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Giraglia Rolex Cup 2022 | Events

The 69th Giraglia Rolex Cup in 2022, organised by the Yacht Club Italiano and the Societe Nautique de Saint-Tropez will take place between 10-18 June.

The world famous offshore yacht race from Saint Tropez to Genoa has been won by some of the greatest racing yachts of the last half century.

Kicking off with a glamorious champagne and oyster party, hosted by Rolex, the event is set to get off to a bang with fireworks to boot.

Though the yachts will set off initially from the beautiful Italian town of Sanremo, the inshore races will commence on 12th June under the beaming sunshine of the French Riviera.

This will come to a climax with the first of two price giving ceremonies, before the yachts head off to Genoa for the final stretch to compete for ultimate yachting glory.

This is a must-see event for any yacht enthusiasts in the Mediterranean this June!