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Woman Ezra Miller Allegedly Choked In Iceland Addresses Events Seen In Shocking Viral Video

Woman Ezra Miller Allegedly Choked In Iceland Addresses Events Seen In Shocking Viral Video

By Zach Seemayer‍ ,

A woman whom Ezra Miller appeared to choke and attack in Iceland in April 2020 is coming forward with her allegations of the bizarre incident.

Amid mounting controversy surrounding the Flash star, the woman opened up about her run-in with Miller outside a bar in Reykjavík, where Miller — who identifies as nonbinary and uses “they/them” pronouns — regularly frequented.

Speaking with Variety in a report published on Thursday, the woman recalled meeting Miller at the pub and sparking a conversation with the actor. The woman recalls seeing wounds on Miller’s sandal-clad feet, and the actor claiming the injuries were the result of a fight.

The woman said she jokingly told Miller, “But just so you know, I could take you in a fight.” She claims Miller replied, “You really want to fight?” Thinking Miller was playing along, the woman told the actor to meet her in the smoking area outside in two minutes.

She claims Miller initially took her remarks as a joke, but one of the woman’s friends proceeded to instigate the situation, telling Miller that the actor didn’t want to fight, and allegedly antagonizing him. “My friend didn’t have to say that… It was just a joke, obviously — but [Miller] took that literally and got super mad and came running outside.”

This led to the incident, which was captured on video and made headlines, in which Miller is seen yelling at the woman outside the bar, “Do you wanna fight? Is that the deal?”

The woman responds by putting her arms up as Miller approaches her and appears to grab her by the neck. Miller then appears to push the woman to the ground while holding on to her shoulder and neck.

Ezra Miller Has Three Kids And Their Mom Living At His Vermont Farm Surrounded By Guns And Marijuana: REPORT

“I think it’s just fun and games — but then it wasn’t,” the woman stated. “All of a sudden, [they’re] on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I want to fight. My friend who’s filming sees [they’re] obviously not joking and it’s actually serious, so he stops filming, and pushes [them] off me as [they’re] still trying to fight me. Two guy friends of mine are actually holding [Miller] back as [they’re] screaming, ‘This is what you wanted! This is what you wanted!’”

The altercation was broken up by a bartender, Reynir, who claims Miller grabbed him by the throat and spit in his face — notably during the early, pre-vaccine days of the coronavirus pandemic.

“[Miller] grabs me by the throat as I’m trying to usher them out the [back] door and tells me they’re not leaving,” Reynir alleged, adding that the actor claimed the woman’s friends had pushed them, “Which they didn’t.”

“They proceeded to spit in my face several times, so with the final push I closed and locked the door,” Reynir told Variety.

The report also included an interview with a woman, Nadia, who detailed an incident she claims to have had with Miller at her home in Berlin this past February.

Nadia states that she and Miller had a consensual sexual encounter in early 2020, and had remained in contact and friendly with one another over the proceeding two years. Then, in February, Miller came to her apartment.

Nadia claims that their interaction was friendly, but that Miller’s mood soured immediately when she said she didn’t want them smoking in her apartment.

“That just set them off,” Nadia told Variety. “I asked them to leave about 20 times, maybe more. They started insulting me. I’m a ‘transphobic piece of shit.’ I’m a ‘Nazi.’ It became so, so stressful for me. They were going around my house, looking at everything, touching everything, spreading tobacco leaves on the floor. It felt disgusting and very intrusive.”

Ezra Miller Accused Of Grooming Minor In Court Filing By Parents Of 18-Year-Old

“I asked them if they remember I told them I’m a descendant of Holocaust survivors, so why would they say that to me?” Nadia stated. “They answered, screaming at me, ‘Yes, but how many people of my family died?’ Because many people in their family died. I was like, Oh, OK, this is a game of who’s got the most trauma.”

Nadia also claims that Miller went on an angry tirade, and told her, in part, “I’m a maker of planets. Tobacco is sacred.” Nadia claims she persisted in telling Miller to leave for nearly half an hour and even called the police before Miller finally exited her apartment. She filed a police report and has since blocked the actor’s number and has not had contact since that night.

These reports come in the wake of a slew of legal troubles and public allegations against Miller, including multiple arrests in Hawaii, as well as allegations that Miller has participated in grooming multiple girls as young as 12.

Earlier this month, a Rolling Stone expose alleged that Miller has also been housing a woman and her children on a farm in Vermont in shockingly unsafe living conditions — including loaded guns laying around the house, accessible by the children.

Miller has not yet publicly commented on the allegations leveled against him in recent months.

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Woman charged with arson in Prince Albert event centre fire

Woman charged with arson in Prince Albert event centre fire

A 24-year-old woman has been charged with arson in connection to the Senator Allen Bird Memorial Centre fire.

The Prince Albert Deputy Fire Chief said the fire started on the lower office area of the building and it quickly spread to the second level on Friday morning.

The building is owned by the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) and was a meeting spot for community events.

As a result of the fire, the Fine Arts Festival, sport tournaments, round dances and other events will be impacted.

