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BBB warns of fake tickets for summer events being sold online

BBB warns of fake tickets for summer events being sold online

COLCHESTER, CT (WFSB) – Concerts, fun runs, and beer crawls might be on the docket this summer, but the Better Business Bureau is warning of scams they’ve been seeing recently.

Not everything you see online is true, and that also goes for tickets being sold online.

“Well, it’s really frustrating because you know, $85 is not a lot of money, until someone just takes it from you,” said Alicia Chambers, scam victim.

You likely see the ads popping up in your social media feeds.

Nationwide people are buying tickets to what they think are real events that end up being fake.

“People are finally ready to get out. The pandemic is getting better, people want to interact, they want to socialize. There are all of these events, people are waiting to participate in,” said Kristen Johnson, Director of Communications for the Better Business Bureau.

Johnson said these scams happen so easily, but people don’t realize when things don’t quite match up.

“They’re seeing these advertisements, they’re going to the websites, they seem professional, they buy the tickets and then shortly before the event, it gets canceled and there’s no way to get in contact with the people they bought the tickets from. That’s when they realize this is a scam,” Johnson said.

That exact thing happened to Alicia Chambers.

She was planning on going to the Bubble Run in Memphis with her daughter, and after spending $82, it never ended up happening.

“The Facebook page that they had looks really cool. You’re running through bubbles, it sounds like such a fun event and it’s not happening, and it sounds like it never was going to happen,” said Chambers.

She said the website looked so real.

Johnson said scammers will copy real websites and make them their own.

“So what you want to do is not only look at the website, but look for contact information, contact the people behind these events and make sure there’s a real person there. A lot of time, these scammers are halfway across the globe,” said Johnson.

“I wish that I would have done a little more research on this event so that i would have known that it probably was not a good idea,” said Chambers.

One thing to lookout for is this: “https”.

The “s” means it’s a secure website, and you’re more likely to have protections if you pay on a secure website.

BBB Connecticut has not received any specific reports of people in Connecticut being victimized, but they know if it’s happening nationwide, it’s most likely happening here.

To report a scam to the BBB, click here.

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Next Media Rights For Indian Market And Men’s And Women’s Events To Be Sold Separately By ICC


The ICC has gone to market with its media rights for the next eight-year cycle, and it has done so in a completely different fashion than before. The ICC will go to market in India alone beginning next week, selling rights for men’s and women’s events individually, as well as digital rights. This reflects the shifting media landscape. 

The ICC’s choice to go to India first reflects a determination to get the best business contract possible. The ICC has previously sold worldwide rights to both men’s and women’s tournaments on a consolidated basis. No longer: the ICC intends to sell rights for various areas in the future, in the hopes of attracting more bids and therefore increasing the deal’s overall worth. 

Invitation To Tender For All Events In The India Market Due On 22 August

ICC Women's ODI World Cup 2022
ICC Women’s ODI World Cup 2022. Image Credits: Twitter

On June 20, the ICC will issue an Invitation To Tender (ITT) for all of the events in the Indian market, and sealed bids will be due on August 22. By early September 2022, the ICC will notify the selected bidders before issuing the ITTs for further markets. 

Next Media Rights For Indian Market And Men's And Women's Events To Be Sold Separately By ICC

Before announcing its proposal for the world tournaments, the ICC waited for the BCCI to finish its media rights e-auction for the IPL, which brought in deals worth more than $US 6 billion. Before finalising its own strategy, the ICC engaged the BCCI to evaluate the approach utilised for the IPL rights auction.

The ICC, unlike the BCCI, will continue to employ the sealed-bids procedure “to inspire potential bidders to make their highest bid for the events and package they want,” according to a media statement. 

Six Different Bundles To Be Available In India

In India, up to six different bundles will be available, including TV-only, digital-only, and a mix of the two. 

Bidders can compete in 16 men’s events (spanning eight years) and six women’s events (spanning four years), totaling 362 and 103 matches, respectively. Only senior-level matches are included in these data; the men’s and women’s Under-19 World Cups (one-day and T20) will also be included, although they will be in addition to these match figures.

