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Rafael Nadal: ‘I missed a lot of important events because of…’

Rafael Nadal: 'I missed a lot of important events because of...'

Despite injuries and setbacks, Rafael Nadal has been a player to beat in 2022. The Spaniard has won two major titles and will have a great chance to return to No. 1 in the world after the US Open. Rafa withdrew before the Wimbledon semi-final due to an abdominal injury, and it is his main concern ahead of the last Major of the season.

Rafa admitted that he has to be very careful during training sessions, working on his serve while he tries not to aggravate an injury. Nadal will play in New York for the first time in three years, after winning the title in 2019 and skipping the next two editions.

Rafa came to New York after an early loss in Cincinnati, leveling him up on the practice court and setting up the first-round clash against Rinky Hijikata. Nadal is 35-4 this year, starting the season with three consecutive titles and securing his 14th Roland Garros crown.

Rafa moved ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer after his 21st major crown at the Australian Open, his first in Melbourne in 13 years! Rafa conquered Acapulco and reached the Indian Wells final. He played it with a fractured rib and lost to Taylor Fritz in straight sets.

The Spaniard skipped his favorite events in Monte Carlo and Barcelona and did not play at his best level in Madrid and Rome. Hoping to improve his performance in Paris, Nadal outclassed Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev before beating Casper Ruud in the title match.

With a boost from him, Rafa set his sights on his first Wimbledon crown in 12 years.

Nadal is the second seed

Novak Djokovic’s absence from the 2022 US Open has been the talk of the town over the last few days, but Rafael Nadal feels that shouldn’t be the case.

“Well, in some way we know that Novak will not play for a while if nothing change in terms of the rules, no? We know that since months ago. From my personal perspective, is very sad news,” he said. “It’s always a shame when the best players of the world are not able to play a tournament because of injuries or because of different reasons.”

Recalling how he has had to miss more than a few tournaments due to injuries, the 36-year-old pointed out how the world of tennis simply kept going regardless. “But on the other hand, I repeat what I said plenty of times: the sport in some ways is bigger than any player.

I missed a lot of important events in my tennis career because of injuries, without a doubt,” Nadal said. “Last year I was not here. Two years ago I was not here. [But] the tournament continues. The world of tennis keep going.”

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‘We missed the mark’: Vancouver craft beer event organizers apologize after guests report disastrous experiences

'We missed the mark': Vancouver craft beer event organizers apologize after guests report disastrous experiences

Lengthy lines, tech meltdowns, and limited access to water (for a fee) were a few of the many complaints

A month ago, organizers of the popular Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) festival sent out a media release spotlighting how the 2022 event promised to set itself apart from past iterations of the beloved tasting.

“With an ambitious new ownership team at the forefront, VCBW returns bigger and better than ever before with a number of new and expanded features,” it begins.

This weekend, after some accounts of ticket-holders having a disastrous experience, organizers of “the Lower Mainland’s largest craft beer festival” are issuing statements and apologies. 

Attendees of the Saturday tasting event on the PNE grounds reported a massive line-up for entry, as well as lengthy line-ups at the beer vendor stands. 

Guests were required to purchase RFID wristbands and pre-load them with a $50 deposit in order to purchase beers (on top of the admission cost). Organizers explained the cashless wristband system was put in place “due to logistical and health reasons,” and described the process as “easy peasy.”

‘Wasn’t as seamless as we had hoped it would be’

However, some attendees cited problems with the wristband system, including long waits to add funds, being charged multiple times, and usage problems. One frustrated ticket holder said the system was “barely working” in their post-event rant on Reddit. 

In an initial statement shared online following Saturday’s event, VCBW organizers said: “Our goal was to simplify the process at the event removing tokens and ensuring all guests would be refunded anything they didn’t spend. We worked with a third party vendor for months, but unfortunately this process wasn’t as seamless as we had hoped it would be.”

On top of lines and payment issues, the biggest complaint was access to water, with attendees outraged they were not permitted to bring in empty bottles for filling with water, and only had the option to buy bottled water at $3 a piece. Many noted the water for purchase – when it was available – was warm Dasani. 

“The event doesn’t provide free, accessible water. This is unacceptable for my health. Especially on a sunny day with minimal cover,” said a ticketholder in an email to organizers shared with V.I.A.

