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Ethereum just pulled off its final test run ahead of one of the most important events in crypto

Ethereum just pulled off its final test run ahead of one of the most important events in crypto

Ethereum is the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency, and it’s giving bitcoin a run for its money.


Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, just ran a final dress rehearsal ahead of a years-awaited upgrade that’s been billed as one of the most important events in the history of crypto.

Since its creation almost a decade ago, ethereum has been mined through a so-called proof-of-work model. It involves complex math equations that massive numbers of machines race to solve, and it requires an abundance of energy. Bitcoin mining follows a similar process.

Ethereum has been working to shift to a new model for securing the network called proof of stake. Rather than relying on energy-intensive mining, the new method requires users to leverage their existing cache of ether as a means to verify transactions and mint tokens. It uses far less power and is expected to translate into faster transactions.

The final test took place Wednesday at around 9:45 p.m. ET.

Ansgar Dietrichs, a researcher with the Ethereum Foundation, said in a tweet that the most relevant metric for success when it comes to a dry run like this is looking at time to finalization. He called it “another successful test.”

A research associate from Galaxy Digital pointed out that the participation rate after the test merge dropped, and it looked like there may have been an issue with one of the clients — but overall, it worked.

“A success Merge = chain finalizes,” Christine Kim wrote in a tweet, adding that we are likely to see similar types of issues with the upgrade on mainnet, “but the point is, the Merge worked.”

The timing of the upgrade will be discussed at a meeting of ethereum core developers on Thursday. Previous guidance indicated that the merge should go into effect in mid-September.

Ethereum’s transition has been repeatedly pushed back for the last several years. Core developers tell CNBC that the merge has been slow to progress, in order to allow sufficient time for research, development and implementation.

The price of ether, the token native to the ethereum blockchain, has been on an upswing the last month, rising nearly 80%, including a gain of 10% in the last 24 hours to around $1,875. However, it’s still down by about half this year.  

Here’s what happened

One of ethereum’s test networks, or testnets, called Goerli (named for a train station in Berlin) simulated a process identical to what the main network, or mainnet, will execute in September.

Testnets allow developers to try out new things and make necessary tweaks before the updates roll out across the main blockchain. Wednesday night’s exercise showed that the proof-of-stake validation process substantially reduces the energy necessary for verifying a block of transactions, and also proved that the merger process works. 

Read more about tech and crypto from CNBC Pro

Spotting the bugs

Tim Beiko, the coordinator for ethereum’s protocol developers, told CNBC that they typically know “within minutes” whether a test was successful. But they’ll still be looking out for many potential configuration issues in the hours and days ahead so they can quickly fix them.

“We want to see the network finalizing and having a high participation rate amongst validators and also make sure we don’t hit any unexpected bugs or issues,” said Beiko.

The easiest metric to track is participation rate, meaning how many validators are online and doing their duties, Beiko said. If the numbers go down, developers will have to figure out why.

Another key issue relates to transactions. Ethereum processes transactions in groups known as blocks. Beiko said one clear indicator the test went well will be if the blocks have actual transactions in them, and aren’t empty.

The last major check is whether the network is finalizing, meaning that more than two-thirds of validators are online and agree to the same view of the chain history. Beiko says it takes 15 minutes in normal network conditions. 

“If those three things look good, then there’s a long list of secondary stuff to check, but at that point, things are going well,” said Beiko.

‘More accessible’

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New telescope to be the ‘GOTO’ for gravitational wave events

GOTO Telescop image credit - STFC

“In our specific case, we’re after discovering new spider pulsars by looking for the periodic signature of the heated star orbiting them. Some display unexpected changes and brighten up as mass suddenly start flowing from the companion star towards the pulsar. We don’t understand this behaviour as it occurs quickly (somewhere between days to weeks) and has only been observed a couple of times. Having “eyes” scanning the sky is exactly what we think could help us uncover their secrets.”

GOTO has received £3.2 million of funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to deploy the full-scale facility.

Long hypothesised as a by-product of the collision and merger of cosmic behemoths such as neutron stars and black holes, gravitational waves were finally detected directly by the Advanced LIGO (Laser Interferometry Gravitational-wave Observatory) in 2015.

