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WCF moves to bar Russia from curling events

WCF moves to bar Russia from curling events

The World Curling Federation intends to boot Russia from upcoming world curling championships, including the women’s tournament in Prince George, B.C.

Russia is among the 13 countries in the field for the women’s world championship March 19-27 at Prince George’s CN Centre. Russia had yet to declare its representative.

The WCF amended its rules Monday to allow for a team’s removal from any event if the board deems that team’s presence “would damage the event or put the safety of the participants or the good order of the event at risk.”

Member associations have three days to voice their objections to the rule change, the WCF said.

If more than 10 per cent of member associations object to the rule change, it will not be implemented immediately, but instead referred to the WCF’s next general assembly.

The International Olympic Committee urged international sport federations Monday to bar athletes from Russia and Belarus from competition in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the assistance Belarus has given Russia to do so.

The International Ice Hockey Federation also met Monday to determine the participation of Russia and Belarus in tournaments. The men’s world under-20 championship will be played in Alberta in August.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 28, 2022.