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Three Ways to Stay Sane During Busy Season

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For many in our industry, summer brings warm days full of sunshine, and also the busiest time of year. It’s easy to get wrapped up in taking care of clients, managing staff, running a business—and completely leaving out personal needs. Self-care often takes a hit during busy season. I’ve outlined three ways to get ahead of this challenge. Plan now and proactively prevent burnout.

Pleasing clients comes with the territory in the hospitality and events industries. However, giving clients parameters regarding how to work best with you and your team not only preserves your sanity, but also gives them assurance that you work systematically, organized, and professionally. This includes:

  • Defining your times available (aka: office hours)
  • Communicating when you’re unavailable because you’re at an event site
  • Setting expectations for your time off on weekends, vacation days, and family time

We often hold back on giving boundaries and defining expectations to our clients because we can be eager to win their business and we want to be approved at all stages of working together. This can end up canceling out any semblance of free time we might have in busy months. It also creates rudderless clients who lack guidance and feel lost.

Everyone needs structure. If you define this structure for your clients and their events, this will allow you to accommodate your personal needs, while giving your client a safe space to operate. They’ll be happier for it.

I see far too many people trying to plan a weekend or a vacation when they’re already at the breaking point and totally burned out. At this point, it’s too late. A few days off may help a bit, but won’t recuperate the months of overload and overwhelm (I think we can all relate to this from 2021).

Recent research on rest shows that more frequent breaks and pauses from daily work can result in better returns when compared to a binge time-off of a week or more. It’s the daily recharging that keeps us fueled.

Decide what this looks like for you. Is it a commitment to daily exercise? Is it a strong morning routine of reading and meditation? Is it pausing for lunch every day? Commit to stopping work briefly throughout the day and refreshing yourself frequently. Decide on that path now before things get too crazy and you can’t incorporate a new routine.

If you’re looking at your calendar and see that you only have two weekends off for the next three months, it’s time to grab those weekends for yourself and start creating plans to fill the weekend. Whether you plan to use it for travel, or staying at home and chillaxing, decide on what actions you’ll take to replenish your spirit in this time.

If you don’t proactively plan for how you want to use that time, the default tendency will be to catch up on housework or office work. This is not resting. Planning ahead gives you a roadmap to follow during those weekends that you may be too tired to think or plan anything.

In addition to the 10-hour nap you plan on taking, include some outdoor time, time with friends, and quality time with family. Plan ahead for the fun stuff you don’t normally have time to do. Happiness research shows that we feel satisfaction when we feel accomplishment—and this goes for free time too. While I don’t want you to be a treadmill of ‘should haves’ and ‘must dos’, think of this as the time to accomplish the things that bring you joy outside your work. I promise you’ll feel more energized if you proactively plan for this in advance, so that you don’t have to even think about it when those weekends arrive.

Lastly, find a friend or colleague who can keep you accountable. This may be a check-in with each other monthly to gauge if you’re both keeping true to these busy season strategies. Or it may be a buddy pact to ask one another how you are each feeling about stress. When we’re in the thick of it, having someone from the outside check on you can be a great reset to stay committed to our burnout prevention plan.

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Downtown Tulsa Businesses Stay Busy With Multiple Events At BOK Center

Downtown Tulsa Businesses Stay Busy With Multiple Events At BOK Center

Friday, March 18th 2022, 11:07 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma –

It’s been a busy week for the BOK Center with A-Listers returning to Tulsa. The crowds for performances are bringing a much-needed boost for local businesses. News On 6’s McKenzie Gladney shared the businesses’ relief.

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With big events coming up, Neeraj Chopra to extend US stay | More sports News – Times of India

With big events coming up, Neeraj Chopra to extend US stay | More sports News - Times of India
NEW DELHI: Neeraj Chopra won’t be coming to India anytime soon, as the javelin thrower has decided to extend his stay in the US by four-and-half months till the World Athletics Championships in Oregon from July 15 to 24, TOI has learnt. There’s a possibility that the Tokyo Olympics gold medallist may return only after the Birmingham Commonwealth Games (CWG), which is scheduled to start four days after the Worlds, on July 28.
Neeraj has currently been training at the Chula Vista elite athlete training centre in the US since December 5 last year and was scheduled to arrive home after March 4, following the completion of his 90-day off-season camp.
Neeraj placed his request for extension with the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) and the same was forwarded to the Sports Authority of India (SAI), which cleared the proposal. “It made no sense for Neeraj to return home, given the packed international calendar which will see him competing at the Worlds, Birmingham CWG and Hangzhou Asian Games (September 10 to 25),” a source in the know of the development informed.

“Many world-class athletes prefer to train in Chula Vista for big-ticket events like the Worlds. They make their bookings months in advance to stay at its residential facility. It would have been difficult for Neeraj and his support staff to get a booking at the facility closer to the Worlds. So, it’s been decided to let him stay there and continue with his training. This will keep him fresh not only for the Worlds but for the CWG and Asiad as well. Also, one is never sure about this Covid-19, like when the new wave strikes the globe and the subsequent restrictions will follow,” the source added.
It’s also been learnt that around 25-30 track and field athletes and 10-12 coaches and support staff will join Neeraj at the Chula Vista centre for the period between June 18 and July 13 to prepare for the Worlds. These athletes will include those who have already qualified for the event and those likely to qualify. The 26-day training camp will provide the athletes much needed exposure. “The trip will help them acclimatise with conditions in the US ahead of the Worlds.” the source said.
Athletes qualified for Worlds: Neeraj Chopra (javelin throw), Sandeep Kumar (20km walk), Rahul (20km walk), Avinash Sable (3000m steeplechase), Tajinderpal Singh Toor (shot put), 4x400m relay men (six athletes), Kamalpreet Kaur and Seema Punia (discus throw) and Priyanka (20km walk)
Likely to qualify: 4x400m relay women (six), Annu Rani (javelin throw), Harmilan Bains (1500m), Dharun Ayyasamy (400m hurdles), Hima Das (200m), Dutee Chand (100m/200m), Murali Shreeshankar (long jump); Bhavana Jat (20km walk) and Karanveer Singh (shot put)