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Torpedoes Swim Team Caps Season With Championship And All Star Events

Torpedoes Swim Team Caps Season With Championship And All Star Events

The Newtown Torpedoes swim team recently concluded another successful winter campaign and return to competitive swimming after a year lost to the impact of the coronavirus. The slate culminated with Yankee League Championships and an All Star meet in which the squad was represented by 23 swimmers.

During the regular season, the Torpedoes went 2-2, defeating Watertown and Plainville in the final two meets after losing to Oxford and Madison earlier in the winter. The Torpedoes came in fifth among nine teams in the Yankee League Championships, which unfolded for various age groups at different locations, in Bristol, Watertown, and West Haven.

“The coaches were extremely pleased with the growth and improvement of the swimmers this season. We had no swim meets at all last season, so our swimmers lost an entire year of competitive experience,” Coach Lisa Irving said.

“Additionally, we had a large number of first-time swimmers, particularly in our 8-and-under age group. The swimmers were really dedicated and we saw consistent improvements throughout the season. The postseason was a great opportunity for our new swimmers as well as our returning team members to experience full league competition. We were really proud of how the swimmers handled themselves and how well they performed. It is always nice to see all of their hard work pay off at the end of the season,” Irving added.

Top thee finishers from each age category in the championships are as follows:

Girls 8 & Under

100 Medley Relay, 1. Sara Bader, Vivian Ache, Violet Csaszar, Camryn Story, 1:39.03.

100 Individual Medley, 2. Story, 2:05.31.

25 Breaststroke, 3. Ache, 31.33.

100 Freestyle Relay, 3. Story, Ache, Csaszar, Bader, 1:33.32.

Boys 8 & Under

25 Freestyle, 3. Tiernan Donoghue, 19.31.

50 Freestyle, 1. Quinn Garvin, 37.03.

Girls 9 & 10

200 Medley Relay, 2. Sophia Pedwano, Allison Estes, Julianna Gutierrez, Reagan Garvin, 2:41.90.

100 Freestyle, 3. Pedwano, 1:16.93.

50 Butterfly, 3. Gutierrez, 36.96.

50 Breaststroke, 2. Gutierrez, 43.84; 3. Estes, 48.59.

Boys 9 & 10

100 Individual Medley, 3. Beau Clancy, 1:28.83.

Boys 11 & 12

200 Medley Relay, 2. Elias Kolb, Warren Ache, Duncan Kolb, Tre Garvin, 2:15.54.

100 Freestyle, 3. Duncan Kolb, 1:05.19.

50 Butterfly, 1. Elias Kolb, 31.86.

200 Individual Medley, 2. Jack Kelly, 3:06.85.

50 Breaststroke, 2. Ache, 38.21.

50 Freestyle, 3. Duncan Kolb, 28.91.

200 Freestyle Relay, 2. Elias Kolb, Robert Mihok, Ache, Duncan Kolb, 1:59.90.

Boys 13 & Over

200 Freestyle, 2. Finn Clancy, 2:23.13.

Girls 15 & Over

100 Breaststroke, 2. Daniella Guerrieri, 1:23.59.

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Swimmers who represented the Torpedoes in the postseason include, from left, front: Zoe Giordano, Allison Estes, Addison Faucher, Sophia Recio, Hope Telesca, and Julianna Gutierrez; and back: Ella Murphy, Sophia Pedwano, and Reagan Garvin. —photos courtesy Lisa Irving

Among the Torpedoes who had postseason success are, from left: Bennett DePasquale, Quinn Garvin, Tiernen Donoghue, and Ryder Tiedemann.

Duncan Kolb races for the Torpedoes this season. —Bee Photos, Hutchison

Elias Kolb swims the backstroke event this winter.

Finn Clancy competes for Newtown.

Warren Ache races for the Torpedoes.

Lillian Accettella competes in the breaststroke event.

Jerimiah Stone races in the butterfly event.

Emma Sheehan participates in a race.

Jack Kelly swims in the individual medley event.