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Tehkummah resident weighs in on unfolding events in Ukraine

Tehkummah resident weighs in on unfolding events in Ukraine

To the Expositor:

I found this succinct explainer of the developing catastrophe in Eastern Europe on Facebook, posted by Roma Rem Annufriev. I have re-worded it for clarity, but the general message remains the same. I hope it helps you, the reader, to make sense of the unfolding tragedy. Learn from others’ mistakes, as the saying goes.

Do you wonder how and why one of the major nations could suddenly and for no apparent reason declare a war, against all odds and common sense? Here is a brief take on the newest history of Russia. Over the past 10 years, people wholly but gradually lost every degree of control over the country. A young democracy in the ‘90s slowly turned into autocracy in the 2000s. Today, it is a dictatorship.

First, the people lost control over elections. They couldn’t regain it in the follow-up protests around 2012 because, you know, politics is so boring and not cool. Next, the court of law and the police became tools serving only the politicians no one elected. Still, nobody cared, because you know, life was not so bad actually. You could still protest, although it was becoming increasingly dangerous.

Then, the country lost political opposition. You may have heard that since 2020, opposition leaders have been either imprisoned, forced to leave the country, poisoned or killed. Still, most people did not care, because you know, they never liked that Navalny much anyway.

And finally, with all these annoying laws, elections, and politicians out of the way, the people of Russia have lost the only remaining thing: the right to speak their mind. No rallies, no protests, no gatherings, because you know, you may infect someone!

Today we are witnessing the endgame. A 70-year-old man is ruling the entire country single-handedly. He speaks to no one but his minions; he does not use the internet or a smartphone. His only sources of information about the world are reports written by other crazy old men and fake polls reporting his popularity. Today people finally care, but who cares?

Fight for your rights while you still have some.

George Kopylov