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Workforce Planning launches new Sudbury-area training, event calendar  

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While the number of job vacancies continues to increase in this area, Workforce Planning for Sudbury and Manitoulin says those looking for work or a career change are often unsure where to go to upgrade their skills, or to find out who is hosting a job or career fair.

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Staff at the Sudbury-based not-for-profit organization hope to make things easier with the launch of a new job-related training and event calendar on their website, located at

“We are very excited to make this one-stop resource available to those who are looking for training and new job opportunities, and to organizations that are offering training or hosting these events,” Reggie Caverson, executive director at Workforce Planning for Sudbury and Manitoulin, said in a release.

“In many cases, returning to school full time just isn’t an option so we are seeing greater interest in short-term courses or training to improve job skills and prospects for the future.”

Caverson noted that in the past, it has been hard to find information on what is being offered in the community, when it is being held, eligibility, whether it is virtual or in-person and if there is a cost. Sometimes, she said, a job fair notice is posted at a local business and if job-seekers don’t go there, they miss the opportunity to attend.

It has also been the case where the same type of event or training for the same job seeker is being held at the same time, which Caverson said has happened more than once over the last few years.

The workforce planning board hopes the new calendar will help minimize duplication and at the same time, increase awareness and participation.

“Any organization that is offering job-related training, short courses, webinars and events such as a career fair is free to go to our website to submit their information which will then be vetted by our office before being posted,” Caverson added.

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She said the new calendar will complement the Jobs in Sudbury-Manitoulin job board at and the other tools and resources available on the website.

Since the launch of its job board last May, the workforce planning board has seen a steady increase in the number of jobs being posted online, including work-at-home opportunities.

“In our local area, we have gone from an average of 3,000 new jobs being posted online each month to over 5,000 in the last two months,” Caverson said.

She feels this is a reflection of labour shortages in the area is experiencing and that the new training and event calendar is another important resource to boost employment skills and support those who are looking for work or a career change.

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