GOTO is designed to fill this observational gap by searching for optical signals in the electromagnetic spectrum that might indicate the source of the GW – quickly locating the source and using that information to direct a fleet of telescopes, satellites and instruments at it.

As most GW signals involve the merger of massive objects, these ‘visual’ cues are extremely fleeting as must be located as quickly as possible, which is where GOTO comes in.

The idea is that GOTO will act as sort of intermediary between the likes of LIGO, which detect the presence of a gravitational wave event, and more targetable multi-wavelength observatories that can study the event’s optical source.

Professor Danny Steeghs of the University of Warwick, GOTO’s Principle Investigator, said: “There are fleets of telescopes all over the world available to look towards the skies when gravitational waves are detected, in order to find out more about the source. But as the gravitational wave detectors are not able to pinpoint where the ripples come from, these telescopes do not know where to look.”

“If the gravitational wave observatories are the ears, picking up the sounds of the events, and the telescopes are the eyes, ready to view the event in all the wavelengths, then GOTO is the bit in the middle, telling the eyes where to look.”

Following the successful testing of a prototype system in La Palma, in Spain’s Canary Islands, the project is deploying a much expanded, second generation instrument.

Two telescope mount systems, each made up of eight individual 40 cm (16 inch) telescopes, are now operational in La Palma. Combined, these 16 telescopes cover a very large field of view with 800 million pixels across their digital sensors, enabling the array to sweep the visible sky every few nights.

These robotic systems will operate autonomously, patrolling the sky continuously but also focusing on particular events or regions of sky in response to alerts of potential gravitational wave events.

In parallel, the team is preparing a site at Australia’s Siding Spring Observatory, which will contain the same two-mount, 16 telescope system as the La Palma installation.

The plan is to have both sites operational this year to be ready for the next observing run of the LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave detectors in 2023.

The optical search for gravitational wave events is the next step in the evolution of gravitational wave astronomy. It has been achieved once before, but with GOTO’s help it should become much easier.

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Top 50 Technology Events and Conferences: Are They Back for 2022-2023? – ChannelE2E: Technology News for MSPs & Channel Partners

Top 50 Technology Events and Conferences: Are They Back for 2022-2023? - ChannelE2E: Technology News for MSPs & Channel Partners

Loyal readers will recall our Top 50 Technology Event list for 2020. COVID-19 concerns derailed many of those events in 2020 and 2021. But are those specific events back for 2022 and 2023? ChannelE2E went hunting for answers. Here’s a look at our list of 2020 events — and whether they’re scheduled to resume as in-person technology conferences for 2022/2023.

Five quick points before you navigate the list:

  1. The rankings: The list below is sorted alphabetically.
  2. The scope: Only one event per company qualified for the Top 50 list from 2020.
  3. The 2022-2023 dates (so far): We’ve shared the event dates that we’ve seen so far. But readers should contact the conference organizer to fully confirm event dates and locations for 2022 and 2023.
  4. Our own conferences: We’ve also moved into the in-person conference business — preparing MSSP Alert Live 2022 for September. And our parent — CyberRisk Alliance — runs such events as Identiverse and InfoSec World.
  5. All tech & cyber conferences: Our expansive ChannelE2E Technology Event Calendar lists hundreds of events by month for 2022 and beyond. Also, find cybersecurity conferences on the MSSP Alert Event Calendar.

Now, here are the Top 50 Technology Conferences from 2020 — and their status for 2022 and 2023.

1. Amazon re:Inforce 2022 (July 26-27 Boston). If you can only attend one Amazon-related conference in 2022, we recommend skipping the mainstream AWS re:Invent 2022 and instead head to AWS re:Inforce 2022. Why? Because re:Inforce is focused 100 percent on cloud security services. Dozens of Top 250 MSSPs will likely be on hand for the conference.

2. Auvik Networks Frankly MSP: This was a new event back in January 2020. We haven’t heard if the company plans to continue the event as an annual series. Auvik, back by Great Hill Partners, continues to engage MSP partners while also supporting IT departments.

3. ASCII IT Success Summits (Multiple Dates, Cities): These have since been re-branded as ASCII MSP Success Summits and they are confirmed for multiple cities in 2022.

4. Black Hat USA 2022 (August 6-11) This conference typically attracts InfoSec professionals. But if you poke around, you’ll find MSPs and MSSPs in the hallways.

