saw Tyler Merkley come out on top of a Nittany Lions men’s discus sweep, with a throw of 52.11m. Senior Thomas Bojalad and sophomore Duane Knisely rounded out the sweep with throws of 51.13m and 48.23m, respectively. The duo followed up by also placing second and third, respectively, in men’s shot put, with marks of 16.69m and 16.24m.

Indoor Big Ten bronze medal winner Breanna Gambrell won the women’s long jump with a mark of 6.24m, setting both a new outdoor personal record as well as the eighth-best jump in Penn State history.

Strong performances by the men’s throwers continued after first-year Collin Burkhart spearheaded another Nittany Lion sweep, winning the men’s javelin with a new personal best throw of 68.19m. Kevin Bartosh followed in second with a throw of 65.06m, and Tristan Schmidt completed the sweep with a distance of 61.48m. On the women’s side, the duo of Madison Smith (44.37m) and Ryann Brundage (40.79m) placed second and third in strong showings.

Mid-Atlantic Region Field Athlete of the Year Mallory Kauffman saw two top-3 finishes on the day, as she placed third in women’s discus with a toss of 45.58m before finishing second in women’s shot put with a throw of 16.82m.

On the track, Penn State saw a sweep of the 400m hurdles from both the men’s and women’s side, as both Godwin Kabanda (54.08) and Antoninette Bradley (1:00.42) secured first-place finishes. Ka’mere Day won the men’s 200m dash with a new personal best time of 21.02.

In their outdoor debuts, Korbin Martino finished fourth in the men’s 200 with a personal best time of 21.45, and Allen Taylor finished second in the men’s 400m hurdles with a 54.92.

In the Raleigh Relays, Madaline Ullom ran the ninth-fastest women’s 1500m in program history with a time of 4:20.27. Makenna Krebs achieved a new personal best time of 4:29.01. Senior Connor McMenamin led Penn State in the men’s 3000m steeplechase with a time of 9:03.26. 

Penn State closed out the day in the 5000m race, with Faith DeMars running a time of 16:27.07 and Alison Willingmyre running a 16:35.41. Sophomore Sophia Toti finished with a time of 16:40.34.

The Nittany Lions will resume action in Orlando tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. ET, beginning with women’s hammer throw.



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Miss Manners: Stop showing up at our open-door, publicized events!

Miss Manners: Stop showing up at our open-door, publicized events!

DEAR MISS MANNERS: We have a weekly ladies’ group that meets for coffee. As a result of COVID-19, we haven’t met in quite some time. We announce our meetings on a social media group page because we would like the group to be open to new people who might be interested.

However, there is a lady who often overshares and divulges information about others that is private. As a result, she is not well-liked by any of the other group members.

Most of us have subtly communicated that we would prefer not to spend time with her (by being busy when she reaches out, or simply not following up with her about getting together). She doesn’t seem to be able to read the writing on the wall.

Is there a mannerly next step? Is there something more than hinting, but less than overtly saying, “We would prefer that you didn’t come to our group”?

Last year, when some precipitous events occurred, I let her know, directly but respectfully, that I was not comfortable with some of her behavior. She is just quite committed to spending time with us despite this.

I am not sure what, besides simply tolerating her, there is to do. Can you see something I am missing?

GENTLE READER: Yes. That she is reading the writing on the wall.

Your social media wall. Where she is able to see when and where the meetings are being held.

Therein lies the somewhat obvious problem. Miss Manners understands that you want the group to be open to new members, but this sort of public invitation means that anyone can join. And clearly, you would like to be more selective.

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband and five of his male friends have a longstanding, semimonthly game night they take turns hosting. When my husband hosts, the players arrive after our young children are in bed and stay until midnight.

These games can get rowdy and bawdy, so I usually say hello when they arrive, then withdraw upstairs for the evening.

The most recent time my husband hosted, he suddenly became very ill with a high fever halfway into the evening. He told his friends to continue playing, and then went to bed, leaving them alone downstairs.

What was the right thing for me to do in that situation? I was already in my pajamas and tucked in for the night. Should I have left the guests alone to play while we all slept, and hoped they’d show themselves out? Or should I have dressed and sat up with them, feeling like a hall monitor?

In the end, I got up, waited until a natural stopping point and asked if they could continue the game another night. It was awkward. I trust these guys to have run of our house, but it just felt wrong to leave guests unattended. Was there a better way to handle this?

GENTLE READER: Yes, but not by you. Your guests should have left the moment your husband declared himself unwell.

Miss Manners wonders at their flagrant disregard for his and their own health — particularly in the current climate, when a high fever could be the symptom of something very serious. These men must really take their gambling seriously.

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