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Pasta Is The Fuel For Tamannaah Bhatia Before Events, Check Out Some Recipes

Pasta Is The Fuel For Tamannaah Bhatia Before Events, Check Out Some Recipes

Be it a light sandwich or some scrumptious cookies, we all have that one particular food that we prefer to eat before kicking off the day. And, for actress Tamannaah Bhatia, it seems like a plate full of pasta and some bread is the way to go. How do we know? Well, the actress has herself given a glimpse of what fuels her for a big event. On her Instagram Stories, Tamannaah has posted a video of her relishing some pasta and bread before attending the premiere of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. As per the text on the clip, the pasta is definitely the “Meal of power” for Tamannaah.

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If Tamannaah Bhatia has triggered your cravings for some pasta, then we have got your back. Let us look at the top five delectable pasta recipes so that even you could charge yourself for the long day.  

1.Chicken Pasta Recipe

When you fuse together two foods like chicken and pasta, then the outcome has to be finger-licking good. This dish features penne pasta and a host of spices, beans, carrots, and chilli flakes. Some shredded cheese also goes in it so that you lick the plate clean after making it.

2.Sicilian Spicy Pasta

Do you have friends coming over but don’t feel like leaving the couch? Then, this traditionally cooked Sicilian spicy pasta recipe is for you. It is vegetarian, low in fat, and perfect for lazy evenings. You can take penne or fusilli pasta or even spaghetti to make it. What gives it an addictive taste is olive oil, chilli, broccoli, and of course some cheese. 

3.Red Sauce Pasta

If you are the one who chooses white pasta over red one, then this recipe might change your preference. Slowly cooked in a lip-smacking tangy tomato sauce, the red pasta can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. You can choose the sauce of your choice and infuse it with the spices in the recipe. 

4.Herb And Ghee Infused Veggie Pasta

Sometimes our taste buds ask for something Italian but we also want that hint of desi flavours in it. This herb and ghee-infused veggie pasta is the perfect blend of Indian and Italian ingredients. Loaded with veggies and cheese, the dish also has some natural garlic ghee and Italian herbs so that you look no further. 

5.Butter Chicken Pasta

Italian pasta blended perfectly with the aromatic flavours of authentic butter chicken, this dish will definitely get you hooked on it. It has all the ingredients that go into the preparation of butter chicken, including chicken, without neglecting the Italian flavours and spices.