5. Build IT Live 2022  (July 27-29): This MSP-focused event had a strong showing even in 2021 during the pandemic. The conference is hosted by IT By Design, a well-known provider of MSP talent, NOC (network operations center) and help desk services.

6. Channel Partners Conference and Expo 2023 (May 1-4): Designed for telecom agents, VARs, MSPs, integrators and service providers.

7. ChannelPro SMB  Forum 2022 (Multiple Dates): Catch events in Newark; Chicago; Dallas; Charlotte; Washington, D.C./Dulles and Los Angels.

8. CompTIA ChannelCon 2022 (August 2-4): CompTIA’s flagship conference returns to an in-person format after a virtual format in 2021. The event for channel partners typically attracts VARs and MSPs in the SMB sector. Also, CompTIA has been working more closely with SaaS, cloud and ISV-centric partners in recent years.

9. Cisco Partner Summit 2022 (November 1-3): Cisco’s in-person partner event returns as an invitation-only conference.

10. ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2022 (November 9-11): Even during the pandemic in 2021, this was one of the top year-end conferences for technology solutions providers and MSPs.

Go to page two for conferences 11 through 20, sorted alphabetically

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Tesla cancels three June online hiring events for China

Tesla cancels three June online hiring events for China

In this April 2022 photo, a Tesla store is seen in Changzhou, China. The country made more than half of the vehicles for the automaker globally and contributed a quarter of its revenue in 2021.

Sheldon Cooper | Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Tesla has canceled three online recruitment events for China scheduled this month, the latest development after Chief Executive Elon Musk threatened job cuts at the electric car maker, saying it was “overstaffed” in some areas.

However, Musk had not commented specifically on staffing in China, which made more than half of the vehicles for the automaker globally and contributed a quarter of its revenue in 2021.

The company canceled the three events for positions in sales, R&D and its supply chain originally scheduled for June 16, 23 and 30, notifications on messaging app WeChat showed late on Thursday, without stating a reason.

Tesla did not respond to a Reuters request for comment on Friday.

Notification of a June 9 event to recruit staff for “smart manufacturing” roles was not visible and it was not immediately clear it had been held as planned.

Read more about electric vehicles from CNBC Pro

The China operation is still allowing resume submission for more than 1,000 openings posted on the social media platform, such as aerodynamics engineers, supply chain managers, store managers, factory supervisors and workers.

Musk had a “super bad feeling” about the economy, he said in an email seen by Reuters last week.

In another email to employees on Friday, Musk said Tesla would reduce salaried headcount by a tenth, as it had become “overstaffed in many areas,” but added that hourly headcount would increase.

Production at Tesla’s Shanghai plant was badly hit after the Chinese commercial hub began a two-month Covid-19 lockdown late in March.

Output is set to fall by more than a third this quarter from the previous one, outpacing Musk’s prediction.

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Impact XM to Connect Event & Experiential Marketers From Top Global Technology Brands at Rethink: Technology 2022

Impact XM to Connect Event & Experiential Marketers From Top Global Technology Brands at Rethink: Technology 2022

Leading Event and Experiential Marketing Agency Focuses on Emerging Technology Trends and How They Will Impact Events at Upcoming Rethink Conference

DAYTON, N.J., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After more than 15 successful Rethink conferences, Impact XM is proud to host Rethink: Technology 2022, an industry-focused event on Thursday, June 2. In partnership with virtual and hybrid event platform MeetingPlay, this virtual, one-day event will welcome over 100 event and experiential marketers from some of the top global technology brands. Attendees will learn the latest insights focused on the unique marketing challenges in the ever-evolving technology industry to amplify their brand experiences in the years to come.

“We are thrilled to expand our Rethink conferences into more vertical-focused events to benefit our clients on a more individualized level. Technology plays a vital role in the success of any event, from concept to creation, and with Rethink: Technology, we are able to create a space for experts to come together to discuss the latest technology trends and how they will impact the future of events,” said Impact XM CEO Jared Pollacco.

To start off Rethink: Technology 2022, Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Communications, Oversight Board for Meta will take attendees on a deep dive into the key technological trends of the next 10-20 years and what they mean for brands and organizations. Formerly, Dex was the Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications at Facebook and Executive Speechwriter at Google.