“They refuse to let you bring water bottles, and then they charge you for water, the absolute f’ing gall,” described Reddit user arrbos.

“One of my main gripes is with water – in the past attendees could bring a refillable bottle and there were water stations around the event. To limit ticket holders to $3 bottles of water ONLY is ridiculous for a liquor event. Water should be free and free flowing, especially with the heat we had yesterday. Every time we went looking for water there wasn’t even anyone at any of the marked water stations on the map. Incredibly shortsighted in my opinion,” commented Erin Searle (@von_rockinon) on Instagram. 

‘Half our workforce didn’t show up’

VCBW attributed some of the issues to staffing problems. “Half of our workforce didn’t show up,” organizers said in a second statement issued late Sunday

Many, however, felt like the organizers were not adequately taking responsibility, in particular for the no-show volunteers. “If it was due to staff being sick, they shouldn’t throw them under the bus for the issues with their event, citing excuses for atrocious lines with ‘staff that didn’t show up.’ They should instead take ownership for the piss-poor planning and organization. They could have anticipated this, after all, being in a pandemic for 2+ years,” said a Reddit user named f*ckyduck.

“Volunteers are not a ‘workforce.’ You failed to organize volunteers and failed on almost every other aspect. Depriving people of water is inhumane, monstrous behavior. You are greedy, unapologetic monsters,” said Beatriz Rod (@bettyrm90) on Instagram.

Some guests were more understanding. “Though I’m one of the people who was frustrated on Saturday, I am grateful to the volunteers who did show up and the breweries and their staff that kept the beer flowing as fast as they could to serve as many people as they could. I met some lovely folks on Saturday and the overcrowding, line, and lack of water was not their fault!” said Noelle (@dunworrybehoppy) on Instagram.

VCBW organizers said they now know that being understaffed and having wristband tech issues got in the way of showing guests a good time. “Unfortunately, we missed the mark,” they said, inviting feedback to be sent to them via email. 

For some, though, the 2022 VCBW was the end of the road. “Never again,” avowed Reddit user caw___caw. “There [aren’t] chill vibes anymore like the previous year. It just feels like a chore having to run line to line to get your next beer. Chasing your buzz.”

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Which events has the Queen missed and when was she last seen in public?

Which events has the Queen missed and when was she last seen in public?

She missed the event twice previously–in 1959 and in 1963 when she was pregnant with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, respectively.

The Queen has been unable to attend a number of events since last October, and Buckingham Palace has announced that she will miss further events this summer.

But which events has the Queen missed this year and when was she last seen in public?

Which events has the Queen missed?

The Queen has been missing events since last October when she was hospitalised.

She cancelled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland in October and then did not attend Cop26 in Glasgow in November, but attended virtually.

The Queen then missed the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in November, as well as Remembrance Sunday. The monarch also missed the General Synod in November.

The Queen tested positive for Covid in February and cancelled all virtual events.

In March, she was well enough to welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Windsor Castle, but she cancelled her appearance at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey a few days later.

Later that month, the Queen attended Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

She then missed Easter events, such as the Maundy Thursday service, and will miss today’s State Opening of Parliament.

Prince Charles will make the Queen’s speech on her behalf, and Prince William will attend for the first time.

Buckingham Palace has announced that she will also miss the royal garden party season, due to how long they last and how long she would have to spend standing to greet guests.

When was the Queen last seen in public?

The Queen was last seen in public on March 29, 2022, at Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

She was accompanied by a number of members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge also attended, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Prince Andrew was also in attendance, and escorted his mother to her seat.

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7 Reasons why Hunt: Showdown’s Traitor’s Moon Event Can’t Be Missed

7 Reasons why Hunt: Showdown's Traitor's Moon Event Can't Be Missed

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most intriguing and distinctive multiplayer shooters to emerge in the last five years. Since its original release in 2019, over 3.5 million unique players have taken to its swamps to experience its riveting atmosphere and open-ended combat. As time has passed, its formidable reputation has only grown, as the game constantly evolves through regular updates and thrilling community events.