India women cricket team
India women’s cricket team. Image: Twitter

Four Under-19 World Cups, four T20 World Cups, two Champions Trophies, four World Test Championship finals, and two 50-over World Cups are among the 16 men’s competitions. Two T20 World Cups, two Under-19 T20 World Cups, one 50-over World Cup, and one T20 Champions Trophy will be among the six women’s competitions. 

The ICC media release said, that “interested parties will be required to submit a bid for the first four years of men’s events. However, they also have the option of bidding for an eight-year partnership.” 

If any of the packages is only sold for four years, the ICC will open a new opportunity to sell the rights for the next four years. 

For the men’s events (including the Under-19 events), three packages will be available: 

  • TV (four/eight years)  
  • Digital (four/eight years)  
  • TV and digital combined (four/eight years)  

Similar packages will be available for women’s events (including Under-19 events), with the exception that each will last four years: 

  • TV (four years)  
  • Digital (four years)  
  • TV and digital combined (four years)  

“There has been significant growth in interest in women’s cricket over the last five years and we have made a long-term strategic commitment to accelerate that growth, and unbundling the rights for our women’s events will play a huge role in that,” ICC chief executive Geoff Allardice said as per the release. 

 “We are looking for a broadcast partner who is excited by the role they will play in growing the women’s game and ensuring more fans than ever before can enjoy it.” 

Highest Bid May Not Fetch Women’s Rights

The next ICC rights cycle will include six women's tournaments (Image Credits: Twitter)
The next ICC rights cycle will include six women’s tournaments (Image Credits: Twitter)

Bidders will have the option of exhibiting “their vision for cricket to the ICC, particularly for the Women’s Package” when they include their final bids in a sealed envelope in August, as part of the ICC’s continued drive to broaden the reach of women’s cricket internationally. 

Instead of using money as the sole criterion for the next cycle, the ICC is inviting bidders to discuss how they will use their platform to promote the women’s game, which might add more value and purpose to the contract overall. For the women’s events, the ICC has left the option of not granting the rights to the highest bidder open. 

Previously, women’s global tournament rights were sold as an add-on to men’s events, which the ICC believed devalued the women’s game. 

The latest consolidated ICC rights contract had gone to Star India (2015-2023). The ICC has not announced the deal’s worth, but ESPNcricinfo understands it to be around US$ 1.9 billion. 

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Fall for 1309 event SOLD OUT, more photo events available – Trains

Predawn light illuminates the large plume as steam engine pulls train

Trains magazine, Western Maryland Scenic hold fall-color photo event, featuring the world’s largest operating Mallet steam locomotive

Predawn light illuminates the large plume as steam engine pulls train

Predawn light illuminates the large plume as steam engine pulls train
Western Maryland Scenic No. 1309 greets the dawn in the Narrows just outside of Cumberland, Md., on Feb. 27, 2022. Jim Wrinn photograph

Trains Magazine and Western Maryland Scenic will be hosting 60 guests at its sold-out event Nov. 4-6, 2022, to welcome back the last Baldwin-built steam locomotive made for the USA. The world’s largest operating Mallet will perform for guests for three days in its first fall photographers’ event. The event will include a program on its restoration, which was sponsored by Trains magazine; a night run and night photo sessions; two days of photo locations with a 10+ car photo freight on the legendary Western Maryland main line. You’ll go home with great memories, full memory cards, and a fantastic experience. Event includes Friday reception on board the railroad’s dinner train: breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

But wait, there’s more!
If you’re interested in other Trains’ photography events, tickets are still available for our Age of Steam Roundhouse event with other events to be announced soon! Watch Trains’ News Wire, the print magazine, and Trains’ Facebook page for announcements.

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30,000 tickets sold for Vancouver Formula E event 100 days out, organizers say

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Organizers plan to build E-Fest into “a staple event” on Vancouver’s annual calendar. But lots of work remains before the checkered flag flies.

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One hundred days out from Vancouver’s first Formula E event, organizers say early ticket sales have been brisk, but much work remains ahead of what they call a first-of-its-kind event for the world of electric car racing.