With the theme for this year’s event as Explorations in the Event-Verse, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the industry’s top technology experts in breakout sessions dedicated to discussing a handful of topics, including:

  • Creative Curiosity
    • What organizations can do today to strengthen their brand story.
  • Ownable Experience
    • How the latest experiential technology and trends can help amplify brand experiences.
  • Personalized Intelligence
    • How to understand the tools needed to elevate interactions with customers and boost marketing strategies.

The closing segment of Rethink: Technology 2022 will be featuring The State of the Show, revealing key trends from CES, MWC and SXSW followed by a panel of experts discussing their observations of the evolving trends in events, and what they’re expecting for the second half of 2022 and beyond. 

If you are interested in learning more about Rethink: Technology, visit If you would like to attend the event, register at

About Impact XM
Impact XM is a global event and experiential marketing agency with almost 50 years of experience creating events, meetings, conferences, exhibits, environments, digital engagements, and consumer activations to connect clients’ target audiences with their brands. Trusted by some of the world’s most respected organizations, Impact XM has been recognized for insightful strategy, brilliant creative, smart fulfillment, and purposeful metrics. Impact XM clients operate across a variety of industries, including the Healthcare, Technology, and Industrial sectors. Headquartered in New Jersey, Impact XM maintains locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Zurich, Switzerland. More information can be found at

Charisse Barnachea
[email protected] 


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WWE looks to boost its sponsorship revenue as live events return and a key media deal expires

WWE looks to boost its sponsorship revenue as live events return and a key media deal expires

Chief Brand Officer and TV Personality of WWE, Stephanie McMahon delivers her keynote address at the opening of Sports Matters in conjunction with All That Matters 2016 in Singapore on September 14, 2016.

Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images

WWE and industry analysts agree: The pro wrestling and media company can squeeze more revenue out of sponsorship deals.

The company leans on the intellectual property built around performers such as superstar personalities like The Undertaker, John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Roman Reigns and Bianca Belair. Revenue from its live events, which are returning as Covid restrictions ease, and media offerings are fueled in part by sponsorship dollars. 

WWE this year aims to fill football stadiums and expand its programming, according to Frank Riddick, WWE’s chief financial officer. Riddick, who took over the job in November, said after last week’s earnings release that the company is making sponsorship a priority this year.

In 2021, WWE reported roughly $72 million combined for advertising and sponsorships in its media and live events businesses.

WWE made more than $10 million in sponsorship fees alone for last month’s marquee Wrestlemania 38, executive Stephanie McMahon said last week. That was a record for the two-day event held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. WWE’s sponsorship partners include Toyota, DoorDash, Rocket Mortgage and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, said McMahon, who is also the daughter of longtime CEO Vince McMahon.

Analysts suggest the WWE is undervalued when it comes to sponsorship revenue, estimating the company lures around $35 million per year just from sponsorships. That’s less than combat-sports company UFC, which attracts more than $100 million annually, according to a Guggenheim Partners note to clients last month.

While WWE lags behind UFC in overall popularity, its fans are the most likely to notice sponsors, according to sponsorship consulting firm IEG. Sixty-seven percent of WWE’s fans are more likely to consume brands associated with the company, according to IEG’s research, which used data from polling outfit YouGov. That’s ahead of the 55% average for the group of the 11 biggest sports leagues, including the NFL, which is by far the most popular sports organization in the United States.

“All that does is spell potential and opportunity,” said Peter Laatz, IEG’s global managing director. He said he thinks WWE can clear over $100 million in annual sponsorship revenue.

But he also noted WWE might not be the “right fit for the most affluent categories or top tier brands.”

The WWE did not return a CNBC request to discuss its sponsorships.

WWE’s place in the streaming world

WWE gets most of its revenue from its media business, accounting for $278.1 million of its $333.4 million overall revenue in the quarter ended March 31. Advertising and sponsorship revenue in the media segment grew 27% to $19.8 million from the year-ago period.

The company is preparing for a key media deals amid an “increasingly cluttered streaming marketplace,” WWE President Nick Khan said on last week’s earnings call. Hulu’s deal for day 2 rights around WWE’s weekly “Raw” program expires this year.

