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Summer arrives ahead of B.C.’s first heat event of the season

Summer arrives ahead of B.C.’s first heat event of the season

After a cool and unsettled spring, B.C. will get its first taste of the newly ushered in summer season with a significant warm-up on the weekend. Saturday you’ll notice the warmer temperatures, but Sunday is the first day temperatures spill into the lower 30s across inland sections. However, the forthcoming warmth may have complications for the ongoing flood threat in B.C. For more details, read on.

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An offshore flow will allow temperatures to reach the mid-to-upper 20s along the South Coast, possibly reaching the 30-degree mark for downtown Vancouver, and into at least the low-to- mid-30s for some inland locations, including the Fraser and the Okanogan valleys.


Be forewarned, though, as the incoming heat could have some negative ramifications for the ongoing flood threat in the province.

The sudden uptick in temperatures could accelerate the snowmelt, which has been delayed, potentially leading to flooding in parts of the province, similar to what Kelowna saw this month. Numerous flood watches and high streamflow advisories are in place.

Temperatures will remain warm through early next week, but keep it mind, that this heat is nothing like the heat dome of 2021.


In fact, morning temperatures last June were significantly warmer and more humid than our forecast highs next week across the province.

As of now, next Sunday and Monday are a tossup in terms of the warmest day of this heat event, before more of an onshore flow develops by Tuesday, June 28.

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