The woman charged is set to make her first court appearance on Tuesday morning.

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“People Trampled on Us,” Woman Who Escaped Deadly Concert Shooting Recalls Events

“People Trampled on Us,” Woman Who Escaped Deadly Concert Shooting Recalls Events

Video from before, during, and after the deadly shooting over the weekend in southeast Oak Cliff continue to circulate on social media as people try to understand what happened at a trial ride and concert.

According to the Dallas Police Department, officers responded to a shooting at an unpermitted trail ride and concert at 5050 Cleveland Road at around 12:13 a.m. Sunday. Promoters for the event called it the “Second Annual Epic Easter Bike Out and Field Party.”

On Monday Dallas Police said 16 people, including three minors, were shot during the concert. Keaton Dejuane Gilmore, 26, was killed in the shooting. Gilmore is reported to have been shot in the head near the stage and died at the scene.

The 15 people injured in the shooting have been identified by Dallas Police as 20-year-old Christian Adams, 22-year-old Jazmin Anderson, 24-year old Randy Davis, 25-year-old Forlando Dean, 29-year-old Breanna Gray, 24-year-old Ashley Jones, 24-year-old Willie Martin, 22-year-old Madison May, 18-year-old Jamal Rylander, 29-year-old Terra Starks, 24-year-old Sebastian Williams and three unnamed juveniles ages 13, 14 and 15.

“I just wish it all would have been prevented,” said Latrice Mollice who attended the event with her boyfriend. She said the entire night was fine until that moment.

Mollice said they were moving closer to the stage for the next musical act when they witnessed the shooting.

“The boy was shooting in the middle of the crowd, and he was shooting in the air first and then he stopped shooting in the air and pointed it towards the crowd and that’s when we all were ducking and taking cover and I seen another person, he was shooting back at the boy. So I don’t know if they were shooting at each other at first or either he was trying to stop him from hurting somebody else, I don’t know,” explained Mollice.

She said the gunshots were coming her way. She said she and her boyfriend crawled and then ran.

“They were still shooting, it was nonstop fire,” said Mollice who had some cuts on her legs, minor injuries she said compared to what could have happened.

Everybody was falling. There were so many people on the ground, you couldn’t tell who was hurt who was not hurt, all you could do was just get up and run yourself.

-Latrice Mollice

“When he started shooting first, the crowd started to move and it was just knocking everybody over, so I got knocked over, my boyfriend got knocked over. When we both got knocked over, people were running on top of us,” described Mollice. “We couldn’t get up, we had to be strong and get up because they were still coming there were so many people they were trampling over everybody. Everybody was falling. There were so many people on the ground, you couldn’t tell who was hurt who was not hurt, all you could do was just get up and run yourself.”

Dallas Police continue to investigate and have not made any arrests yet. DPD Chief Eddie Garcia said the event shouldn’t have happened since organizers did not have a permit.

Garcia said seven off-duty officers were said to be working at the event but that they left before the outbreak of violence. He said they shouldn’t have been working at the event since it was unpermitted.

According to flyers posted by concert promoters, there were supposed to be police along with security. On Sunday the organizer of the event posted a statement via Facebook stating,

“On behalf of the Epic Easter Officials, we are saddened by the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday. Our goal was to organize a positive event for and by our people. We took the necessary steps to offer safety by having Dallas Police officers and security personnel on the scene,” the statement read in part.

“Additionally, emergency officers and vehicles were on standby. However, some things were still out of our control. Our team did not expect a turn out of that capacity, but we truly appreciate the support of all that came & those who traveled to attend. Our prayers and deepest condolences go out to the individuals and families involved.”

Memphis rapper Big Boogie was supposed to be the main headliner at the event. He posted on Instagram that the shooting happened before he arrived.

On Monday a cleaning crew was out at the site removing trash and personal belongings left behind by people who ran.

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A lack of events for creatives leads Guelph woman creates her own to help showcase others

A lack of events for creatives leads Guelph woman creates her own to help showcase others

‘I saw that there was a need for everyone to showcase their own talent,’ said Lilia Mohamed, event coordinator of Backyard Fest and Indie Art Fest

Dissatisfied by the lack of events for artists, one Guelph woman is behind a series of events ‘unlike anything seen in Guelph,’ aimed at providing a platform for creatives and their work.

“I want them to showcase their talents, their art and I also want them to make profits and sell,” said Lilia Mohamed, the coordinator of Backyard Fest and the upcoming Indie Art Fest, the first of which happens Friday, March 18.

An abstract artist herself, Mohamed wanted a space for creatives and the general public to interact and build relationships. That idea expanded to include small business ventures that started during the pandemic and performances, resulting in Backyard Fest.

“It was just an event I wanted to put together,” said Mohamed about Backyard Fest, which took place September 2021.

For that event, Mohamed said she and a friend constructed a stage using wood they sourced from Kijiji and a neighbour, who helped them build the stage. There were some challenges along the way, including finding vendors and a ticket from bylaw, but Mohamed said she was proud of the turnout.