Day 2 rights allow subscribers to watch “Raw” and “Smackdown,” another weekly show, 24 hours after they first air. Raw airs live on USA Network, and Smackdown is shown on Fox. After 30 days, subscribers to NBCUniversal’s Peacock service can watch the shows. (In 2021, WWE entered a five-year deal with NBCUniversal for a reported $1 billion to license its library and show live main events on Peacock.)

Khan also suggested a new player could enter the sports streaming game.

“It’s just a matter of time before Netflix goes with live,” said Khan. He added the live events generate the highest consumer impressions for networks and streaming companies.

Netflix is indeed looking to bounce back as its results suffer while viewers shake off pandemic restrictions and head back out into the world. In April, Netflix reported a decline in subscribers and warned of millions of more losses in the months ahead. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos said at the time he doesn’t see a profitable way for the streamer to get into sports, although its “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” series has been a smash hit.

Netflix probably wouldn’t be interested in WWE, anyway, according to longtime media rights advisor Lee Berke, since the wrestling company is already tied up with Peacock. He said it would make more sense for the NBCUniversal service to add more WWE rights.

“That’s a major relationship for them, and there’s a lot they can do to build on that,” said Berke, CEO of LHB Sports, which advises the sports entertainment industry. “But if [Netflix] is going to make a move for WWE, I see them making an aggressive for all of their content or major live events.”

WWE is also looking at overseas expansion, particularly in India, home to a billion people and a growing middle class. WWE estimates its content is shown in more than 180 countries. The company said it drew 25 million viewers for an exclusive event showcasing U.S. WWE wrestlers competing against India-born performers. Wrestlemania drew more than 50 million viewers last month in India.

Khan, the WWE president, called India a “hugely important market.” But, he added, WWE is waiting for networks to finish bidding on rights to cricket – the most popular sport in the country – before the company determines its future media marketplace there.

Disclosure: Peacock owner NBCUniversal is also the parent company of CNBC.

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Athletic Department to hit the road for three Coaches Caravan events – Rochester Institute of Technology Athletics

Athletic Department to hit the road for three Coaches Caravan events - Rochester Institute of Technology Athletics

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The RIT Athletics Department is hitting the road in the coming weeks and fans are invited to meet and mingle with coaches and administrators as part of its “Coaches Caravan” series.
Executive Director of Athletics Jacqueline Nicholson will host events in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse and alumni, parents and friends are all invited to join the RIT coaching staff and administrators for three nights of fun, refreshments and discussions about all the latest in Tiger Athletics.

“We are excited to get out and see our fans and talk about all the great things going on with the department,” said Nicholson. “We look forward to sharing more about the future of RIT athletics and interacting with the amazing fans we have across Western New York.” 
Wednesday, May 18 – Rochester, N.Y. – REGISTER NOW
ROC Brewing Co. (RIT Alumni Owned) – 5:30 P.M.
Featured Coaches: Phil Bartela (S&D), Celeste Brown (WHKY), Jake Coon (MLAX), Bill Garno (MSOC), Amy Reed (WBB); Emcee: Rob Grow (BASE)
Tuesday, May 24 – Buffalo, N.Y. – REGISTER NOW
Resurgence Brewing Company (RIT Alumni Owned) – 5:30 P.M.
Featured Coaches: Jason Bovenzi (WRES), Liz Masterson (WSOC), Bob McVean (MBB), Erin Wagner (WLAX), Wayne Wilson (MHKY); Emcee: Rob Grow (BASE)
Thursday, June 2 – Syracuse, N.Y. – REGISTER NOW
The Fitz at Oh My Darling – 5:30 P.M.
Featured Coaches: Jim Bodenstedt (ROW), Tom Linhart (TEN), Jim Lodes (WVB), Becky Stryker (SOFT), David Warth (XC/T&F); Emcee: Rob Grow (BASE)
For more information, visit the RIT Office of Alumni Relations website.

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Event Technology Platform HeadBox Supporting Rebound of Events Industry

Event Technology Platform HeadBox Supporting Rebound of Events Industry

BRISBANE, Australia, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading event tech company HeadBox is more than just a marketplace for venues. Connecting venues with bookers, HeadBox’s Host products allow venues to unlock brilliant events and generate more revenue from the type of clients they want.

Originally founded in the UK, since launching in Australia in 2021, HeadBox has supported the rebound of the events industry. Providing venues with increased exposure, allowing them to reach new audiences and access relevant leads tailored to their needs, HeadBox’s unique business model enables function rooms for hire Brisbane-wide to fill their space and earn more revenue. 