Now, a new light shines down upon the game’s thriving community of hunters, in the form of the Traitor’s Moon. Its eerie glow will reveal new rewards for hunters to earn, and new revelations about the world of Hunt Showdown to be discovered. With less than two weeks to go before the Traitor’s Moon wanes, here are seven reasons to grab your rifle and experience this exciting lunar phenomenon.

Experience the tense horror of Hunt: Showdown’s unique setting

In the sweltering bayou of nineteenth-century Louisiana, evil has taken root. The dead prowl the swamps and woodlands, attacking anyone in sight, while terrifying monsters lurk in the abandoned settlements that litter the wetlands like flyblown corpses. In this strange, dangerous world, teams of professional hunters compete in a deadly race to kill these monsters, and claim the lucrative bounties offered to rid the wetlands of their affliction.

By tracking down clues scattered through the swamps, players can pin down the location of Hunt Showdown’s unholy beasts, and fight them with powerful period weapons like revolvers, repeater rifles, and sawn-off shotguns. Yet for all their strength and ferocity, the creatures that form your quarry are not necessarily the most dangerous foe you’ll face…

Wade into a multiplayer shooter unlike any other

Hunt: Showdown’s multiplayer doesn’t play by the usual rules. You won’t know where other teams of hunters are, or even how many of them are out there. All you know is that they’ll do whatever it takes to bring home the bounty themselves, even if that means ripping it from your cold, dead hands.

Hence, sometimes it’s wiser to deploy cunning rather than courage. Let other hunters take on the maps’ powerful bosses, like the towering Butcher, the noisome Spider, or the ferocious Scrapbeak. Once the beast is dead, strike hard at those hunters as they revel in their victory and swipe the bounty from their corpses. Or you could track them as they attempt to escape, laying an ambush at a nearby extraction point and taking your victory from the jaws of their defeat.

How you approach a game of Hunt: Showdown is entirely down to you. After all, what happens in the bayou, stays in the bayou.

Unlock new weapons and Legendary Skins

As the Traitor’s Moon rises over the world of Hunt: Showdown, players will gain the opportunity to earn a multitude of exciting rewards. To start, there are four new weapons players can add to their hunter’s arsenal. The Scottfield Brawler and the Berthier Riposte come with powerful melee variants for extra combat flexibility, while the Caldwell Model 92 New Army, and the Winfield Model 93 Slate are entirely new firearms making their debut during Traitor’s Moon. On top of this, players can also unlock a variety of Legendary skins for weapons and equipment.

These four fearsome firearms can be unlocked right now for your Hunter. And time is of the essence. When the Traitor’s Moon wanes, hunters left in the dark will have to wait a further 20 days before these new weapons unlock again, so the best time to grab these new guns is now!

Earn rewards as you play, with no additional cost

The waters of Hunt Showdown’s bayou may be murky, but how you earn rewards during Traitor’s Moon is abundantly clear. If you own the game, there’s no need to put down any additional coin. All the goodies bestowed in the event can be gained by accruing Event Points. There’s a wide range of ways to earn these points. You can simply play the game, earning points by investigating clues and successfully extracting with bounties. Or you can actively seek out special in-game objects like ‘Orwellian Effigies’ which reward players with Event Points when destroyed.

Learn more about the unique world of Hunt: Showdown

Beneath the wan glow of the Traitor’s Moon, players will be able to shed new light on Hunt: Showdown’s mysterious world, in an event where story plays a more important role than ever before. The inscrutable Mr Orwell Chary, administrator for the American Hunters Association, has mysterious designs of his own during the Traitor’s Moon, and canny hunters will be able to gradually unveil these machinations as they play.

Get involved in a game that’s constantly updating

Traitor’s Moon is but the latest event to expand upon Hunt Showdown’s captivating multiplayer. Alongside annual themed events for holidays like Christmas and Hallowe’en, Hunt also sees frequent special events that alter the game. In last year’s event ‘As the Crow Flies’, for example, hunters worked together to reveal the identity of a brand-new boss, the formidable Scrapbeak, while all participants received a new pistol, the Dark Miasma. Last year also saw hunters venture into new territory via a huge new map, DeSalle. More new features are coming to Hunt throughout 2022, so hunters should keep their weapons primed and their wits about them.

