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Events to welcome return of kokanee salmon – Kelowna News

Events to welcome return of kokanee salmon - Kelowna News

Return of kokanee salmon

It’s spawning season for Kokanee salmon.

Hardy Falls Regional Park is hosting a free event “Welcome the Kokanee,”on Aug. 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Regional District of Central Okanagan park interpreters will be on site with displays and information about the life cycle of the Kokanee salmon.

Representatives from GoFishBC and WildSafeBC Central Okanagan will also be there to meet and answer any questions.

There will be a guided walk along Deep Creek, as the fresh-water cousins of the sockeye return to spawn.

You can also check out the Kokanee Salmon Festival on Sept. 10 at Mission Creek Regional Park between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The festival includes guided walks with interpreters along the spawning channel, where you can learn about the Kokanee’s significance in Syilx culture, lively performances from local entertainers, fishy displays and plenty of hands-on natured inspired activities.

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Return to Latrobe allows Steelers to resume community events, youth football initiatives

Return to Latrobe allows Steelers to resume community events, youth football initiatives

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Gurnee Days featuring family-friendly events return this weekend

Gurnee Days featuring family-friendly events return this weekend

GURNEE, Ill. (CBS) — There are plenty of family-friendly events in the north suburbs for Gurnee Days.

It all starts at 7:30 a.m. Saturday for the 5K, 10K, and fun walk. That’s happening at the Hunt Club Community Center.

More Gurnee Days activities are taking place today and tomorrow at Viking Park. The grounds open at noon.

There are activities for kids, a rib eating contest, and even an ice cream eating contest, where the contestants will go against each other and fight off brain freeze.

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ETHOS Event Collective’s Unique Approach Delivers Return on Investment for Companies and Communities

ETHOS Event Collective's Unique Approach Delivers Return on Investment for Companies and Communities

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A multi-billion dollar industry, meetings and events represent important revenue and jobs for communities throughout Florida. This impact was demonstrated when COVID shut down in-person activities resulting in widespread job loss and business closures. Amid this industry devastation, ETHOS Event Collective, a new destination and event management company, is taking its unique, results-oriented approach to the events industry. Through purposeful planning and precise execution, ETHOS creates engaging, memorable experiences that result in meaningful, lasting results for companies and local communities.

“The pandemic clearly showed how meetings and events generate important jobs and revenue that support the well-being of the communities where we work,” said Meryl Hill, VP, Creative + Design, ETHOS Event Collective. “It was this realization that started ETHOS and our purpose to create a sustainable way to ensure we supported the people and places that help us create experiences for our clients.”

Delivering on this purpose began by reinventing their creative process. “Planners select destinations because of their unique experiences and offerings,” said Julie Addelman, Director of Experience + Design, ETHOS Event Collective. “We developed a methodology that would build on destination experiences to create a deeper connection with the community – one that would be remembered long after the meeting or event ended.”

Inspired by the creative process used by marketing and advertising firms, ETHOS has invested in training their Experience and Design team to go beyond meeting and event objectives to align with broader company goals, mission, values, and brand to make a meaningful connection between the attendees to the destination. Recently the Orlando team helped an automotive company plan a dealer incentive that was equal parts giving and receiving. A Concours D’Elegance style gala combined the attendees’ love of classic cars with the company’s desire to support their annual giving by incorporating a silent auction to support Feeding America.

According to Hill, “Building connections is the easiest and fastest way to create a return on event investment. When content and programming are purposeful, it creates bonds with brands, locations and information. Learning opportunities can be created that feel native to your corporate culture and appropriate for your venue. Incorporate ways to create interactive memories, with follow-up that reinforces main ideas and connects the experience to the content. Offer hands-on experiences with exclusive options they couldn’t do on their own. This creates connections with people and companies, grows brand loyalty, improves employee retention and builds solid foundations.”

She adds, “A bonus by-product is that you’ll be equipping communities and destinations with the power to grow. When we partner with an organization like Feeding America, we are creating connections that help people thrive.” 

ETHOS believes this type of purposeful planning produces more meaningful connections, experiences and results that have a greater impact on things like employee retention, sales, and brand loyalty. The ETHOS creative methodology also incorporates Simon Sinek’s seminal concept of “Start with Why”. Hill attributes this idea to having a big influence on the team’s creative process. She concludes, “Getting a deeper understanding of WHY companies want to create these meetings and events enables us to create a truly unique experience that has a long-lasting impact.”

To learn more about their creative methodology and how it has already begun to make an impact in local communities, contact ETHOS VP, Creative + Design, Meryl Hill at or Director of Experience + Design, Julie Addelman at

About ETHOS Event Collective

ETHOS Event Collective is a Destination and Event Management Company that helps meeting and event planners stay ahead of increasing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences we create possible. We call it Purposeful Planning and it’s how we ensure results for both company and community long after a meeting or event has ended. To learn more visit

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Lexi Matias
Marketing Manager

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Alberta, Calgary see rise in COVID-19 cases as large events return

Alberta, Calgary see rise in COVID-19 cases as large events return

The lack of restrictions and return of large events could be behind Alberta’s latest rise in COVID-19 cases, according to a Calgary developmental biologist.

“One could map it even when you have regions with a lot of festivals, a lot of large gatherings, then the spread might be bigger,” said Gosia Gasperowicz, developmental biologist and researcher at the University of Calgary.

“For example, with Stampede, it’s not only people being at Stampede but all the parties and especially indoor parties that people have after.”

The latest COVID-19 numbers as of July 18 show the test positivity rate increasing across the province — even more so in Calgary.