HeadBox is an online marketplace with an ecosystem of products designed to deliver high-quality bookings for venues. Host venues can list their space for free and then gain access to HeadBox Business clients, where hundreds of corporate clients are already planning, building, managing and tracking their entire meetings and events spend. 

Venues can choose from three listing products. Lead Feed is ideal for function rooms in Brisbane that host a high volume of lower value events and provides venues with access to a live feed of new leads and the freedom to book them, commission-free. 

For venues that host high-value corporate events, there is an additional product designed to increase exposure and increase the frequency of relevant enquiries. Power Host enhances the ranking of a venue within the HeadBox ecosystem, offers 3D venue tours and HeadBox’s own digital proposals software, which increases exposure to HeadBox Business clients. 

Many top venue Brisbane locations are already working with HeadBox and report that the platform has become an integral part of their workflow when sourcing new booking opportunities. HeadBox allows venues to be proactive when it comes to filling calendar space and with access to a client base they might not otherwise be able to reach, and listed venues enjoy a marked increase in booking conversions.

The team at HeadBox is passionate about creating memorable event experiences and works hard to carefully match enquiries with the right venue. To learn more or list a function room in Brisbane, contact HeadBox today.

For Press Enquiries:

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Image 1: HeadBox Brisbane

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World Wide Technology Raceway partners with Lundy’s Special Events for concessions and corporate hospitality for NASCAR, INDYCAR, NHRA weekends

World Wide Technology Raceway partners with Lundy’s Special Events for concessions and corporate hospitality for NASCAR, INDYCAR, NHRA weekends

World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois, has partnered with Lundy’s Special Events for corporate hospitality and concessions for its NASCAR Cup Series, NTT INDYCAR SERIES and NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series weekends.

Lundy’s Special Events has been involved in achieving winning VIP experiences at some of the most important racing and sporting events in the nation. Celebrating over 51 years in business, Lundy’s began as a family-owned catering firm to the thoroughbred industry. Today, under close supervision of the founding family members, Lundy’s has embarked with the third generation, becoming a powerhouse of special event companies offering services that provide solutions to events of every size in locations that span from racetracks, stadiums, empty fields and incredible ballrooms.

“We conducted an extensive search for the right fit for catering and concessions as it pertains to our major event weekends here at WWTR,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager Chris Blair. “We wanted to make sure we found the company that could represent our family-friendly atmosphere and offered quality food at reasonable prices. After seeing Lundy’s in action at the St. Pete Grand Prix, as well as having attended events they’ve serviced for more than 30 years, we knew they would be a great fit. Just like the ownership of WWTR, the ownership team at Lundy’s is on site, working hard, and making sure the customer is having a great experience.

‘We also know the team at Lundy’s can deliver a great selection of national and local food selections that will appeal to everyone. Having watched them for many years, we know they can quickly streamline the ordering and payment operations so that fans can grab a meal and return quickly to their seats without missing any of the on-track action. Unlike many of the vendors that service major events, Lundy’s is working closely with the track to ensure that affordability is key. We want fans to know they can spend a day at the races and enjoy a wide range of items at prices everyone can afford.”

“We are excited and thrilled to partner with World Wide Technology Raceway for the 2022 racing season,” said Alissa Tibe, President of the Sports and Hospitality Division of LSE. “The ambitious vision that WWTR owner Curtis Francois has created is palpable and we look forward to being part of this amazing team. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in working within a new community, we look forward to developing lasting friendships and developing a wining food and beverage experience for all of our guests.”

WWTR concession stands and vendors will accept both cash and credit cards during the major event weekends.

WWTR will host its inaugural NASCAR Cup Series race – the Enjoy Illinois 300 Presented By TicketSmarter – on Sunday, June 5. Leading up to the Cup Series race, WWTR’s festive NASCAR Weekend will include a downtown NASCAR hauler parade, a fan fest at Ballpark Village, the inaugural #CupTimeSTL Short Track Classic at Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Illinois, and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Toyota 200. For tickets and additional information, please call (618) 215-8888 or visit Follow WWTR on social media (@wwtraceway) for additional information. WWTR is the only track in the world that offers NASCAR, INDYCAR and NHRA racing at one facility.