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Training programme to manage sports events, tournaments held

Training programme to manage sports events, tournaments held

Muscat: A training programme was organised in managing sports events and tournaments by the Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Administrative Affairs – Department of Training and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with the Omani School Sports Federation and the Ocean Institute.

The training programme kicked-off on Sunday morning, and will continue until Thursday at Al Amal Club.

The implementation of this training programme comes in light of the increase in the number of events organised annually by the sports committees in the educational governorates, which reach nearly 100 sports events in all governorates and require organising by specialists in managing events.

The programme targets 34 employees of the Office of the Omani School Sports Federation and the educational governorates to provide them with effective management skills and accurate planning.

Participants in the programme will obtain the necessary qualification to work in the management of sports events, through several themes, including methods of organising, evaluating, and managing sports events, financial and accounting management of sports events, management of sponsorship, financiers, designers, suppliers, stakeholders and the public, and attracting, managing and training employees and volunteers to work in sporting events, marketing sports events, and managing risks related to sports events.

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In ‘one of nature’s greatest events’ a party of over 150 ocean giants, signals hope for vulnerable species

In 'one of nature's greatest events' a party of over 150 ocean giants, signals hope for vulnerable species

In a “thrilling” Antarctic spectacle, for the first time since whaling was banned, dozens of southern fin whales were spotted feasting together. This has been hailed by scientists as a sign of hope for the world’s second-largest animal, second in length only to blue whales. The ocean giants possess a slender body that helps them glide through water at a really high speed. However, even this speed couldn’t help them evade whaling. In the 20th century, they were driven to near-extinction by hunters who systematically shattered populations of whales globally. Their numbers reached an alarming one to two per cent of the original population size. A whaling ban in the 1970s helped rescue the mysterious animal from the brink of nothingness.

Although researchers claim that southern fin whale populations have been slowly increasing following a 1976 whaling ban, there have been only been a few reports of these fascinating creatures in big groups at their traditional feeding areas.

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But scientists and filmmakers were able to record footage of up to 150 southern fin whales in Antarctica, in what Herr called “one of nature’s greatest events.”

Wildlife filmmakers from the BBC captured footage of the fin whales using a drone as they swooped and lunged through the water, launching huge bursts of air as they surfaced. 

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According to Helena Herr, a researcher at the University of Hamburg and the study’s primary author, “one or two percent of their original population size.”

“We’re talking about a couple of thousand animals left for the whole southern hemisphere area.”

The scientists unofficially dubbed it the “fin whale party” as the massive animals feasted on swirling krill swarms.

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Fin whales were observed in around a hundred groups over two voyages in 2018 and 2019; these groups ranged in size from eight enormous congregations of up to 150 whales to small gatherings of just a few individuals.

Prior to now, feeding groups of whales were only ever observed with a maximum of twelve members.

The authors calculate that there may be close to 8,000 fin whales in the Antarctic region using information from their surveys. Fin whales are presently classified as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and it is thought that there are 100,000 of them worldwide, with the majority living in the northern hemisphere.

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Summer arrives ahead of B.C.’s first heat event of the season

Summer arrives ahead of B.C.’s first heat event of the season

After a cool and unsettled spring, B.C. will get its first taste of the newly ushered in summer season with a significant warm-up on the weekend. Saturday you’ll notice the warmer temperatures, but Sunday is the first day temperatures spill into the lower 30s across inland sections. However, the forthcoming warmth may have complications for the ongoing flood threat in B.C. For more details, read on.

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An offshore flow will allow temperatures to reach the mid-to-upper 20s along the South Coast, possibly reaching the 30-degree mark for downtown Vancouver, and into at least the low-to- mid-30s for some inland locations, including the Fraser and the Okanogan valleys.


Be forewarned, though, as the incoming heat could have some negative ramifications for the ongoing flood threat in the province.

The sudden uptick in temperatures could accelerate the snowmelt, which has been delayed, potentially leading to flooding in parts of the province, similar to what Kelowna saw this month. Numerous flood watches and high streamflow advisories are in place.

Temperatures will remain warm through early next week, but keep it mind, that this heat is nothing like the heat dome of 2021.


In fact, morning temperatures last June were significantly warmer and more humid than our forecast highs next week across the province.

As of now, next Sunday and Monday are a tossup in terms of the warmest day of this heat event, before more of an onshore flow develops by Tuesday, June 28.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest forecast updates for B.C.

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Watergate scandal: Here is a timeline of how events unfolded

Watergate scandal: Here is a timeline of how events unfolded

Democratic senators open probe

On January 8, 1973 the trial of the Watergate burglars opens in the face of public indifference.

On February 7, the Democratic majority in the Senate sets up a committee charged with investigating the 1972 electoral campaign. Broadcast live on television, the hearings end up transfixing Americans.

McCord soon admits to having lied before the court due to pressure from the White House.

On April 30, attorney general Richard Kleindienst and two of the president’s aides, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, resign. A third aide, John Dean, is fired.

On June 25, Dean tells the committee that the president was aware from September 15, 1972, of a cover-up of the burglary.

He says Nixon was ready to spend nearly a million dollars to buy the burglars’ silence.

He thus becomes the first witness to directly implicate the head of state.



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International Women’s Day marked with events around the world – live

It’s International Women’s Day!