Hospitalizations in Alberta are also rising.

Gasperowicz said COVID might not turn out to be a seasonal virus, like the flu, that spikes in the winter.

“That’s not what we could have predicted by seeing how it’s evolving, so we can in the future, we can see those waves of new variants several times a year,” she told CTV News.


While life continues to look more like it used to before COVID-19, some Calgarians are still worried about their risk of getting infected.

“It’s still something that’s a concern for us. That’s why we’re still wearing our masks, even if we’re outside,” Gabriel Gana said.

Dino Gana agreed, adding, “even with Stampede, there’s a lot of people outside, so I guess COVID could rise. I know some people that just got it.”

Others like Katerina Palova believe the risk is low.

“I have three vaccines, three shots, and I think the precautions are pretty good here. I think people are kind of careful as well and whoever has symptoms stays at home,” she said.

With the pandemic entering the seventh wave, some people are choosing to put their masks back on and get another booster shot — two things Gasperowicz recommends.  

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Penticton Speedway packs stands on Saturday night with return of destruction events, King of the Hill competition – Penticton News

Penticton Speedway packs stands on Saturday night with return of destruction events, King of the Hill competition - Penticton News

Casey Richardson

The Penticton Speedway had crowds pilled into the stands for their return of some smashing events on Saturday, with the Eve of Destruction and Hit-2-Pass show.

“Our night of destruction, what a great show those guys put on. I mean, we got trailers and garbage laying all over the racetrack. The fans are going nuts. It was awesome,” Speedway co-owner Trevor Seibert said.

“The kids, you could just see them up against the fence cheering the whole time screaming their little heads off. So it’s fantastic. That’s what we want. And it’s good family entertainment.”

Thanks to Penticton Kia, I got to take to the track and try out my racing chops in King of the Hill, which opens up the racetrack to give everyone a chance to race.

“That’s for people that come out to the grandstand that have always wanted to be a race car driver or just think they have a hotter car than their buddy. Come on here and put a lap in and see if you can beat him,” Seiber added.

In the 2008 Ford Escape I was equipped with, I was able to take the lead and win my first race against a Volkswagen Beetle. That changed when I faced off against a Corvette.

Seibert said the key to competing in King of the Hill is to have a positive attitude and have fun.

“We had a Corvette win tonight, we had people out there with a Chevy Chevette from the 80s, we have everything and anything under the sun….There’s a good chance you might not win because you don’t have the same car the other person has, but you can put on a great show.”

Future plans for the open races are to continue building them, hopefully growing to 35 or 40 competitors.

“Don’t be shy to be part of it and bring whatever you go. ‘Run what you brung’ we call it. Enter the thing and see how you do,” Seibert added.

The contest includes a cash prize, which the winning driver this weekend generously split with all the other drivers as a sign of sportsmanship.

Seibert said the action-packed weekend overall was the sign of a great return to racing.

“Last year, we, of course, had to deal with restrictions still. We were down to 50 people in the grandstand and it was just ridiculous, pretty hard to survive like that. A lot of business out there in the same boat, we just managed to make our way through it and kept the races going. Had to keep everybody enthused, you know, the drivers and the teams.”

The new owners also used the time to work on the track, which has been around since 1969.

“We’re trying to show ourselves to the community that we want to create new fans, we want to show the older fans that maybe haven’t been in a while there’s something new here for them to come on out to. We’re getting a lot of great compliments.

“We’re just having a lot of fun taking it over from the Aantjes family and they’ve helped us a lot, given us a lot of advice on what to do.”

Next weekend the track will be hosting the Avion RS1 Superseal Cup Featuring Avion RS1’s and Avion Sprints.

Rising stars in racing will be taking on seasoned veterans, looking to gain points and put themselves in a position to ultimately win the Avion Motorsports RS1 Challenge Cup Championship. Seibert himself will be back on the track for the event.

“We’ve got a big, deep field of very talented drivers showing up for that.”

For more information or to grab tickets, click here.

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Live events return underpins ‘strongest ever’ year for Aeorema

Live events return underpins 'strongest ever' year for Aeorema

Live events agency Aeorema Communications reported its “strongest year on record” in an update on Wednesday, with trading throughout the year just ended ahead of its own expectations.

The AIM-traded firm reported a 130% increase in revenue in the 12 months ended 30 June, with revenue expected to come in no lower than £11.8m.

It also flagged record profitability, with expected profit before tax set to be at least £0.7, swinging from a loss of £0.16m in the 2021 financial year.

The board said the return and ongoing increase in live events was behind the growth, including the Cannes Lions, where Aeorema had its largest-ever presence.

Virtual and hybrid events were continuing to be a source of revenue as well, however.

Aeorema said it was in a “strong” cash position in excess of £1.65m at year-end on 30 June.

“I am delighted to be reporting our best financial performance in the history of the company, demonstrating the success of the shift in strategy over the last two years,” said chief executive officer Steve Quah.

“This is because despite facing headwinds with the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which was a major disruption in the middle of our financial year, we have once again shown incredible spirit and talent to help our clients navigate another challenging period and deliver some of our best work ever.

“We continue to support our clients to help them achieve their strategic and communications objectives, and I am very proud that we are also being recognised for our work; to win Creative Team of the Year at the Conference News Agency Awards four years running is astonishing, and to recently win Best Agency in the Micebook V Awards is both humbling and had brought an incredible feeling of pride for the agency.”

At 1243 BST, shares in Aeorema Communications were up 36.27% at 74.95p.

Reporting by Josh White at