Hunt Showdown (and all its DLC) is currently cheaper than ever

The advent of Traitor’s Moon also sees Hunt: Showdown go on sale for the first time ever. Players can currently get 55% off Hunt: Showdown. The game will be on sale until Aptil 7 (but rest assured; many more sales and events are coming to the game after that).

If that isn’t enough to encourage you to wade in, Crytek has also collected four of Hunt Showdown’s DLC packages into a new bundle, the Moonrise Bundle. This includes existing DLCs, The Kid, Llorona’s Heir, and the Rat, alongside a brand new DLC called Meridian Turncoat, which introduces the fearsome legendary Hunter Wim Jansen – aka The Turncoat – alongside a new Legendary Weapon and a Legendary Ammo Box.

Player’s can currently get 35% off the Moonrise bundle (which includes the base game), making now the opportune moment to get involved in this endlessly fascinating multiplayer shooter.

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Formula E organizers say event on-track despite missed deadlines at city hall

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Despite missed deadlines, city staff say they’re providing “reasonable leeway” with motorsport festival organizers to get the event running this summer.

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Organizers of Vancouver’s first Formula E car race, slated for this summer, missed a deadline Monday at Vancouver City Hall to provide documents required for a permit, but they say everything is coming soon and the event is on-track.

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City hall representatives said Tuesday that organizers of the inaugural Canadian E-Fest, an international electric car race and festival scheduled for Canada Day long weekend in northeast False Creek, didn’t submit all of the necessary documents that were due March 28, including proof-of-insurance. But city staff said they’re working with organizers and willing to grant an extension to get the event up-and-running.

“Operating upon city council direction to support and enable this event, city staff is providing some reasonable leeway concerning previously established deadlines,” Geoff Teoli, senior branch manager of Vancouver’s film and special events branch, told Postmedia News this week by email. “Should deliverable delays extend beyond a few weeks, staff will be consulting (city) council on the most appropriate path forward.

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“The city has not issued a new deadline for the insurance, rather if the delays extend more than a few weeks, staff will be consulting council,” Teoli said.

Council directed city staff in April 2021 to work with the One Stop Strategy Group (or the OSS Group), the Montreal-based promoters seeking to bring a weekend-long festival to Vancouver in July 2022, headlined by an electric car race as part of the international Formula E circuit along with other events, with “all city service costs to be recoverable from the organizer.”

In February 2022, the city signed a “host city agreement” with OSS Group, at which time OSS paid the first tranche of the security deposit, totalling $150,000, city hall said. The city now expects OSS Group to pay a second security deposit of $350,000 by this Friday, April 1.

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The city said several planning documents were due Monday, including proof-of insurance, a safety and security plan, traffic management plan and more. On Tuesday, Teoli said not all of the required documents had been provided, but “OSS has informed the city that most of the documentation required will be received by the city later this week.”

“Proof-of-insurance has not yet been received, however OSS management indicate it will be provided promptly,” Teoli said. “The city permit will be issued closer to the event date, when all of the requirements of the agreement have been met, and final logistical plans have been completed and approved.”

OSS Group CEO Matthew Carter said Tuesday that, despite some “little bumps in the road,” everything is on-track for a successful major festival starting this summer in Vancouver and continuing for years to come.

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Carter said the insurance provider will be Allianz, the global insurance giant that is an official partner of the international Formula E Championship.

“On insurance, we’ve been in constant contact with the city all the way through from Day 1. There’s a slight holdup because of everything that’s going on in Ukraine, that’s a worldwide thing,” Carter said, adding that the other pieces will also be submitted soon.

“It’s perfectly normal, especially in Year 1 of an event like this, but it’s an ongoing conversation. It’s a big event for the city, probably the biggest event since the Olympics, and it’s here for the next five years, so the city needs to be on-board with it and the city needs to understand the importance of it,” Carter said.

“We’ve sold over 33,000 tickets so far, everything’s going well. And it’s just there’s maybe a few little bumps in the road on the way to getting there. But, as I say, constant dialogue with the city is the way that we’re going to get this thing off.”

Canadian E-Fest has several events scheduled over Canada Day weekend, including a two-day conference, a July 1 concert by Nickelback, and the big race, the Vancouver E-Prix, on July 2.

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