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On Canada Day long weekend this year Vancouver is set to host the electric car event, called Canadian E-Fest, joining other destinations including Berlin, Rome, Monaco and New York in the Formula E Championship calendar.

“I just got off a call with Formula E earlier this morning, and they can’t believe we have this many tickets sold with still three months to go” said Anne Roy, a co-founder and partner of One Stop Strategy Group, or OSS, the company promoting and organizing E-Fest. “All their other races, the tickets get sold at the last minute.”

Reached Wednesday in Montreal, 101 days before race day, Roy said more than 30,000 tickets have been sold. Suites were “almost sold out,” she said, “so we might have to build extra hospitality suites.”

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Vancouver’s E-Fest will stand out from other Formula E races, with its focus on creating an entire “festival weekend,” Roy said. In addition to the race, on Saturday, July 2, E-Fest will also include a sustainability business conference, an e-sports tournament, and live music, with rockers Nickelback announced last month.

But it hasn’t been easy getting to this point, especially during COVID-19, Roy said. “It’s a lot of work, though, I have to tell you … It has not been smooth-sailing.”

Now, though, Roy says: “Everything is on-track.”

The event has been in the works for years, but now is crunch-time for several details to fall into place.

Vancouver confirmed this week that the city and event organizers signed a “host city agreement” in February. The city’s special events department hasn’t yet issued a permit for the race or any of its components including the Nickelback concert, the city confirmed, but would look to issue a permit after the organizers submit several planning documents, including a safety and security plan, a traffic management plan, community benefits agreement and outdoor concert licensing. Contractually, those and other documents are due by 95 days before the event, which is Monday, March 28, the city said.

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“The issuance of a special event permit will be contingent upon these documents being delivered, reviewed and approved by the city’s Film and Special Events Office,” the city statement said this week. “Planning complex events take more effort in their first year, and the city is monitoring progress closely and is in frequent contact with the event organizer to help ensure everything is in order in time for the event.”

Roy is a car racing veteran, inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 2020. She spent 20 years with the IndyCar Series, including the Molson Indy Vancouver races that brought some of the world’s top drivers to some of the same parts of East False Creek in the 1990s and 2000s.

Roy says Vancouverites should rest assured this year’s E-Fest will not repeat the problems of the 2017 Formula E event in Montreal, which became a major political issue and controversy. The city’s inspector-general reported in 2018 that former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre had ignored legal advice and circumvented the rules to bring the Formula E event to town.

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Many Montrealers were frustrated at the mayor over the 2017 event, Montreal Gazette city columnist Allison Hanes wrote, and “had their say at the ballot box” later that year, voting in Coderre’s rival, current Mayor Valérie Plante.

Plante called the Montreal ePrix a “financial fiasco” and cancelled the next two planned years, prompting the Formula E group to sue the mayor and city for $33 million, The Gazette reported, with the city settling in July 2021 for $3 million.

Roy, who worked on the Montreal Formula E event after Coderre’s office brought her on as a race consultant, said the difference between Montreal’s 2017 Formula E event and Vancouver’s 2022 event is that this year “the deal is between OSS and Formula E.”

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“Formula E didn’t do a deal directly with the City (of Vancouver). Because if that was the case, the city would have had to pay a huge amount to Formula E to get that event,” Roy said. “That money comes out of our pocket, we’re the ones paying for that. So I think Vancouver’s pretty lucky to have a big event like that free-of-charge.”

The City of Vancouver confirmed it isn’t an official partner of E-Fest.

When city council discussed the prospect of a Formula E event at an April 2021 meeting, councillors and staff discussed the importance of ensuring Vancouver wasn’t financially on the hook. Council approved a motion, introduced by independent Coun. Sarah Kirby-Yung, directing city staff to work with the OSS Group to enable the Formula E event in July 2022, with “costs to be borne by the organizer, and all city service costs to be recoverable from the organizer.”

The vision is to create “more than just a race,” Roy says. “The plan is to make this a staple event on the calendar for Vancouver every year.”

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