“Last Summer when I did Backyard Fest, I was so stressed out, but then the amount of love I got for it afterwards it made my whole day,” said Mohamed. “I was pretty happy with that.”

After Backyard Fest, Mohamed said the student group, Curtain Call Productions, hired her to be their event coordinator. Now, she has organized another upcoming festival called Indie Art Fest, where door ticket proceeds will support the group and its production of Freaky Friday Musical.

“I saw that there was a need for everyone to showcase their own talent, and I was like, ‘Okay, maybe I should put on another event,'” said Mohamed.

“I’m getting absolutely nothing, which I’m okay with, because I would love to see this myself. I would pay to go to events like this myself.”

Happening March 18 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Indie Art Fest will have performances from students at the University of Guelph, a local artist and different vendors. Door tickets cost $15 and $10 for students with student ID. Mohamed said the event will take place at Grassroots restaurant, located at 17 Gordon St., just south of downtown.

For Grassroots, Mohamed said this event will be their last.

“They’re closing down on Friday, which is very sad, but they have exhausted all of their options,” said Mohamed, who had previously worked at Grassroots. “I hope to send them out with a bang at least.”

The experience of putting together events has been a learning curve for Mohamed, from learning how to develop a floor plan, building connections and promoting events online. As an artist, she said the events have also been an opportunity to showcase her own art and build her confidence as an artist.

“It’s definitely improved my confidence,” said Mohamed. “I would like to sell, but there’s no time. I’ve put all my efforts into organizing and I don’t have the time to create my own art right now, but, the next show that I do, I want to do something in the summer and I want to do something on a bigger scale, like in a park, and I would do my best to get my art out, but right now I like the way I’m exposing my art.”

In the future, Mohamed would like to see these events become profitable. 

“My hopes is that when I do another event, I can make it profitable, and that I can share some of those profits with the artists.”

For future events, Mohamed has created an Instagram account called WeLoveFests to share upcoming events. To see the Instagram page, click here.

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Germany captures sixth gold medal in Olympic sliding events, as Canada’s Mirela Rahneva finishes fifth in skeleton

Germany captures sixth gold medal in Olympic sliding events, as Canada’s Mirela Rahneva finishes fifth in skeleton

Germany’s Hannah Neise competes in heat 3 of women’s skeleton on Feb. 12, 2022.THOMAS PETER/Reuters

Hannah Neise has never won a World Cup medal. Or a medal at the world championships. Or a medal from the European championships.

She’s got an Olympic medal now.

And it’s the one that everybody wants.

Skeleton has a new champion, and she was a bit of a surprise winner. Neise, the 21-year-old who won the junior world title last year, became the first German woman to capture the gold medal in Olympic skeleton by rallying in the final two heats at the Beijing Games on Saturday.

Her four-run time was 4 minutes, 7.62 seconds. Jaclyn Narracott of Australia — the midpoint leader of the event — won the silver in 4:08.24 and World Cup overall champion Kimberley Bos of the Netherlands took the bronze in 4:08.46.

Neise’s win might have been a bit of a stunner, but at this point, nothing Germany does on this track should be that surprising. After six sliding events at the Beijing Games — four in luge, two in skeleton — the Germans have captured six gold medals.

Oh, and all they have in the four remaining bobsled races — two for men, two for women — are the reigning Olympic champion drivers in Francesco Friedrich and Mariama Jamanka.

Tina Hermann of Germany was fourth and Mirela Rahneva of Canada, the first-run leader, was fifth.

Canada’s Mirela Rahneva after her run in heat 4 of the women’s skeleton event on Feb. 12, 2022.EDGAR SU/Reuters

Neise’s win capped a year that was unpredictable in women’s skeleton from the outset. There were eight World Cup races leading up to the Olympics, with five different winners and 11 different medalists — Neise not being one of them.

But there was a big hint that she could contend at the Olympics. There was a preseason race at the Yanqing Sliding Center after three weeks of international training this fall, and Neise was second in that event.

Clearly, she figured some things out about the new track faster than most everyone else did.

Katie Uhlaender, racing in her fifth Olympics, was the top American and finished sixth in 4:09.23. Uhlaender strained a muscle in her side before competing Saturday and still moved up two spots from where she was after Friday’s first two runs of the competition.

Kelly Curtis, the other U.S. slider in the field, was 21st.

This was the first time in six Olympic women’s skeleton competitions that a woman from Britain didn’t find her way to the podium. Alex Coomber won bronze in 2002, Shelley Rudman won silver in 2006, Amy Williams took gold in 2010, Lizzy Yarnold won gold in both 2014 and 2018 and Laura Deas captured bronze four years ago as well.

Deas was the top British slider in this race, placing 20th.

Narracott’s medal, though, had a very British feel — and that has nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth II remaining the head of state in 15 Commonwealth countries, including Australia. Narracott spends the season traveling and training with the British team, and her husband is retired British skeleton athlete and 2018 Olympic bronze medalist Dom Parsons.

Narracott was great.

Neise was just better. And the world’s most accomplished nation in sliding just continues to dominate the Beijing Games.

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